If you decide to install a fireplace in your house, then for its operation you will need a chimney. Nowadays, preference is given to stainless steel pipes. Installing a stainless steel chimney will take much less time than laying out a brick structure.

The owner of the house, a skilled craftsman, who has a set of stainless steel, will assemble it into a single structure in the shortest possible time.

Photo of the finished stainless steel pipe

What elements does a stainless steel chimney consist of?

Enterprises manufacture stainless steel components that are assembled into a single device of any length.

This material is resistant to aggressive chemical compounds that are obtained after the combustion of gas, coal, fuel oil and firewood, so they are often used for chimneys.

What are modular designs?

Modular structures are single or double-circuit pipes, equipped with a heat-insulating layer, and connected to each other in a channel. They are mounted vertically and horizontally on internal and external surfaces (facade and roof).

Double-circuit («sandwiches») have a heat-insulating layer consisting of mineral wool. It lowers the temperature on the outer circuit.

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Chimney elements and installation

The main part of the design is a round pipe made of stainless steel. Its length is 50 and 100 centimeters, they are easily connected with a bell. These parts are the main segments and straight sections are assembled from them.

    • To go around the pipe with an architectural structure, a bend or elbow should be used, its turning angle is 45 degrees.
    • A steep bend is less commonly used, its angle is 90 degrees. Such a pipe is used when connected to a fireplace.


  • Straight and oblique tees, having an angle of 90 and 45 degrees, connect different branches of the pipe.
  • Revision — this element is the same tee, only it has a plug — it is installed for cleaning.
  • Elements such as a fungus, a deflector, a weather vane remove precipitation and protect it from penetrating into the internal cavity. Installed on top of the structure.
  • It is attached to the surface of the walls with a special device — brackets. Using them, you will significantly increase the speed of installation work.

If you decide to bring the chimney outside, remember that it must cross the wall surface at an angle of 30 degrees, but not less. For these turns, the above bends apply.

In a horizontal position, the element is allowed to be erected no more than 1 meter, otherwise the traction will deteriorate.

To pass through the surface of a wall or ceiling, a special element is required. To properly mount the passage element, you will need to purchase basalt fiber mats that are inserted into the inside of the nozzle.

  • Next, proceed to the assembly, it is mounted in such a way as to avoid joints in the connection in the transition pipe.
  • After the structure is brought out into the street, special mounting brackets are used, which are installed every 2 meters, such a connection will strengthen the structure and keep it in strong gusts of wind.

A removable element should be provided in the lower part of the chimney — an “audit” or a door, thanks to which cleaning is carried out, and accumulated condensate or water is removed after rain.

Remember! The flue pipe must be cleaned twice during the heating season.

Benefits of stainless steel construction

The advantages are the following indicators:

  • The modular steel chimney is lightweight and can be easily attached to the wall.
  • Installation is carried out using taps. Thanks to these elements, it easily bends around architectural structures. The axis of the pipe is shifted in the desired direction. In this case, the location of the fireplace remains stationary.
  • A good indicator is that on the inner walls of the round surface, the combustion products — soot and soot — settle in small quantities. Rarely needs cleaning.
  • It warms up much faster than similar devices, which contributes to the easy start of the fireplace.
  • This device looks much more attractive than other models.

What are stainless steel oval chimneys and where are they used?

The oval pipe and its fasteners are made of heat-resistant and acid-resistant metal. The term of the product can reach up to 45 years.

Thanks to the oval section and its smooth inner surface, stable traction improves, and soot practically does not linger on the walls. In connection with the above data, such a device is unpretentious, its cleaning is required less frequently.

Indoors, an oval pipe is installed without insulation, and outdoors, a heat-insulating coating is required, which helps to reduce the formation of condensate inside.

An oval section made of stainless steel is also used to install it in the inside of a brick chimney. This is the best option for removing smoke from the fireplace and less soot from combustion products lingers on its walls.

  • For bending, there are also special oval tees — bends with an angle of rotation of 45 and 90 degrees.

By installing a stainless steel smoke extraction device, you will ensure the safe and efficient operation of the fireplace.

You can install the pipe (made of stainless steel) yourself, since such work does not require special skills and it does not require a powerful foundation to be poured under it.


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