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A good alternative to traditional radiators is the use of water heating convectors, which are mounted under the floor. Such equipment is high-tech, functional and convenient. Among the main advantages, one can single out their effectiveness, as well as aesthetic appeal. Such models are securely hidden, since all their working mechanisms are under the floor.

Where can floor water convectors be installed?

They are suitable for installation both in a residential building and in an office or commercial building. But before purchasing water heating convectors built into the floor, it is necessary to carry out heat engineering calculations to determine the most suitable equipment power.

Often, such units are installed in rooms with large panoramic windows. They are also in demand in shops with a modern interior, hotels or restaurants. In rooms with a large area, devices equipped with a forced convection function are usually installed. If the room is small, it will be enough to heat it with a model that works within the framework of natural air circulation.

Floor-mounted water convectors can be used as main or additional heat sources. They can be used without problems in tandem with various heaters or classic heating radiators.

Recommendations for selection and benefits of use

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account a number of important parameters:

  • design dimensions;
  • the material used to make its body;
  • the presence of a fan;
  • type of convection;
  • type of heating system and prevailing working pressure in it.

You can get acquainted with detailed technical characteristics and other parameters that are important when choosing on the website http://mosrz.ru/konvektory/vnutripolnye-konvektory-otopleniya/.

Among the advantages of such heating equipment, it is necessary to highlight its versatility (suitable for the interior in any style), safety, high efficiency, economy, reliability (high-quality materials are used in the manufacture).


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