Batteries are designed to heat a living space in modern houses and apartments. Before each heating season, the systems are checked and cleaned, sometimes batteries need to be repaired. Upon the arrival of cold weather, residents may find that individual elements for some reason heat poorly or do not heat at all. This happens, for the most part, due to the formation of air pockets in the cavities of the batteries. To solve the problem, it is enough to blow the heating radiator.

Before you begin to remove the malfunction, you need to make sure that it is the air lock that is the cause of insufficient heat generation. A clear sign of this will be a distinct gurgling despite the fact that water flows freely into the heating system.

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Work methods

Removal of plugs from heating radiators occurs according to the following scheme:

  1. Opening the thermostat control valve, if present. Sometimes this action is able to immediately restore normal thermoregulation.
  2. If there is no thermostat, you will have to unscrew the Mayevsky tap — this is a valve located on a special valve.
  3. With a special key, you need to slightly unscrew the valve until a hiss is heard. Thus, air is expelled from the system.

You need to bleed the air gradually, several times in small portions. When the air is completely out of the batteries, water will flow from the tap. After stabilizing the pressure in the batteries and making sure that the hiss has stopped, the worker can return the valve to its place.

Batteries descaling

With hot water, scale and foreign particles almost always get into the pipes. Only 1 mm of such deposits reduces the heat transfer coefficient by 15%. Therefore, experts without fail recommend purging batteries at the beginning of each heating season.

If it is the appearance of scale that is to blame for the loss of the desired temperature in the house, this will be indicated by a higher temperature of the riser, compared to batteries. Also in that case, you can feel the uneven heating of the radiator sections and each of its parts separately.

Hydraulic cleaning of radiators

This method of purging batteries is the most effective, although it is quite expensive. But with the help of hydraulics, pipes and heating sections will completely get rid of all scale and other deposits.

A specialist with special equipment launches the working mixture into the riser located in the apartment. The process is carried out under high pressure, so it is better to substitute deep dishes at the exit so as not to flood and not to stain the room too much. Plumbers use a powerful compressor that provides the right pressure in the channel that needs to be cleaned. This method removes all scale deposits from the walls inside the batteries, freeing up space for the unhindered circulation of hot water.

According to many years of practice, hydraulic purging is the optimal and most effective method for cleaning cast iron batteries. When it is impossible to implement work in the apartment, there remains the option of handing over the radiator to the service department. You can take a clogged battery for cleaning to a housing organization, to a plumbing store, if they have a service center.


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