Pellet boiler Teplodar: types of boilers, design features

The heating equipment market today offers many different devices. One of the most popular is the pellet boiler. This equipment is a type of solid fuel heat generators and it is quite competitive with electric heating units, as well as solid or liquid fuel devices.

Pellet boilers are environmentally friendly and do not require frequent maintenance. They have a wide range of power control, and they also have operational reliability.

Varieties of pellet boilers

Pellet boilers — solid fuel, they are made of steel, cast iron. The design includes traditional elements: body, firebox, heat exchanger and chimney. Pellet boilers Teplodar from the manufacturer, which guarantees safety and efficient operation, can be purchased at the company’s online store.

Boilers are pellet and combined. The former use one type of fuel, while the latter can be heated with firewood, peat briquettes, coal and others. Boilers are also distinguished by the type of built-in burner. The simplest design is a retort burner boiler — in it fuel is supplied from the bottom up. This device has low efficiency. More modern and technological equipment is a boiler with a flare burner. In it, the raw material is pellet granules.

Also, pellet boilers are distinguished by the type of bunker. In compact, its volume is determined by the manufacturer. Boilers with a separate bunker are placed in convenient places from the boiler, and the volume is chosen by the buyer.

How to choose a boiler

When choosing a boiler, you need to look at the following characteristics:

  • maximum heat exchanger area;
  • heat exchanger wall thickness;
  • burner automation;
  • volume of liquid in the boiler.

Experts advise choosing a boiler with a torch burner. Such units are equipped with the functions of auto-ignition and self-cleaning of ash. In retort burners, you will have to light the fire with your hands and periodically clean it. However, this option will cost less than a boiler with a flare burner.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the pellets that will be used for the firebox. Many burners work exclusively on clean and light pellets. These granules are more expensive than agropellets.

Heating your home with pellets is a safe, environmentally friendly and economical way to heat your home. The installation of a granular heat generator ensures a comfortable temperature in the house.


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