The use of tiled tiles is typical for Russia. Since ancient times, they have been used for a variety of purposes, including for lining a variety of heating devices. Then almost all wealthy houses were equipped with stoves and fireplaces. These products carry not only a functional, but also a decorative load, which makes them always in demand.

At CeramicaDecor, you can purchase a variety of tiles for decoration, as well as equip your home with a full-fledged fireplace stove with a unique tiled lining.

Differences of our products

Traditional samples of facing tiles are made with a ramp. This is a special edge that gives the tile with thick walls the look of a box. This form makes it possible to assemble a solid structure using wire connections. They are passed through special holes, which are left at the time of manufacture of the tile before it is fired.

In their work, CeramicaDecor uses a new technology, which uses tiles without a rump. This allows them to be used in furnaces of complex shape. To create modern furnaces, it is most often used not to build a base of bricks according to traditional technology, but to create a thermal box with a firebox. Making such structures is much faster and more financially profitable for customers, and decorative tiles are glued on a special glue that is resistant to thermal effects. But if the client wishes, this company fulfills any orders, including “knitting” stoves and fireplaces according to individual projects.

Also, CeramicaDecor has the widest selection of glazes of almost any color and shade. Unlike cladding with standard materials — marble, granite and others — tiling allows you to get a unique, inimitable design. With their help, you can decorate the room in absolutely any style — from historical retro to the most advanced and avant-garde. You can pick them up for any color scheme, design.

Advantages of CeramicaDecor

When ordering products, each client receives:

  • Following a clear, transparent product sales policy. For each tile element, an estimate is provided, since any element has its own article and its own cost. All construction and decoration services also strictly comply with the price list and are provided by check.
  • Execution of the furnace on a turnkey basis, but with the ability to complete the lining of any already built furnaces. This gives a chance to quickly change the appearance of the structure.
  • Free provision of a finished 3D project of a future product when placing an order in just 2 days!
  • Production of a furnace with a lining of any shape, embossed texture and glaze. You can use any tile from the site or order it to order according to your sketch for a specific project.
  • Work throughout the Russian Federation. This includes both the construction and lining of stoves and fireplaces throughout the country, as well as delivery by transport companies, such as SDEK.
  • Full customer support from the moment of contacting the company to the creation of a finished structure and its erection, as well as a guarantee for tiled elements. We provide full after-sales support.

The fire in the fireplace creates a special mood, gives comfort to any room, and the tiles make a functional fixture a romantic interior detail. With our company, each client will be able to join the centuries-old Russian tradition of using «Dutch» and other heating appliances.

wood stove fireplace

Living fire has accompanied humanity since its «taming». For many centuries, the hearth was the main element in the house, then it was replaced by a stove. She was everything — a heating device, a stove and a healer, on which the sick, the elderly, children warmed themselves.

It is not necessary to heat with a stove, but it has become very fashionable to supply your homes with a stove with a fireplace. This is not just a beautiful decorative element that emphasizes the style and design of the room, but also indicates the material well-being of the owner. If necessary, a fireplace can be heated, and according to the feeling of comfort that comes from such a fire, no electrical appliance, even the most expensive and high-quality one, can be compared.

wood fireboxes

Especially popular are such models of fireplace stoves that use firewood as fuel. They can be made from various materials, decorated with various decorative elements. The main difference is the style, design, price and materials used. They differ in design and can be of the following types:

  • Fireboxes that can be used in stoves or fireplaces, as well as complete units ready for installation in a home, office or country house.
  • Special structures erected by master stove-makers.

By location in space, such products can be free-standing, wall-mounted and built-in. Especially popular and unusual is the corner option. With such stoves, you can use additional elements — various shelves, decorative details, ledges, and so on. They can also be used in a wooden house, not only in a brick, stone or concrete structure.

historical samples

The price depends on the size, design, type of finish of the stove. Tiled products, well known to us from classical literature, have a special appeal. Now, for sure, many have remembered fragments from the «White Guard» of the great Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov. It is in this novel that one can find many references to the name of facing tiles for stoves, which are called “Saardam”, and in some cases the base itself is called “Saardam carpenter”. This historical reminiscence is associated with the name of Peter I, called the «Saardam carpenter», who borrowed a lot from Western Europe, especially from Holland. Thanks to this, most of the tiled slabs began to be called «Dutch», and the tiles themselves — «Saardam».

Product features

In addition to the difference in price, stoves with a fireplace function can not only heat the room, but also are the semantic center of the entire room. Since ancient times, the hearth was the most important part of the dwelling, later the Russian stove took its place — the focus and source of life for any peasant family.

In rich houses, ceramic products were most often used, lined with expensive glazed (glazed) tiles. They were not only warm, but also very beautiful, and also easy to care for.

Modern hybrid designs combine the functions and appearance of a heater and a hearth. Only in current products the flame is covered with special refractory doors that do not allow a fire to occur. But they allow you to see burning wood, and this sight is as mesmerizing as candle fire and flowing water.

The best way to relax is to relax with light music and the quiet crackle of firewood on a calm autumn or winter evening.


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