Water heaters solve the problem of interruptions in hot water. The equipment is presented in various modifications, including powerful floor-standing units with tanks.

Benefits of underfloor water heaters

Unlike instantaneous water heaters, floor-standing boilers have larger dimensions due to the presence of a tank, but the equipment can easily provide hot water to a large number of consumers (for example, this is a good option for a family of 4-5 people). The average volume of the tank is 200 liters.

There is a wide range of equipment depending on the type of power, so boilers run on electricity or gas. As an example, consider the features of a particular model.

Characteristics of the gas boiler Vaillant atmoSTOR VGH 220/5 XZU:

  • built-in burner with ceramic rods;
  • crane, piezoelectric ignition;
  • maximum temperature limitation system;
  • reliable thermal insulation made of polyurethane foam.

This is a high-performance water heater with a 220-liter tank and a power of 8.5 kW. The unit is suitable for operation in a country house, providing access to hot water at any time of the year and day. All gas water heaters have similar characteristics.

If you experience difficulties with access to hot water, use floor boilers, the equipment can be operated all year round, gaining independence from the operation of the boiler room (modern models are safe and easy to use).

Characteristics of floor boilers

Modern floor boilers can be installed in almost any room. When choosing equipment, be guided by the volume of the tank. For home use, models with 200-300 liter tanks are suitable, units with larger tanks are usually used for commercial purposes.

New models of water heaters are able to work in a hot water supply system. The units quickly deliver water to different consumers (for example, you can bring it to the kitchen and bathroom).

Some boilers are equipped with an automation system, with the help of which different operating modes of the equipment are set, including the setting of economical energy consumption.

All water heaters provide for the presence of anti-corrosion protection of the tank; for this purpose, its inner surface has a special coating. The container is insulated to maintain the temperature of the water. A heat exchanger is installed inside the tank, in which direct heating is carried out.

The cost of gas floor boilers is higher than electric counterparts. But during operation, the difference pays off due to the availability of gas. Water heaters are installed in any heating network, the installation of units takes a little time, but if possible, it should be trusted to specialists.


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