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Heat guns are heating equipment used to heat rooms for various purposes. Their use is expedient on large areas — construction sites, workshops, warehouses, etc. A wide range of heat guns is represented by the Construction Resources company, which is open to cooperation with commercial and government organizations from all regions of the Russian Federation.

Advantages of diesel heat guns

In the catalog of the company, diesel heat guns remain one of the most popular technical units. Among their key benefits:

  • high performance;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • the possibility of long-term operation without refueling;
  • acceptable price range.

Heat guns on diesel fuel have an efficiency as close as possible to 100%. According to this parameter, no other heating equipment is able to compete with them. The indisputable advantages that diesel-fuelled heat guns have include their significant variability in terms of power level. This allows each of the customers to choose a model in the catalog that best suits the production specifics of his enterprise.

Types of equipment and its manufacturers

Diesel guns are divided into two large groups — direct and indirect heating. The latter option is considered the best solution for heating areas up to several hundred square meters. Installations are convenient in that they can be used in rooms where people work. This is due to the fact that models of indirect heating provide for the emission of exhaust fuel gases to the street.

In heat guns of direct heating, the combustion products of fuel are produced directly into the heated room. Therefore, it is unacceptable to operate them in workshops, premises where personnel is located.

Among the most well-known equipment manufacturers in the domestic market, two brands are in the lead — «Master» and «Aurora». The full range of heat guns of both companies is presented in the catalog of the Construction Resources company. Delivery of equipment can be promptly organized to any region of the country. If necessary, the company’s managers are ready to advise on the choice of optimal models of guns, the rules for their safe and efficient operation at a particular facility.


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