A modern fireplace bears little resemblance to the primitive device that was equipped with dwellings in past centuries. They no longer smoke, do not look like a chaotic heap of stones and are able to heat very impressive spaces. Thanks to technological progress, stoves have become a multifunctional and aesthetic decoration, and many owners of cottages and private houses did not fail to equip their property with a useful and stylish appliance. However, the choice of hearth can cause some difficulties, because the designs are so diverse that it is difficult for a non-specialist to navigate the assortment.

Types of heating devices by design

A container for maintaining an open fire (and in the case of an electrical appliance, imitation of flames) is the basis for any fireplace. It is she who is responsible for filling the premises with warmth and gives certain design directions. Fireboxes are:

  • open, where there are no barriers between the fire and the room atmosphere;
  • closed — this design has special convection gaps, due to which heat keeps immeasurably longer and requires fewer resources.

If you buy a fireplace insert in Moscow, belonging to the second type, you can significantly optimize the heating procedure.

Materials for furnaces and fireplaces

The best fireplace brands use only high quality steel or its cast iron modification, which has a high heat retention capacity. The external arrangement of fireboxes is carried out with various materials — these are:

  • resistant ceramics;
  • natural / artificial stone;
  • vermiculites and fireclay;
  • fireproof glass.

Despite the high price, steel products with glass additions are in high demand, and the motivation for their purchase is the ease of operation and practicality of steel structures.

A little about the model range and design qualities of stoves

Fireplaces have been known for so long that it would seem that nothing new can be invented. But leading manufacturers do not agree with this opinion, and all new and improved models serve as a vivid confirmation of this. They differ in geometry, size and decor, and exclusives in piece design amaze with their interior qualities. Design, of course, is very important, but when choosing a device, first of all, it is worth evaluating its heating capabilities.

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