Fireplaces are becoming more and more popular. They have a stylish and original design, as you can make according to your own sketches. The fireplace, heating the surrounding space, brings warmth and comfort to the house. The flame of an open fire fills with life-giving power and charges with the natural element of fire.

To maintain the fireplace, special devices are needed that provide convenience, practical benefits and aesthetic beauty. Fireplace accessories are chosen not only for their intended use, but also to complement the interior design.

In this article, we will consider all the main types of accessories, so that you can easily navigate among the variety of fireplace accessories.

A fireplace involves the use of various tools: for lighting a fire, for maintaining combustion, or for preparing for subsequent kindling.

Typically, fireplace accessories are installed near the fireplace itself, in order to be convenient to take. Since they always stand in a conspicuous place, manufacturers decorate them and create various coasters for the convenience of the owners.

When choosing fireplace tools, keep in mind that the design of the fireplace depends on the fuel used, which means that it determines the availability of additional devices and the features of their use.

Fuel storage

In massive wall or island fireplaces, there are special niches where the fuel is located. If there is no such device in the design, then firewood or containers on wheels are installed nearby. They can look like various baskets or boxes, stylized and decorated with exquisite materials. Decorative buckets are used for coal and fuel pellets.

It is always convenient when firewood is at hand, but in accordance with fire safety regulations, it is not recommended to store it in front of the combustion chamber. Therefore, the woodshed is installed at a distance of at least 100 cm from the hearth.

When choosing its shape, they are guided by the design of the fireplace, and the location is determined by ease of use.

Starting a fire

For the convenience of kindling the fireplace, special matches are used. They come in a length of about 20 centimeters, so they are safe to use when lighting. Fireplace matches are stored in special decorative boxes called matchboxes.

With a weak draft in the pipe, during the kindling of fuel, furs are used, they supply air to force the fire to fan. Fireplace furs are most often used as decoration, although they serve their function when necessary.

The device has a thin spout made of wood or metal, the appearance is similar to a hand pump. Due to the influx of oxygen, the efficiency of burning the fire increases and the thrust increases. Nowadays, automated ventilation technologies are increasingly used for this, but these accessories can be found in retro sets.

Gas fireplaces do not use ignition paper. It is enough to open the burner lever. In this case, special gas lighters with a piezoelectric element are needed to supply a spark.

Keeping up the fire

Of the novelties for the fireplace, you should pay attention to the ladle. It is used to add special fuel pellets while the fire is burning. With the help of it, fuel is collected from the tank and transferred to the fire.

For wood and coal fireplaces, a poker is used to break and mix hot coals. Firewood is split with a poker, stuck fragments of coal are removed from the grate. It is made of refractory metal pipes with polygonal stiffeners. It necessarily has a comfortable wooden handle or exclusively designed from other expensive materials.

Also tongs are used for splitting and moving large hot coals. They can be compared to huge tweezers with flat grips at the ends.

During combustion, the temperature inside rises to 600-800 degrees, so fireplace accessories must withstand high temperatures and have a considerable length. Most tools are made from stainless steel strips or metal bands. They are cast or forged, decorated with gilding or etching. The variety of shapes and styles knows no bounds.

Important! take into account that the length of any fixture should be 20 cm greater than the depth of the firebox.

If you find such tools with a handle length of less than 80 centimeters, then they can only be used to decorate the interior, they can be used as decorative elements.

Fireplace sets

In addition to their functional purpose, fireplace accessories bring a specific charm to the space of the house, complementing the fullness of the hearth with their originality.

Fireplace sets include various tools that simplify and facilitate the maintenance of the fireplace. The most common fireplace element is a servitor — a stand for hanging tools. The servitor usually holds a poker, shovel, brush, and tongs, and may be modified to include other accessories.

Fireplace cleaning

A scoop and a metal brush are used when cleaning the fireplace after cooling the hearth, to prepare the fireplace for subsequent ignition. They are also located on the stand-serviter.

  • The scoop is made of refractory metal, as contact with hot ash is possible.
  • The brush has metal or natural bristles and a long handle to clean the lower parts of the chimney.

fireplace screen

The screen is necessary to separate the space of the house from the fireplace portal with burning wood. It serves to provide security measures and protect the house from unexpected sparks or excessive heat in the firebox.

Such protection is used not only for real fire, but also in electric fireplaces, as it gives a certain completeness and creates aesthetic beauty in the fireplace room.

decorative accessories for decoration

To give the fireplace a special style and appeal, special decorations are used to complement the interior design.

In addition, linings in the form of various colors or shapes for the ventilation grille are used as decorative elements.

A variety of mantel clocks, hangers, key holders or similar sophisticated items create an attractive and inviting space next to the hearth.

A harmonious combination of all accessories in a single ensemble, inscribed in the space, gives a cozy atmosphere and mystery.


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