The Russian market has a large selection of pipes made of different materials. Therefore, it is difficult to choose products for creating a water pipe in an apartment.

Before purchasing a product, you need to understand which pipes are best suited for installing plumbing in an apartment.

One of the main criteria is the strength and reliability of the product. The cost of the product and its conditions for assembling the structure also affect the choice of the buyer.

Plumbing in an apartment

First you need to choose the material of manufacture. On this basis, the following types of pipes for water supply are distinguished:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • metal-plastic;
  • steel;
  • copper.

Each of these types has its own positive and negative sides, special characteristics.

Steel products

Steel pipes for plumbing in an apartment are quite durable. But it should be noted that they have lost their former popularity due to the appearance of plastic ones on sale.

Speaking about steel products, we note that they can withstand a serious difference in temperature fluctuations and operate under high pressure conditions. Plumbing structures are made of galvanized or black steel. In the first case, high resistance to corrosion can be distinguished, which is an undoubted plus for prolonged use of the pipeline.

metal pipeline

The main disadvantage of this material is the coating of their surface with condensate. When it interacts with oxygen, oxidative processes occur, the product begins to rust. In addition, installation and repair work will require special equipment and professional skills. Therefore, the installation of a steel plumbing system is very costly. But they will last more than 50 years, which allows you to maintain the demand for these products.

Advice! Use the same material to repair steel pipes. When creating new sewer systems or plumbing, it is better to choose other options.

The advantages of this type include:

  • Ability to operate under high pressure conditions in pipes;
  • Differs in a high indicator of reliability;
  • Resistant to corrosion, mechanical damage;
  • Long service life.

Cost is also an advantage. Compared to plastic, it is not the lowest, but it is quite affordable for the average buyer. The material is very easy to work with. There are many different fasteners and fittings that can be purchased at the most basic plumbing store.

It is better to use this type in an apartment to create a heating system or hot water pipes. When choosing a product, pay attention to the wall thickness. There are 3 types:

  • Lungs;
  • Ordinary;
  • Reinforced.

The thicker the pipes, the longer the plumbing will last.

Copper products

As a rule, they try to disguise the water supply system, but this does not apply to this type. This is the case when the appearance is able to please and become an interior decoration. Aesthetic appearance is not their only advantage, they also differ:

  • reliability;
  • long service life, which can reach 70 years with proper care;
  • resistance to deformation and high pressure;
  • the tendency to internal overgrowth is less than that of steel;
  • resistance to chemicals, which allows the use of cleaners with chlorine and alkaline reagents.

The use of copper structures for humans is not only safe, but even useful. The material has useful properties for humans. If you look from this side, then this type of material is the most preferable.

The use of copper pipes when creating a plumbing structure in an apartment is associated with some difficulties in their installation. In addition, it is worth noting their high cost, so fewer people buy them, which means that the offer has become limited. When problems arise, it is difficult to find a similar repair material or fittings.

Copper plumbing


Plumbers are usually reluctant to work with copper products, as it requires special skills, and, accordingly, the installation cost will be high, which is a minus when choosing this material.

To make wiring around the apartment from copper pipes, you will need products with a diameter of 20 and 25 mm.

metal-plastic material

Metal-plastic pipes are lightweight and durable. They will be a good option for arranging water supply in a multi-storey building. The combination of metal and plastic made this product versatile.

Thermal stability indicators depend on the production technology. This can be determined by the color of the product: blue ones are designed for installation of cold water pipes, white ones can withstand water temperatures above 45 degrees.

With the installation procedure in this case, no problems should arise. For this, compression fittings of various diameters are used. If fittings are connected with a ferrule, there must be room for regular tightening.

Metal-plastic construction

The presence of a multilayer structure allows us to talk about high strength indicators. Metal-plastic is created in the form of a multilayer cake and consists of:

  • metal frame;
  • soft plastic covering the base on both sides.

In this case, the frame can be solid, spiral and perforated.

The service life is about 35 years. The material is able to withstand heating up to 75 degrees.

The benefits of this material include:

  • Ease of assembly of structures and its further operation;
  • When heated, they are able to bend and take the necessary shape;
  • Relatively low price;
  • The soldering passes directly and does not require additional equipment for connection;
  • Resistant to low temperatures, so they can be laid even in the soil.

Quietness can also be attributed to the positive qualities. Due to the features of the multi-layer construction, they absorb noise well.

This type also has its drawbacks. Metal-plastic does not tolerate a sharp temperature drop, which can cause delamination of the base. It is worth mentioning the fitting connection, which is not reliable.


Relatively recently, plastic pipes for plumbing in an apartment appeared on the construction market, which gained great popularity among ordinary consumers and became number one among professionals. A number of benefits have contributed to this success:

  • Light weight. Thanks to this, they are easy to transport, do not create additional load on the walls. Lightness allows you to install them inside the wall, thereby hiding the unsightly design from the eyes;
  • Differ in durability. The service life without repair can reach 50 years;
  • Low prices and a wide selection of fittings have made plastic products affordable for the majority of the population.
Plastic plumbing in the bathroom


When it comes to plastic products, we note that they are distinguished by composition and method of production:

  • polyethylene;
  • polypropylene;
  • PVC pipes.

Consider all options.


The first type is cross-linked polyethylene, which is manufactured using a special technology. Pipes made of this polymer are highly elastic and durable. At the same time, they have low thermal conductivity. You can install them not only in the apartment, but also on the street, as they are resistant to temperature extremes.

Polyethylene does not change at the molecular level when heated and does not change its qualities, which makes them the best for creating heating and hot plumbing.

Wiring with sewer outlet

They are a good material for creating plumbing structures in an apartment. The product is able to withstand the temperature of the water inside up to 95 degrees and this is not a chapel. A destructive effect on them can be exerted by a temperature starting from 110 degrees, which, let’s say, is quite a lot.

The benefits include:

  • Resistance of plastic to chemicals;
  • Does not emit harmful substances and does not change the composition and taste of water;
  • The inner walls do not retain dirt and sticking. Even after a long time there will be no stagnation;
  • Due to their smooth structure, they have less resistance to water flow, which means that the power of compressors and boilers is needed less;
  • Ease of installation. They are easy to break or cut into the required sizes;
  • Polyethylene is resistant to vibrations, and also absorbs the sound of water, which allows you to make the plumbing silent;
  • Plastic. The design made of such pipes is resistant to sudden changes in temperature and does not deform even when freezing.

For apartments, the flexibility of the material is important, which allows you to sewer even in hard-to-reach places. Installation of the structure is carried out using compression fittings.

If we talk about the shortcomings, then they are few. The negative side can be attributed to the combustibility of the material and poor resistance to UV. But this does not affect the design inside the apartment.

They are produced in diameters from 20 to 120 mm with a cross section of up to 40 mm. These are used for internal wiring, wider risers.

Polypropylene products

If the budget for the construction or replacement of an old water supply is limited, you can create a structure from polypropylene pipes. They are considered the most affordable of all polymer products, but they are not inferior in quality. They can easily withstand a temperature of 95 degrees and a pressure of 20 atmospheres. The service life of communications reaches 55 years.

It is worth noting a number of advantages of this material:

  • Resistance to chemicals allows you to get water without dangerous impurities;
  • Does not corrode;
  • Easily assembled and mounted in the required structure. Fasteners and fittings are affordable, they can be easily purchased at any plumbing store;
  • The low level of thermal conductivity avoids large heat losses;
  • Not afraid of sudden changes in temperature.

There are almost no drawbacks to this product. Problems usually arise not with the communications themselves, but with defects during their installation or assembly.

Conclusion of the design in the bathroom


To avoid problems, it is worth choosing pipes for cold water alone, and for hot others. Using the same view is the most common mistake. When buying this product, pay attention to their labeling. Products marked PP-R and PP-B are suitable for hot water supply, they are less dependent on water heating.

Polypropylene pipes are produced with a diameter of 15 mm to 12 cm. They can be used to create various water supply structures, as well as sewers. It is better to choose products with a greater wall thickness, as they are able to withstand more pressure.

PVC pipes

PVC pipes are superior to other types of plastic products in a number of technical characteristics. The structure of the polymer created using special technologies makes it possible to increase strength several times. For production, toxic substances are not used, so the water does not change its properties, remaining clean.

PVC pipes are especially distinguished by their positive qualities:

  • Affordable price. This is one of the most important criteria when choosing a material, especially if financial possibilities are limited;
  • Durability. The design of this material will last you at least 50 years, and with good care it will last a lifetime;
  • Does not collapse under the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Withstands high operating loads and internal pressure;
  • Due to the smooth structure, the mud layer does not stagnate and does not grow in them.

However, even they have some disadvantages. Polyvinyl chloride is afraid of high temperatures, so they are not the best option for hot water supply.

Collection of PVC water pipes

Professional installation, the right choice of high-quality pipes will significantly improve living conditions and not return to the repair of communications for a long time.


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