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Underfloor heating systems have become indispensable in apartments and houses. They significantly increase the level of comfort, help to save on space heating. To achieve their maximum effectiveness, it is necessary to correctly approach the choice of decorative materials. It is recommended to give preference to special types of linoleum or laminate. These coatings have not only an attractive design, but also high thermal conductivity. It takes much less time to heat them up than tiles.

Laminate Coatings: Benefits and Choices

Under the warm floor, only a laminate is suitable, which retains its characteristics unchanged when exposed to thermal loads. Manufacturers indicate on it: «for heating the base.» Conventional laminate flooring under such conditions is deformed, cracked, and can release hazardous substances. It is necessary to pay attention to which system the material is intended for — for water or electric.

The remaining criteria for choosing a laminate are standard. This is the maximum level of physical activity, the degree of resistance to wear, the connection method, the thickness. By clicking on the link https://tula.laminat-msc.ru/, the floor covering for the underfloor heating system can be selected from manufacturers. Regarding the advantages of laminated material, these include high decorativeness, practicality of operation, and relatively low cost.

Linoleum for underfloor heating

On linoleum, not only the availability for covering the system, but also the maximum heating temperature can be indicated. The standard limit is 29-30 degrees. Exceeding the indicators is fraught with damage to the material and a decrease in its environmental safety. There are several types of linoleum:

  • domestic;
  • commercial;
  • industrial.

The first has a protective layer thickness in the range of 0.15-0.25 mm, the second — 0.3-0.4 mm, the third — 0.6-0.8 mm. In residential premises, the use of the first two types is allowed. Industrial linoleum can be laid on the balcony. The materials of this group are classified according to the type of composition. There are jute, alkyd, PVC, colloxylin, rubber.
The properties and characteristics of each option must be studied prior to purchase. For underfloor heating, only natural and PVC options can be used.


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