Quite often, a drip-type furnace is used to heat garages, which can be made independently quickly enough. Despite the seeming simplicity, garage heating by mining is quite effective and is able to fully cope with its heating even in severe frosts. In addition, the cost of self-production of such a design will be quite low, and used gear or engine oil can be used as fuel.

Construction and installation

Such a furnace has two chambers in its design, which provide double combustion of fuel. In the first chamber, the waste oil is burned. In this case, a large amount of combustible gas is released, which then enters the second compartment. In it, it mixes with oxygen, and the resulting mixture continues to burn in the second chamber. This process is accompanied by high temperature, and the release of a significant amount of heat. This allows you to heat the garage with high quality, even if there are severe frosts outside.

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If you intend to use a drip furnace for working out to heat the garage, you should thoroughly approach the choice of its installation site. After all, the heating of the room occurs due to the combustion of fuel, and this can cause a fire. The surface of the walls and floor near the furnace must be made of non-combustible materials. You should also take care of the presence of good and stable ventilation. It will be sorely needed. After all, otherwise the products of combustion will accumulate in the room.

Attention: For the normal functioning of the furnace, the right amount of oxygen must flow into both of its compartments. To regulate it, there must be a special damper on the first compartment. It also has many small holes in the pipe, which is located at the junction of two compartments. The holes are necessary so that the necessary amount of oxygen enters the second chamber. The diameter of each of the holes should be approximately 1 centimeter.

Optional equipment

To achieve better garage heating, a drip-type oven will need to be equipped with additional equipment. First of all, connect it to the heating system. To do this, you must first install a tank for heating water. After that, connect it to the heating system. Thanks to this, the stove can be used not only for heating, but also for heating water, and, if necessary, for cooking. One of the key advantages of this oven is its compactness. It allows you to quickly dismantle it, and then install it in the right place. It is also easy to transport.

Heating the garage with a do-it-yourself mining stove should be done with a chimney. Its height must be at least 4 meters! It is made completely vertical and cannot have any horizontal sections. The chimney should be cleaned once a week on average. It must also be equipped with a special system for its quick dismantling.

Manufacturing options

Attention: Before manufacturing a drip-type furnace for mining, you should decide in advance on its design. Quite often, its basis is a gas cylinder.

During manufacture, it should be borne in mind that its burner is characterized by poor sensitivity to all impurities that make up the used oil. At the same time, the sensitivity of the drip mechanism is very high and should be reduced to the desired level. To achieve this, it is necessary to put a filter on the hose, for example, an automobile one.

You will also need a pump. For this purpose, a high-pressure gasoline pump or an automobile one is suitable. You will definitely need to make a return line, because otherwise more oil will flow into the tank than required. A dropper, for example, a medical one, is useful here. Since it has a clamp, it will be possible to adjust the intensity of the fuel supply.

Preparation and production

Having decided to make a similar design in your garage, you need to draw up its careful drawing and prepare the necessary materials and tools:

  • dropper;
  • steel sheet;
  • grinder;
  • oil container;
  • chimney pipe;
  • pump;
  • gas cylinder;
  • welding machine.

It is best to use a gas cylinder with thick metal walls to make such a furnace. Of course, you can use sheet steel, but you should first find one that will have the desired thickness, and then give the desired shape. And this will require welding, which will make the manufacturing process more laborious.

In the manufacture of this design, one should also remember about the presence of a damper for regulating the supply of oxygen in the first chamber. Only if it is present will the camera function properly. You need to draw up or find a drawing on the Internet in advance, according to which you will make the oven.

You should think in advance how it will be cleaned. To do this, the chamber in which the oil will be burned must be made in such a way that it can be quickly and easily dismantled. Remember the chimney too. It should also be cleaned regularly.

Attention: It should be completely vertical and not have horizontal sections, as this complicates its cleaning and impairs traction. The pipe must be made of high quality material, which will increase its service life.

Balloon preparation

If you decide to use a gas cylinder for the manufacture of a mining furnace, you will need to properly prepare it and cut off the lower and upper parts from it. To achieve the necessary stability, metal legs must be welded to it, which can be made from previously cut parts. After that, you can proceed to the device of the camera, which, as mentioned above, must be collapsible. A hole should be made in it, into which a tube will be mounted to regulate the supply of oxygen and fuel to the chamber.

In the center of the cylinder, a hole of the required diameter should be made and a pipe connecting both chambers should be welded to it. The second compartment can be made both from the middle part of the cylinder and from a steel sheet. Having made the camera, it must be fixed by welding. Having done this, you can mount the chimney.

After the device is ready, you need to check its performance. Please note that the compartment should not be completely filled with oil, as it will splash out of the combustion chamber. Fill with oil about 2/3 of the volume. The same should be done during the subsequent operation of the furnace.

Tips for safe cylinder handling

If you are doing garage heating with a do-it-yourself oven based on a gas cylinder, you should follow some recommendations. This will allow you not only to speed up its production, but also to make this process safer. First of all, remember that even in a cylinder that has not been used for a long time, there may be remnants of gas that can explode. To avoid this, unscrew the valve and allow any gas that may be in it to escape. After that, fill the bottle with water. Only then can you cut it with a grinder.

Attention: In no case do not start cutting the balloon if you have not done the steps mentioned above.

Making a drip-type furnace on your own can be quite simple and fast. With its help, you can effectively heat your garage even in the coldest weather. In addition, thanks to its availability, you can save a lot. After all, any used type of oil, which is always available in the right amount from any motorist, serves as fuel for this furnace. All this makes a drip-type furnace for mining, an ideal option for heating a garage.


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