Not every family has the opportunity to enjoy a Christmas holiday in a country house with a fireplace. It is dangerous to have it in an apartment, and besides, it is quite expensive. But it doesn’t matter, because you can make it with your own hands and let the fire not burn in it, but it will definitely bring the feeling of a holiday in the house.

To make a fake fireplace, you need only a few components: cardboard, decoration material and glue with scissors or a cutter.

Before starting work, you should decide on a place for installation. It looks advantageous under the TV, in the corners of rooms and in the kitchen. It can also organically fit into the space near the Christmas tree.

By measuring a niche in the wall, or a shelf under the TV, that is, the place where the fireplace will stand, we get its dimensions. To make it voluminous, the edges of the cardboard should be bent. The hole can be made traditional semicircular, or modern square, or you can not limit your imagination and make any shape and diameter.

Next, cardboard or plywood is pasted over with material. The most budget option is wrapping paper for gifts. It is inexpensive, and the prints are completely different and you can choose one that will imitate a real brick one. You can also purchase voluminous wallpaper with a brickwork print. Protruding details will help create the feeling of a real fireplace.

You can smear the false fireplace with putty, deliberately casually, and then paint over it with a dishwashing sponge, applying it with light movements, thereby creating the effect of spraying, for example, with gold paint.

The joints should be hidden with decor and glued well to the wall to create a feeling of a solid structure.

Well, if you want to buy a ready-made fireplace, and not make it yourself, then I recommend that you look at them here.

When it comes to decor, there are thousands of options. The most popular of them:

  1. Elegantly decorated candlesticks are placed upstairs, the fireplace itself is glued over, or with the help of a staple gun, Christmas tree or pine branches are attached to it. On top of them, you can spray artificial snow, which will look fabulous. Cotton wool is placed in the fireplace opening and electric candles are hidden among it, which creates the impression of smoldering embers in the snow.
  2. Fireplace Santa Claus. For such decor, traditional gift socks are needed, which are attached to a ribbon or rope and hung on the front wall of the fireplace. Inside it are tall red electric candles.
  3. The fireplace, decorated like a snow cap, looks very beautiful. For this, cotton wool or pillow filler is suitable. A transparent garland with blue LEDs is attached around the perimeter. And you can put a red garland in the fireplace hole. Such a contrast will catch attention and create a feeling of an unreal fairy-tale portal to another world.

When using, do not forget about safety. After all, garlands and real candles can set fire to the details of the fireplace and a fire will happen. You can not leave it with candles burning on it, garlands. Safety is above all!


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