Many people face the problem of heating water. This can be frequent interruptions in the supply of heating and central water supply in multi-storey buildings. In addition, the owners of suburban buildings are primarily thinking about autonomy. Recently, a hot water electric boiler is a good alternative to gas or even solid fuel. Often this equipment is also installed together with other devices that heat the liquid.

basic information

Many argue that electric boilers can be more economical than other types of installations. To find out, you need to analyze such an indicator as efficiency. It is he who is considered the main one in the issue of rationality of energy transformation. For electrical installations of different types, these figures differ from 95 to 98%.


Electric boilers are divided into three main types:

  • heating elements;
  • electrode;
  • induction.

In addition, there are a number of other differences between them. So, for example, there are floor or wall models. They can be connected to 380V or 220V — depending on the size of the room (used for a private house or a small apartment). Also, the main indicator is the number of circuits in which there is hot water — one or two.

heating elements

The electric boiler operates based on the process of converting current into thermal energy through the use of tubular heaters installed directly in the tank. The heating element raises the temperature of the liquid inside the pipe. It, getting into the heating system, warms up the room.

To ensure that the device always works as it should, a control unit is provided. Heating is monitored by a room temperature controller. It is he who perceives the decrease in this indicator and reports the need to increase heating. The required pressure appears as a result of connecting the pump. Due to the use of modern technologies, after the temperature in the room rises to the set point, the mode is turned off. After some time, the pump stops working, which ensures the movement of the coolant.

The main advantage of this type of boilers is the absence of contact between the liquid and the heat exchanger. This allows the use of protective devices for automatic shutdown.

The equipment makes it possible to simply implement smooth or step regulation.

Like any other device, these have their drawbacks. TENs compared to other boilers have a limited service life. Premature burnout due to improper use is not excluded. Before purchasing, be sure to pay attention to the possibility of repair or replacement.

Also, scale quickly forms on the tubular heater itself. This greatly reduces the life of the device. Be sure to artificially reduce the hardness of the liquid.

Such water-heating boilers are single- and double-circuit units. The latter provide hot water and heating.

In most cases, installations are hung on the wall, although there are those that are located on a flat, hard surface.

This type is considered the most popular among electric boilers.


Heating of the heat carrier is carried out by direct passage of current through it. At the same time, there are no «intermediaries» in the form of heating elements. Electrolysis does not occur because the anode and cathode are constantly changing places.

It is important to note that in the case of operation without liquid, the electric heating or hot water boiler will not fail. In addition, scale does not destroy the electrodes — sometimes a slight decrease in power is observed.

The coolant temperature rises rapidly. This increases the pressure with which water moves through the network — there is no need to install a pump. Perfect for the bathroom, as it does not take up much space.

Such a water unit has an efficiency of about 96%. At the same time, it is durable and reliable in use.

Such a device cannot be connected via a security element. Only special antifreezes are used as a coolant.


Such installations have a design similar to a transformer consisting of two circuits. The primary is the magnetic system, and the secondary is the heat exchange device. By means of an alternating field in it, electricity allows you to heat the coolant.

The main advantages can be called safety, as well as interaction with various heating fluids. Like the previous version, it is well suited for the bathroom.

But there are also disadvantages. The main ones are considered the primary price, as well as the cost of subsequent operation.


Separately, it is worth remembering electrical storage installations. In fact, they are heating elements installed in parallel. At the same time, they can be intended both separately for hot water supply or heating, and for both directions. For the latter, indirect heating systems are used. Such storage electrical installations make it possible to raise the temperature of water for household needs with a heat carrier intended for heating.


Such a boiler is ideal for use in country houses. It is mainly installed together with boilers using any energy carrier. At the same time, it is barely warm outside, since such installations usually have high-quality protection that allows you to store energy inside for a long time.

General positives

Generally speaking, all electric boilers, regardless of type, have a number of advantages:

  • ease of execution;
  • there is no need to separately create a place for installing equipment;
  • no need to think about the purchase, delivery and storage of energy;
  • no need to remove the chimney;
  • safety, because there is no possibility of leakage of toxic substances;
  • environmental friendliness — no harmful emissions.

If you install electric double-circuit water heating units, connecting all its functions, the consumer will not experience any problems with heating the room or supplying water at the right temperature for household needs.


Of course, compared to others, this type of installation for hot water and heating cannot be called the most economical, since a lot of this resource is absorbed. And at the same time, the cost of energy is rather big. For example, solid fuel and gas installations are considered more economical. But at the same time, they must be well configured. Otherwise, energy costs can be high.

This type of water heating can be a way out for owners of country houses when the heating season begins, where there are no other resources than electricity. These devices are easy to install and operate. They are great for temporary use. But with constant inclusion, they require considerable financial costs.


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