Heat guns are used to maintain the optimal temperature in the room, as well as to regulate it in open areas. This type of equipment is in demand during construction (when installing concrete screeds, after applying plaster).

A heat gun can be bought (if it is intended to be used permanently) or rented for short-term use. More information about this service on the page https://master-prokata.com/catalog/arenda-teplovyie-pushki/ of the Master Prokata company. But before you rent a device, check out their types.

Types of heat guns and their characteristics

Thermal equipment is divided into several groups. It is distinguished taking into account the energy sources that provide heating. Gas, electricity and liquid fuels are often used. Accordingly, heat guns are:

  • gas,
  • electric,
  • diesel.

Gas, as an energy source, burns almost completely. Thermal equipment operating on its basis is convenient for use in the agricultural industry and at manufacturing enterprises. Cannons of this type are also suitable for crowded places (station, airport, supermarket). Such equipment evenly distributes heat, has piezo ignition, maximum efficiency (up to 100%, if the performance is within 140 kW). Gas guns are equipped with a thermostat, they use electrical energy only to ensure the operation of the fan and piezo ignition.

Electric models are suitable for both domestic and industrial use. They do not need fuel for their operation — only access to an electrical network with the appropriate capacity. All devices of this type are equipped with electric fans that pump air. As soon as it passes through the heating element or spiral, its temperature gradually rises. Then the warm stream is sent to the room. Additional convenience of using the electric gun provides a thermostat that prevents overheating of the device. Its operation provides not only safety, but also contributes to significant energy savings.

Diesel type devices are suitable for use on construction sites in winter. Such models of guns, as well as equipment for concrete heating, can be rented at https://master-prokata.com/catalog/arenda-progrev-betona/. Diesel appliances are powerful, can work autonomously, are compact, which simplifies the process of their transportation. There are models that provide direct and indirect heating.


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