Recently, living in wooden houses has become fashionable and popular. This is due to their environmental friendliness, attractive appearance, durability, etc. If earlier life in such a house was fraught with many inconveniences, now everything has changed for the better.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, living in a wooden house can be comfortable and cozy. But one of the conditions for this is the presence of good heating. It can be done independently, without the involvement of specialists. Options for heating a house can be different and which one to choose is up to you.

Choosing the Right System

For high-quality heating of a wooden house, a lot depends on the correct choice of fuel for the heating system. As an energy carrier can be used:

  • liquid fuel;
  • gas;
  • coal, firewood, briquettes;
  • electricity.

When choosing a fuel, consider:

  • compatibility with the installed heating system;
  • its availability in the area where you live;
  • availability of storage space;
  • the possibility of installing automatic control;
  • ease of use.

Much depends on the cost of energy. The cheapest is gas.

Attention: Using diesel or electricity for heating will cost much more. If you intend to use solid or diesel fuel, you should pay attention not only to their price, but also to the cost of delivery.

A large role in the quality heating of the house is played by equipment for generating heat. It can be a stove, a convector, a boiler, a fireplace, or something else.

Installation of heating in a wooden house requires drawing up a layout of the heating system devices, since the distribution of heat throughout the building depends on this. At the same time, the complexity of the design of the heating system can be any. You can, for example, install a complex system consisting of a boiler or furnace, pipelines, radiators and various additional equipment. And you can use, for example, conventional infrared heaters, perfect for local heating.

When choosing a heating system, it is imperative to draw up a project and calculate the cost of all necessary devices and the price of their installation. When calculating, it is necessary to take into account what material is used for radiators and pipes, take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe building. You should decide in advance which brand of equipment is best to use.

The cost of equipment manufactured in Russia is always lower than their foreign counterparts. The quality of domestic brands is quite good. If you decide to choose foreign equipment, then German and Finnish manufacturers will have the highest cost, but their reliability and quality are always on top.

We must not forget about a thorough analysis of the regular heating costs of a wooden house. Monthly fuel costs and the cost of possible repairs or replacement of failed system elements should be taken into account. Please note that if the heating system used is Russian-made, troubleshooting it will cost much less than if the system is foreign. We must not forget about the cost of its maintenance.

Attention: Only after careful calculations, one should decide on the heating system that will be the most efficient, high-quality and at the same time the least expensive.


Gas heating

One of the most efficient and affordable is heating a wooden house with gas. Despite the fact that the cost of this energy carrier is constantly growing, its use is much cheaper than the use of solid, liquid fuels or electricity. In addition, thanks to gas, you can heat your home well even in severe frosts. Of course, if you want to use this energy source, you should not only conduct heating in the building itself, but also connect to the gas main. Of course, if this has not been done before.

When heating a country house with gas, it should be borne in mind that this event is quite complicated, costly and takes a lot of time. Be sure to draw up a project and carry out the necessary calculations. But by connecting gas to the building, you can fully enjoy the heat. In addition, the house can be heated with reduced gas by installing a gas tank on your site. This method of heating is in no way inferior to the presence of a gas main in terms of efficiency, but it is also quite expensive.

If you intend to heat a country house with this energy carrier, you will need to install a gas boiler, a radiator, or a warm water floor system. The cost of such heating will be reasonable and will allow you to quickly recoup all costs.

As practice shows, it is most rational to install a wall-mounted double-circuit boiler, which can not only effectively heat the building, but also serve as a source of hot water at any time of the year. Among the advantages of this boiler are its safety, high efficiency and ease of maintenance.

If the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe wooden house is small, you can consider installing gas convectors. Their cost is objective and reasonable, and the heating efficiency is at its best. But they are quite “gluttonous” and consume much more fuel than a boiler.

The gas-based heating system in a wooden house will save you from the need to participate in the heating process. It will be necessary only occasionally to check the correct operation of the system. With the help of gas, you can qualitatively heat a house of any area, even in severe frosts. At the same time, the cost of paying for gas consumption will not be too large.

Liquid fuel

If the house is not gasified, a good alternative to gas is liquid fuel. Heating in a wooden house by this method will require the installation of a diesel boiler. Despite the fact that the cost of installing such a heating system is quite decent, there are also a lot of advantages of its operation. First of all, it is autonomy. Also, the efficiency of diesel boilers is practically in no way inferior in efficiency to their gas counterparts. There will be no problems with the energy carrier. After all, diesel fuel is affordable for almost everyone, and it can be delivered in the right amount to almost any locality.

Attention: For a heating device in a wooden house based on liquid fuel, it is necessary to equip a special room in which the boiler will be installed. Such a room must have a good ventilation system, be resistant to fire. The only difficulty is that if the house is small, you will have to allocate several square meters of free space for installing the boiler.


The easiest and fastest way to heat a wooden house is to use electricity. This method is environmentally friendly and has a good level of automation. There are many ways to heat a wooden building with electricity. In particular, you can consider such options as installing convectors, an electric boiler, warm baseboards, infrared heaters, etc. The cost of electric heating means is much lower than similar ones running on gas or liquid fuel.

But despite the advantages, the electric heating system also has some disadvantages that must be taken into account. If you decide to do the heating of a wooden house with your own hands based on electricity, without the involvement of specialists, be sure to pay attention to the existing wiring. It must be new, of high quality and able to withstand heavy loads.

If you have old wiring and you, for some reason, cannot change it, electric heating should be abandoned, since you, at least, risk being left without electricity for a while, and you may have to put out a fire.

This heating system is not very effective if the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe house is large enough. It also consumes a large amount of electricity, and its cost is quite significant. Especially in winter in frosts, you will have to turn it on at full capacity. But if your house is large, then even in this case, you will not be able to heat it with high quality.

Electric heating systems are best used if you do not live in the house permanently, but will spend some time in it, for example, on vacation, during holidays or on weekends. Heating with electricity is also suitable as a «safety net» for the main heating system.

solid fuel

One of the most affordable energy sources for heating a wooden house is solid fuel. By installing a heating solid fuel boiler that can run on coal, wood or briquettes, you can achieve high-quality heating without much money.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the need for regular monitoring of the operation of the system and a high risk of fire. After all, the tree quickly lights up. If you decide to use a solid fuel heating system, you should fully comply with the operating recommendations.

Attention: In general, this method is quite effective and affordable for a wooden house. You just need to use the system correctly and follow the safety rules.

What do we pay attention to

Remember, no matter what type of heating of a wooden house you choose, safety should always come first. This is due to the fact that the heating system, which is based on the combustion of fuel, is always more or less dangerous. Possible risks include:

  • energy leakage;
  • open fire;
  • strong heating of the chimney and equipment;
  • gas explosion;
  • the occurrence of a fire.

All this is dangerous not only for the house, but also for the people living in it. Therefore, no matter what equipment you use to heat your home, you should always follow the instructions for its operation.

Heating a private house is impossible without stable ventilation. After all, combustion products can adversely affect the air in the house. First of all, this is typical for fireplaces, stoves and gas convectors. The ventilation scheme should be included in the design of the heating system.

Attention: When choosing a heating system, be sure to pay attention to its efficiency. After all, most of the costs are connected with him. Try to choose systems with an efficiency of 90%. If it is lower, it will turn out that you will throw away part of the money to the wind. For example, if the efficiency is 75%, then out of every 100 rubles, you will waste 25.

The cheapest options for heating in a house with your own hands are the installation of gas and solid fuel boilers, wood stoves, gas convectors. The most expensive are oil-fired boilers and electric heating systems.

Much depends on the rate of heating of the building. Here, systems that heat not the coolant, but directly the air come to the fore. For example, infrared heaters.

Attention should be paid to the simplicity and ease of operation of heating systems. It is desirable that the management be automated and human participation is required to be minimal. Here in the first place are electric, gas and liquid fuel heating systems.

There are many systems for heating a wooden house, and it is up to you to decide which heating is better. The main thing is that it is safe, efficient and quickly heats the building, and the energy sources used are affordable. Before installation of the selected system, a project must be drawn up, all calculations must be made. Do not forget that when operating any system, you should follow all recommendations for its use, and adhere to safety rules.


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