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Due to the low quality of services provided to the population by public utilities, the creation of autonomous heating and hot water supply is a vital necessity for most of our compatriots. But not everyone knows how to choose the right equipment for this. There are two ways out: seek help from specialized offices that do not work for thanks. You can make a choice yourself, having previously studied the technical documentation of several «applicants». The rating of double-circuit gas boilers, compiled on the basis of user preferences and trust, will help save time on studying technology.


What to pay attention to

The boiler is the central figure with autonomous heating and hot water systems. The quality of its work depends on the air temperature in the room, the availability of hot water at the points of its consumption. What structural elements should be paid attention to when choosing a double-circuit boiler?

  1. Type of combustion chamber. If your home is equipped with a separate chimney and high-quality ventilation, at least 3 times per hour, then choose a boiler with an open combustion chamber. In all other cases, a double-circuit boiler unit with a closed combustion chamber is required.
  2. Burner type. Three types of burners are used in modern hot water boilers: atmospheric, the operation of which is very dependent on the pressure in the system; two-stage, which, after heating the coolant, switch to work with 40% power; modulating burners can smoothly change the heating power from 10 to 100%. The latter are considered the most modern, efficient and economical. Experts recommend purchasing boilers with a modulating burner.
  3. Electrical connection. Modern industry produces boilers that operate on a 220 v network or conventional AA batteries. Both the first and second options have their advantages and disadvantages. If there are frequent power outages in your area, then you should choose a non-volatile double-circuit boiler.
  4. Mounting type. On the modern market of climate technology, floor and wall-mounted boiler equipment is presented.

Next, a rating of wall-mounted double-circuit gas boilers of foreign and Russian production will be presented to your attention. The review will include installations identical in characteristics: wall-mounted, turbocharged, double-circuit, with modulating burners. The power of all installations is 24 kW. Heated area — 240 — 270 m2. Each device has design features that affect some performance characteristics, cost, efficiency. In addition, the rating will take into account the main shortcomings voiced by real users.

Foreign models

Vaillant TurboTEC PRO VUW 242/3-3 (Germany)

Vaillant TurboTEC PRO VUW 242/3-3This model can heat a dwelling up to 240 m2. Maximum DHW capacity 11.5 l/min. A feature of this model is the design of the circulation pump, equipped with frost protection.

The presence of a powerful air turbine in the design allows forcibly: removing exhaust gases and pumping in fresh air for complete combustion of fuel. A high-capacity expansion tank (6 l) installed inside the housing allows you to connect several systems to the unit, for example, heating and a “warm floor”. Vaillant TurboTEC PRO VUW 242/3-3 is equipped with two copper heat exchangers. Primary, coated with a specially developed Suplar composition that prevents copper corrosion. The functionality of the boiler unit includes: limiting the maximum temperature of hot water supply; self-diagnosis mode; the ability to control the speed of the pump. The efficiency of this model is 93%. The average cost is 51 thousand 600 rubles. The main disadvantage is the high cost.

NAVIEN Ace TURBO Coaxial 24KMaterial of heat exchangers — stainless steel. This model proved to be excellent in the conditions of «Russian operation»: voltage drops in household electrical networks (up to 30%), low gas pressure (up to 4 Mbar), low water pressure (up to 0.1 Bar). Nominal gas flow 2.58 m3/hour.

Design features: high-pressure circulation pump; 8 liter expansion tank; coolant coarse filter. Protection is ensured by: a primary heat exchanger thermostat preventing its overheating; a blast valve that relieves excess pressure; protection against freezing of the coolant. In addition, the boiler is equipped with a built-in voltage stabilizer that smooths out surges in the household power grid. A feature of this model is the presence of a remote control with a large LCD screen, a Russified interface and a room temperature sensor. The efficiency of this model is 91% The average price is 37 thousand rubles. The main drawback is that there are few own service centers on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Baxi Main Four 240 F (Italy)

Baxi Main Four 240FFor the operation of the electronic control unit, this model requires a connection to a 220 v household power supply, and the presence of forced air intake and removal of combustion products requires a coaxial chimney. The device is reconfigured to work on liquefied gas and works great with low fuel pressure in the line (5 Mbar).

The peculiarity of this product is: a burner with stainless steel dividers; bithermic heat exchanger. The built-in bypass will prevent damage to the system when the coolant outlet is blocked. The plant is protected by: a fine filter that prevents clogging and scale formation of the internal coil of the heat exchanger; thermostat to prevent overheating of the heat exchanger; flame presence sensor, draft sensor in the smoke exhaust system; blast valve in the heating system. Efficiency 92.9%. Maximum gas flow 2.74 m3/hour. The average cost is 33.5 thousand rubles. The main disadvantage is the high cost of replacing the heat exchanger.

Based on the reviews and the ratio of price — quality — functionality, the best wall-mounted double-circuit gas boiler, among foreign models, is NAVIEN Ace TURBO Coaxial 24 K.

Domestic models

Neva Lux 8224 — «Gazapparat»

Neva Lux 8224 This model is equipped with separate stainless steel heat exchangers. This design of heat exchangers does not allow the formation of scale inside the coil. To prolong the service life, they are provided with a water cooling system.

Neva Lux 8224 is equipped with a circulation pump that provides forced circulation of the coolant through the system, and a 4-liter expansion tank that prevents the heating circuit from airing and depressurization due to thermal expansion of the coolant. Management and indication are placed on the front side of the boiler unit: temperature controllers for the heat carrier and hot water supply; LCD screen for displaying operating modes; button to reset the settings and reboot the system. The unit has several preset economical operating modes, there is a connector for connecting an external temperature sensor, a remote control, as well as a self-diagnosis mode. Efficiency 90%. The average cost is 32 thousand rubles. The disadvantage is that there is no display backlight, condensate appears in the override tube (error 03).

Siberia Top Line 24C

Siberia Top Line 24СStainless steel burner and copper bithermic heat exchanger. Natural gas consumption 2.63 m3/h

Features of Siberia Top Line 24C is stable operation under pressure drops in gas and water mains. This wall-mounted boiler is equipped with: a circulation pump with protection from Grundfos; expansion tank Zilmet; Honeywell automation; gas supply filter; heat exchanger thermostat, piezo ignition. Efficiency — 90%. The average cost is 30 thousand rubles. The main disadvantage: often there are problems with a spontaneous increase in pressure in the system.

Angels NK 24 T (ZB DSC)

Angels NK 24 T (ZB DSC)Equipment: bithermic heat exchanger (copper); burner with smooth power change from 35 to 100%. The design of the unit provides for a high-performance water pump and an 8-liter tank to compensate for the thermal expansion of the coolant.

The features of this model include: DHW priority; frost protection; built-in programmer for 24 hours. Operating modes, service messages and temperature are displayed on the LCD screen. Supplied with stainless steel coaxial flue. Gas consumption 2.8 m3/hour. Efficiency 87-90%. Cost — 24 thousand 700 rubles. Disadvantage: high cost of replacing the bithermic heat exchanger.

Based on the price-quality-functionality ratio, with almost the same characteristics, the Angels NK 24 T model received fewer negative reviews. That is why in our rating, Angels NK 24 T (ZB DSC) from EPO is recognized as the best Russian-made wall-mounted, double-circuit, gas boiler «Signal».


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