When a fireplace appears in the most simple and unpretentious rooms, the space is transformed and filled with the charm of a home. In high-end homes, an English-style fireplace gives a semantic and decorative focus to the whole house.

The presence of a fireplace creates security, comfort and peace. You can look at it endlessly, relaxing or concentrating on your thoughts.

Exquisite English-style fireplaces have become an integral part of the interior of wealthy people, connoisseurs of luxury and the noble atmosphere of aristocracy. The formation of the British style is still taking into account modern trends, although the main trends still remain unchanged.

Characteristic features of the style

The execution of the fireplace in a classic style shows elegance in everything. In ancient times, such stoves adorned palaces, estates and rich houses.

Nowadays, the fireplace creates a uniqueness in the interior and provides the space with a cozy atmosphere. The English style is characterized by the use of classical forms, clear lines and practicality.

The appearance conveys the aristocracy of the design. Although artsy elements appear in the design, so popular in ancient times, at the same time, the fireplace in English retains its relevance and finds its adherents for many centuries.

British fireplace traditions are proud of their history and culture. The main ideas of the English style are to combine the incongruous.

  • Stylistic features are characterized by the presence of a large U-shaped portal.
  • It has discreet colors, pronounced decorative elements and facing with ceramic tiles.
  • A real English fireplace is immersed into the wall as much as possible.
  • The Victorian style portal is characterized by niches, mantelpieces and pilasters.

A feature of the decorative finish is tile and ceramic tile-baguette. Images of climbing plants are widespread, as well as drawings of insects, birds, children playing, images of flowers, as well as scenes of interaction between animals and people. Portals decorated with mosaics may have asymmetrical decorative elements.

Finishing tiles are made in England and have been custom made for several hundred years.

Sometimes the frame is made of valuable wood in combination with granite and marble, as well as a variety of forged and cast elements. There is a lining with semi-precious stones — jasper and onyx.

Inside the fireplace is a small combustion chamber, made mainly of cast iron. It has graceful forms, but at the same time it is roomy. The rear wall of the fuel chamber is closed with cast-iron panels. Photos that convey the magnificence of the fireplace in English delight, surprising with a variety of exquisite finishes.

Components of a fireplace

The design usually has impressive dimensions. For massive fireplaces equipped with an open cast-iron firebox, separate structural elements have been made for a long time. Consisting of a smoke collector, a visor, a blower and similar parts. Nowadays, all these components are produced in a single part.

A characteristic feature of the English style, which conveys the traditions of British masters, is a coal firebox. Its shape is similar to a basket, which is practical for burning fuel.

Features of the English style are manifested not only in the exterior decoration of the building, but also in the type of fuel used. For example, in the classic version, firewood is never used — coal is used as fuel.
A characteristic feature — a large open firebox creates the possibility of sparks entering the room. For this, protective partitions were created, made in the appropriate stylistic solutions.

Compliance with the interior

If you are a connoisseur of traditions and family values, and an essential quality of life is nobility, austerity and beauty, then an English-style fireplace is suitable for arranging your living space.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, in the eighteenth century, the construction of fireplaces was carried out using natural stone and elite woods. The English style has always been characterized by strict lines and expressive forms.

When installing an English-style fireplace, it is the center of attention and therefore all interior elements are adjusted to the appearance of the structure. In a situation with other styles, the reverse picture occurs — the appearance of the fireplace is matched to the design existing in the space.

A fireplace with a marble facing of the portal goes well with a wooden border and a kind of cast-iron firebox.

Due to the fact that such designs are classic solutions, a variety of textures and finishing elements make it possible to harmoniously combine them with other decor items.

Decoration and interior details

The main decoration of the hearth, of course, is the fire itself. Other elements are secondary, so you need to place the least amount of them next to each other. The hallmark of the style is the use of wooden elements of the portal, decorated with carvings and inlays, in the decoration.

  • The mantelpiece will be adequately decorated with metal figurines, wood figurines or ceramic vases. On the mantelpiece are family heirlooms, framed black and white photographs, antique sculptures, candelabra or bronze clocks.
  • Exquisite attributes of the fireplace are accessories in the form of tongs, forks, scoops and pokers mounted on a stand.
  • It is also worth adding the necessary element of decor — a wood basket.

Appropriate furniture is located in the fireplace area: several antique leather armchairs made of precious wood, a huge upholstered sofa.

If desired, set a beautiful desk. The fireplace itself, as the main element of the room, gives the whole composition nobility, originality and rigor.

True connoisseurs of original solutions will admire the impeccability and practicality of a fireplace made in accordance with the English style.

The design of each copy is individual and made by hand. Thanks to this, the product looks luxurious and attractive. Wealthy people choose the best fireplaces, corresponding to aristocratic tastes and unsurpassed beauty.


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