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The triumphant march of underfloor heating systems around the planet is due to many reasons. Among them are comfort of use, versatility of installation, uniformity of heating. However, this method of organizing an additional source of heat or main heating would not have become so popular if it were not for the economical operation of the system. In our time of constantly rising energy prices, such an indicator plays perhaps the main role.

The underfloor heating thermostat is an important component that provides automatic control of the system. Without it, floor heating would no longer be “smart”, and electricity consumption would have to be turned on and off manually. This method is not only inconvenient, but would also lead to a decrease in efficiency and an increase in the cost of maintaining a warm floor. Therefore, the role of the thermostat can hardly be overestimated. Let’s find out what they are and how they differ.


Thermoregulators differ in their principle of operation, functionality, ease of use. Today you can choose from the following types:

  • Mechanical — analog devices (simple and reliable in operation). These are the most inexpensive models;
  • Digital — electronic thermostats. More accurate in setting the temperature, equipped with a display;
  • Programmable — temperature controllers with the ability to set different modes for setting the on and off times. The functionality of such solutions is much higher than that of the first two. Some models are equipped with a wireless module and can be controlled remotely via the Internet;
  • Indoor air temperature controllers — such devices are used in the case of using a warm floor as the main heating system. The devices can be combined with the operation of other heating devices, such as infrared heaters.

How to choose

The more functional and “fancy” the device, the higher its price will be. You have to pay for the convenience of use. Therefore, the presence of a display, the ability to program different modes or control the operation of the system via the Internet will have to pay much more money than for a modest mechanical thermostat. On the other hand, if you are not going to use «gadgets», then you can safely take an analog one and save a lot.


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