The search for effective heating of residential premises is always ongoing, everyone strives to find the best solution to this issue for themselves.

A modern option installed in apartments and country houses is a pellet fireplace with a water circuit. Its name conveys the method of heating. Pellets made from wood flour are used as fuel.

As well as other areas of our life, heating systems are constantly being improved to increase the efficiency and maximum efficiency of equipment.

Typically, fireplaces are decorative in nature and are not able to heat the space well. But pellet fireplaces, which have an attractive appearance, do an excellent job of heating functions.

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Such designs have appeared recently and have become popular among middle-class consumers.

For most people, the image of a fireplace is associated with a huge room and a blazing massive hearth that warms the surrounding space in winter. In the modern world, a new image of the hearth appears, which not only creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere, but also heats the whole house due to the unique mechanism of using a water jacket.

Technological description of the device

The appearance of these installations differs little from standard fireplaces, although from the standpoint of technological characteristics they have a more complex system.

The first difference is related to the type of fuel, here ordinary firewood is not used, but special pellets are used. A feature is the automatic supply of fuel to the compartment, which is very convenient for the constancy of the process and long burning.

The second feature is associated with a closed firebox, which allows you to set the temperature regime yourself.

Inside the structure is a heat exchange chamber filled with water. And along the walls from the fireplace there are steel pipes that transfer the coolant to the rest of the rooms.

Varieties of models

Among the various models of pellet equipment, one can single out the well-known trading company Termal, which represents fireplaces in 3 colors:

  • in black;
  • in burgundy;
  • beige.

The presence of various colors contribute to the choice of the device, depending on the color scheme of the interior. The device has absolute ecological cleanliness, elegant appearance, as in the photo.

This fireplace combines efficient space heating and the simplicity of a fuel device that ensures safe operation. The design gives the space an original flavor and has a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Flight structures may have an air circuit or a water circuit. A water jacketed device can heat a house up to 300 square meters of living space. It is similar to a wood-fired boiler in functionality, while it looks great in the interior of the room.

Another popular model on the market has become the Serbian company Mbs, which has a water circuit and consists of high-quality steel and cast iron. The structure (pictured) has an enameled glossy finish on the outer walls and is made in two colors: beige or burgundy.


Advantages and disadvantages

The positive qualities of pellet plants include:

Full automation. Fuel is supplied automatically in accordance with the set heating power. There is a function of programming the exact operating time of the equipment for a whole week. Thus, it is possible to program the time of turning on and off the fireplace at any time of the day or night.

High rates of efficiency. In these devices, the efficiency is 2 times higher than that of a fireplace with an open flame. Thanks to the water circuit, additional batteries can be connected to heat other rooms.

Fire safety. Automatic control ensures safety during the entire heating process. When the machine is turned off, all the pellets in the burner burn completely. A small amount of fuel burns out and the fireplace turns off. This process is carried out in 5-10 minutes after shutdown.

Does not dry out the air in the room. In the room where the pellet fireplace is installed, the air is not burned. This is because the combustion feed is separated from the surrounding air. Usually, an air circuit is used for this, which takes oxygen from the basement, while drying the space at high humidity.

Can be controlled remotely. The remote control function helps to control the operation of the equipment from anywhere in the room. Once filling the fuel tank, you can not add pellets for several days.

Pellet equipment with a water jacket performs several functions at the same time and opens up the following possibilities:

  • The pellets themselves are made of the same size and therefore it is possible to use automatic fuel supply in fireplaces.
  • A constant supply of pellets can keep the heating system in active mode for 6 hours, and sometimes for about a day. The operating time is related to the production characteristics of each system.
  • By adjusting the fuel supply, you can adjust the temperature in the room.
  • For normal operation, there is no need to install an expensive chimney. For pellet structures, you can install the most common stainless steel chimney. In any case, the draft will be good, since the water circuit warms the internal air and accelerates the exit of exhaust gases.
  • Ease of installation, especially if there is already a ready-made fireplace, then pellet equipment is mounted inside.
  • Thrift, financial costs are equated to wood-burning stoves with a water circuit or a conventional fireplace. This means that it is more profitable to use pellets for heating than gas or electricity.

Along with the numerous advantages of this type of heating equipment, it has the following disadvantages:

  • Expensive equipment. Not all consumers can afford to pay a high price for this design, its cost is significantly higher than that of wood-burning fireplaces.
  • Stop the entire system when there is a power outage. A very small amount of electricity is needed for operation, although in the absence of it, work completely stops.
  • Only pellets are used as fuel. It is not possible to replace special pellets with other fuels.
  • This equipment has a small capacity and cannot be used as the main heating system. It is usually combined with other heating methods.

Combining a pellet fireplace with a gas boiler or electric heater can save you a significant amount of money. At the same time, the room is additionally decorated with a view of live fire in a designer fireplace.

Pellet fireplace installation

Installation of the structure is carried out independently, in accordance with the technical parameters specified in the passport. Think in advance about the necessary materials, calculate and plan the layout of the water system.

The instructions for the equipment describe in detail the installation process and important characteristics, including power ratings and operational requirements.

  • The pellet system can also be installed in an old fireplace, dismantling an unnecessary firebox in advance, while the old chimney can be successfully used for the efficient operation of the equipment.

In conclusion, we can say that with the advent of pellet fireplaces, we are one step closer to a comfortable and safe life. They are gaining popularity due to the combination of high efficiency and aesthetic design.


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