A double-circuit electric boiler is an excellent solution for the simple deployment of heating and hot water in places where it is not provided centrally. Also, this option is suitable for areas where this energy source is considered the only available. Sometimes such installations are placed by some in their apartment as a fallback.

Positive and negative sides

Before buying a double-circuit electric boiler for hot water supply and heating, it is important to determine the capabilities, technical characteristics and future costs associated with installation and use in general.

It is worth starting with the fact that in most cases double-circuit electric boilers are installed in country houses. It is in such rooms that they have the best efficiency indicators.

One of the main advantages over other types of installations is the minimum dimensions. For mounting, only a small vertical surface is needed, to which pipes and electricity can be easily connected.

Such equipment for a private house is able to provide a constant supply of water of the desired temperature in places where gas pipelines do not reach.

It should be noted that such heating boilers are environmentally friendly when used. They do not emit any substances that can harm a person or the atmosphere. They do not even need air, which is the basis in other systems.

Another obvious positive side is its location almost anywhere — there is no need to specially create a separate room.

In addition, you do not need to think about mounting the chimney and ventilation. At the same time, it is not necessary to create a documentary individual project.

Such units are durable and long lasting. They work without noise and vibrations, as there is no open source of fire. It also allows quick and efficient repair work.

But there are also negative sides. And the main one is energy consumption. For heating 10 square meters you will need about 1 kW. Not to mention the parallel use together with water supply for household needs. So you can calculate how much it will cost to use such a system. Of course, some manufacturers claim that their units are also energy-saving. Therefore, their use can save about 30% of energy. This result can be achieved not only due to the structure, but also due to the correct connection.

Many experts agree that, regardless of the structure of the installation, the efficiency can vary only within 95-98%.

In addition, electric double-circuit or even single-circuit boilers are directly dependent on the operation of the electrical network. In the event of power surges, problems with the equipment can also appear. Therefore, it is better to use special additional devices that allow you to remove the negative effect.

Principle of operation

Such units have two independent circuits at once, which are not tied to each other’s work. One creates hot water for the needs of residents, and the second is used to heat a private house or apartment.


This equipment is additionally equipped with several important components:

  • thermostat (usually two);
  • expansion tank;
  • safety valve;
  • air outlet, which helps to remove it from the heating system);
  • pump;
  • automation.

The operation of the device is based on the conversion of electricity into heat using tubular heaters. The latter are installed in the heat exchanger. They allow you to heat the liquid, the circulation of which is provided by the pump.

A double-circuit (or single-circuit) electric boiler is controlled by automation. When the sensor detects a decrease in the temperature in the building, a signal is given to turn on the active operation of the unit itself and the pump. With the necessary heating, a phased shutdown of individual units is started.

Double-circuit electric boilers, which are offered by many companies today, have high-quality safety systems. They monitor different heating parameters. And in case of a clear deviation from the norm, the equipment is turned off. This allows you to keep all the elements intact. So after that you can establish the cause of the problem, fix it, and immediately start working again.

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What does the cost depend on?


Prices for electric boilers, whether double-circuit or not, directly depend on several main factors. Of course, the first thing that influences is the brand. The more famous it is, the more expensive the unit will cost. If we talk about foreign companies whose electric heating boilers are used all over the world, they offer equipment from 500 to 1000 euros. Such prices can be called considerable, but at the same time tolerable, when compared with gas installations.

When choosing a floor or wall-mounted electrical unit, you must first find out for yourself the main points:

  • power;
  • one or two circuits;
  • installation option;
  • equipment.

If the buyer is limited in financial capabilities, he can choose a cheap foreign electric double-circuit boiler or a domestic one. Manufacturers of the latter often state that only high-quality imported components are used in the manufacture.

This allows them to offer good build equipment for relatively little money. So, on the market today there are models, the cost of which starts from 150 euros. It is worth agreeing that such a price tag is more acceptable. But before buying, it is still worth checking the complete set of internal components, because you still need to understand which devices you are purchasing.

The electric double-circuit floor or wall-mounted boiler is perfect for installation in private houses that do not have a gas main. Such units allow in a short time not only to heat water for household needs, but also to heat the room. In this case, all control is carried out using automation. The main thing to evaluate is the cost of operating expenses during the heating season.


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