This is a rather interesting design with a damper and a chimney, decorated with multi-colored light bulbs and flickering candles. If you want to create a decorative fireplace in your beloved home, then you have a great opportunity to study this article, which outlines how to make a drywall fireplace with your own hands.


Being next to him, you want to plunge into the magical charm of logs in the hearth. People living in their apartment want to have a decorative plasterboard fireplace, it can be built with ease and pleasure.

You should know that they are divided into:

  • conditional;
  • authentic;
  • symbolic;

At a conditional fireplace, the portal is made in such a way that a real electrical appliance can be installed in this space.

Reliable fireplaces are a copy of the original, they are made in full size and designed like the original. A biofireplace burner is installed in the furnace, which is a natural burning hearth.

Symbolic fireplaces are a drawing on the wall or a model, using elements of various decorations.

Do-it-yourself drywall fireplace, step by step instructions

Before you start assembling the structure, you should carefully study the drawing of the future fireplace.

Plasterboard fireplace drawing

In order to make a drywall fireplace with your own hands, you will need the following tool and material


Tool photo


Photo of hardware for the frame


Drywall photo

How to make a drywall fireplace

After studying the drawing, proceed to the marking. Its assembly is made from galvanized profiles and plasterboard sheets.

  • With the help of a pencil and a ruler, lines of the future heater are applied.

Do-it-yourself fireplace assembly is as follows:

The wall profile is cut to the dimensions corresponding to the drawing. Further, from the inside of the drawn line, this profile is attached to plastic anchors.

  • Holes in the wall and on the floor are made with a puncher or drill with a drill bit — if the floor is concrete and the walls are brick or block.
  • And if the surface of the floor and walls are made of wood, then wood screws are used after all the guides have been attached, that is, the main contour of the decorative fireplace has been brought out.

Next, a guide profile of the desired size is cut. Connect them together with metal screws.

Photo of metal connection

To create the rigidity of the frame and assemble the fireplace with your own hands quickly and reliably, you should prepare pieces from the wall profile, sawn off with a «grinder» of the desired size, in accordance with the drawing.

  • They are fixed through 20 — 40 cm from each other.

If an electric heater will be installed in your portal, then you must first lay the wiring and install an outlet.

Photo frame corner fireplace plasterboard

To bend a semicircle from a metal profile, you need to do the following:

  • With scissors for metal, on the wall profile every 2 cm, cut the side to the full depth to a flat base.
  • Next, bend the profile to the desired format.

After mounting the frame, proceed to the sheathing. The inner surface of the firebox is sheathed with fire-resistant plasterboard — in the event that an electric fireplace will be installed in this niche. And the rest of the surface of the fireplace is sheathed with ordinary, gray drywall.

Photo of the finished frame of the wall fireplace

  • How to cut drywall step by step

The template is made from thick cardboard. It is laid on a sheet of plasterboard and outlined with a pencil. Further, with a special knife, one of the layers of cardboard is cut through and the plaster is broken off at the cut, for example, through the corner of the table. This action should be done with a sharp downward pressure. After breaking it off, cut off another part of the cardboard.

  • Preparation for bending

It should be remembered that drywall, with proper preparation, can be bent to the radius you need, as follows:

  • One of the sides is pierced with needles of a special roller, to a depth of 3 mm. Thus, holes are created to reach the plaster, which makes it more brittle.
  • Next, moisten it with water from a spray bottle, only the side where there are punctures. This helps soften the gypsum, it becomes more pliable to bending.
  • The leaf is left alone for 15 minutes. After this time, they begin to produce smooth compression from different sides, bringing it to the desired radius.
  • The softened material is carefully attached to the frame prepared from the profile and left for a day, until completely dry.
  • At the end of the sheathing, the structure should be puttied.
  • Putty is applied to the joints and in the corners with a spatula, a special “sickle” mesh is glued on top of it, and then another layer of putty is applied on top of it.
  • Next, this whole “pie” is gently pressed against the drywall and pulled up and down with a spatula, at an angle of 700putty will act — it is carefully removed.

The self-tapping screws with which the GKL was screwed to the frame are slightly deepened with a screwdriver.

On top of them, with a spatula, putty is applied in the above manner, the entire structure is left to dry for a day.

  • After drying, the surface should be sanded with fine sandpaper.

The next step on the decorative fireplace, with a paint roller or a fly brush for interior work, is a deep penetration primer. It must dry completely.

Fireplace painting

If you decide to paint in any color, then you should putty the entire surface twice more. That is, apply one layer, let it dry for a day, and then apply the next.

  • After the second layer has dried, the surface is sanded, removing all irregularities.

Next, a primer is applied in one layer, after it has completely dried, paint is applied in two layers.

If you decide to finish with a facing material, then the surface of the puttied drywall is primed.

Decoration with decorative elements

It is decorated in a variety of ways. Finishing is carried out in an interesting artistic direction, so that at the end of all the work it is difficult to distinguish it from a real hearth.

Decorate the fireplace with the following materials:

  • brick;
  • mahogany;
  • artificial or natural stone;
  • finished gypsum decorative elements;
  • a variety of colored wallpaper for brick or natural stone.

It is up to you to decide how you will decorate your own fireplace in your apartment.

When choosing a material for the design of a heater, you should pay attention so that it is in harmony with the overall interior of the room.

You can decorate the portal in the following interesting way: firewood is pre-prepared, preferably fresh from the forest, so that the space is filled with wood ethers.

Next, small holes are made for candles, preferably randomly.

Logs, in a chaotic manner, are placed in the firebox, and candles are carefully placed in the holes.

This design will give the fireplace a certain romance. Being next to him, a person will enjoy watching the glow of small lights in the fireplace.

After studying the article, you can understand that you have the opportunity to invest a little money and your time to create a cozy and harmonious hearth in your apartment. Being next to him, you will enjoy relaxing after a hard day’s work or drinking tea with your family and friends.


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