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With the advent of cold weather, it often turns out that central heating cannot cope with heating the apartment, the temperature in the rooms turns out to be too low, the residents suffer from the cold, and risk catching a cold. No wonder so many go to the market or store to purchase a coiled heater. This device has been widely known since Soviet times, has proven to be quite efficient and easy to use. But is it relevant in the modern world, among many competitors?

Competent approach

Various devices of this group are presented in stores and on the market, differing in technical parameters, cost, and appearance. Unfortunately, the popularity of technology explains a large number of fakes and low-quality products, the operation of which is not only ineffective, but also dangerous. As a result, during the purchase process, it is imperative to make sure that there are certificates of quality, the authenticity of the product. It will not be superfluous to conduct a test run of the heater, heaters.

During operation, there should be no extraneous noise, crackling and smell. Housing parts and cable should not get hot even when operating at maximum power, if heating occurs, it is likely that the problem is with the electrical part, and this is fraught with a fire hazard.


Design features: internal modules

So, a modern device consists of the following parts:

  • Spiral. The metal spiral is inside a strong quartz tube. If the device is started at maximum power, the coil should not heat up too quickly, as this affects durability. The slower the heating occurs, the longer the equipment lasts.
  • The fan contributes to the uniform distribution of air throughout the room, and also increases the heating rate. The main requirement is the silence of work, while even at high speeds this parameter should remain unchanged. If we talk about portable models, then they should work equally quietly, regardless of the angle of inclination. A prerequisite is the complete absence of vibrations.
  • Humidification system. Studies show that even the most modern modifications somewhat reduce the oxygen content in the air and provoke a drop in humidity, the room becomes somewhat stuffy and uncomfortable. To compensate for this phenomenon, spare parts are put on the devices that artificially increase the moisture content. Humidification occurs both by ultrasound and by evaporation. The second method is more commonly used. In a store, it is quite difficult to accurately determine the effectiveness of the module, you can only visually assess how quickly and significantly the water level in the tank drops. Of course, not only the effectiveness of the supplement is important, but also the ease of use. Evaluate how easy it is to fill the tank with water. The most modern models of heaters automatically block the operation of the main element when the neck is open, they are equipped with a special funnel that prevents splashing, ingress of drops of liquid on a red-hot spiral.

Design features: external modules

Outside are the following items:

  • Body directly. You should not be guided solely by external data, although you should not forget about this either. The design of the model is easy to assess from the photo. The heater should complement the existing interior of the room, look organic and natural in it. From the point of view of design, the most important requirement is the presence of a protective grille on the body, which excludes direct access to the spiral. The cell size should be about 5 millimeters. Case materials are plastics and metals. Plastic must be non-combustible, but it is quite difficult to check this, some manufacturers deceive the buyer, use standard plastic, which deforms very quickly under high temperature. Thus, it is better to make a choice in favor of a metal analogue, it does not need any additional checks.
  • Toggle switches and switches. If we talk about budget models, then they are equipped with mechanical type switches. Check how smoothly the knobs turn, how easy the switches are to move, how clearly they respond to your actions. If during startup the device interferes with household appliances (TV or radio), you should not buy it, it is likely that after a month of use you will have to purchase a new copy. Moreover, the creation of interference indicates serious design problems that can provoke a fire.
  • Cable. The main parameter is the length that should be enough for a free connection to the outlet. Unfortunately, on many models, the length is limited, and therefore the connection scheme of a modern spiral heater is often not complete without the additional use of an extension cord. However, there is an opinion that a short cord is a sign of poor product quality, so it is better to choose models in which the cable is about 180 centimeters long.

Additional elements

Additionally, the following spare parts are installed on the devices:

  • Limit switches. As a rule, they are mounted on legs, they urgently turn off the device when it falls or reaches an unstable dangerous position.
  • An air filter is needed for models with artificial airflow.
  • Automatic protection against short circuits and excessive heating. This spare part can be classified as a necessity, but, oddly enough, it is often missing even on expensive elite devices.
  • The temperature sensor facilitates operation, when the set microclimate is reached in the room, the device automatically turns off.

Thus, choosing a spiral heater that is guaranteed to be safe and effective is not an easy task. Nevertheless, do not spare time for shopping and studying specialized information. Competent selection, the correct connection scheme — all this contributes to the fact that even in the most severe frost in your house it will be warm, cozy and comfortable!


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