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Choosing a boiler is a very crucial moment. The comfort in the house for the coming years and decades, the cost of paying for energy carriers depends on this. When discussing this issue online, consumers often cannot agree on the best type of equipment. But this is a natural phenomenon, because the choice depends on many individual factors.

The most important is the availability of energy resources. Is your house impossible to connect to the central gas main? Modern solid fuel boilers are economical, their power is enough to heat a large building. Gas equipment is recommended to be installed if it is possible to connect to the highway.

Boiler power selection

This is the key setting. The standard formula of 1 kW per 10 m² is only the basis for calculations. The coefficient increases depending on many factors:

  • climate features. The lower the average air temperature in winter, the higher the power of the equipment should be;
  • heat loss level. It depends on the materials from which the house was built, the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe facade. Modern double-glazed windows, the presence of wall, basement and roof insulation reduce the coefficient when determining power;
  • ceiling height. The standard formula is for 2.7 m. If the ceiling height is 3 m, use a factor of 1.2.

Errors in the choice of power lead to premature wear of the equipment. Calculations should be carried out by a specialist after studying all the features of the house. The help of a professional will allow you to buy a gas boiler or a solid fuel model that is ideal for your home.

Advantages of modern equipment

Every buyer is looking for the best prices. In a situation with the choice of equipment, it is necessary to carefully analyze its parameters. An illustrative example is pyrolysis-type solid fuel boilers. This is a modern development. Such models are more expensive. But later you can save on fuel. The efficiency of such boilers in comparison with older models is several times higher. Fuel burns for a long time (6-12 hours). Simple calculations will show that the difference in cost is covered within 1-2 years.

An important advantage of modern equipment is automatic control. This improves ease of use. You can set the burning intensity settings depending on the temperature or time of day and no longer have to worry about adjusting.

Modern boilers are safer. They are equipped with a set of fuses that prevent gas leakage, an automatic shutdown function in case of breakdowns. By choosing a new generation of equipment, you invest in safety and comfort, reducing the ongoing costs of operating the heating system.


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