Modern heating boilers solve the issue of heat supply at various facilities. A wide range of equipment is on sale.

Electric boilers — what are their advantages

When choosing equipment for a country house or an industrial facility, you need to start from different characteristics — power, functionality, dimensions. But the key factor is the type of fuel.

Manufacturers offer boilers of the following types:

  • solid fuel,
  • gas,
  • electrical.

To make the right choice, you need to focus on the operating conditions of the equipment and personal preferences, understanding the features of each type of unit.

Devices powered by electricity have a number of advantages:

  • simple execution, unpretentiousness in service;
  • autonomous mode of operation;
  • safety, affordable price of equipment.

The convenience of working with electric boilers is that you do not have to equip a special room for them, as is the case with other types of units. No need to purchase burners, equip a place for storing fuel (coal, firewood, etc.), spend time cleaning carbon deposits and ash.

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Solid fuel and gas heating boilers

Equipment that runs on wood, briquettes and coal is called solid fuel. This is an excellent choice for heating large country cottages. One refueling is enough for long hours of stable operation (some types of units operate without refueling for several days).

Advantages of solid fuel boilers:

  • ease of operation — a little hassle, you need to clean the ash pan and throw in the fuel;
  • versatility — the equipment works even where there is no access to gas and electricity;
  • high power — the units cope with the heating of large rooms.

When choosing equipment, specify the main characteristics. Consider the dimensions of the unit, find out what type of fuel the device runs on (there are models that support only firewood or briquettes).

One of the most economical solutions is the operation of a gas boiler, since the cost of main gas is relatively low. When choosing, take into account the power of the unit (based on the area of ​​​​the heated object), efficiency, installation method.

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