Heating is the most important engineering system necessary for the life support of each private house. With its help, a certain temperature regime is created, necessary for a comfortable stay of people. When heating is used, heat losses are compensated, and the reliability of building structures, their resistance to negative environmental factors and the durability of the building itself are ensured.

Home heating design is carried out by high-class specialists. Heating engineers will perform a detailed calculation, consider the most profitable dilution of pipes, which will make it possible to avoid expenses when purchasing elements of the heating system.

Features of designing heating of a two-story building

Features of designing heating of a two-story building

The heating project for a two-story house deserves special attention, since in this case its development is carried out taking into account some important nuances.

  • The considerable height of the house, but at the same time the heating device is located on the first floor and the coolant must rise up to the second floor, which prevents it from making its own weight.
  • A large area of ​​the house complicates heating, so experts are considering how to properly arrange heating so that heat evenly reaches all points of the house. For heating in a two-story house, pipe systems are planned to be more branched and material-intensive, which will ensure the circulation of a larger volume of coolant, and larger boilers are installed.
  • The mass of rooms separate from each other requires the creation of a separate scheme for each of them, taking into account partitions, doors and the number of windows, interfloor ceilings — all this interferes with the natural spread of heat and its uniform distribution.

The heating scheme of a two-story private house is calculated on the basis of a water system, which is the best option. The principle of operation is quite simple: water is heated by a boiler, then it passes through pipes and returns again. The boiler for water heating can be used gas, electric, solid or liquid fuel. The system will also include pipes for wiring, temperature sensors, fittings and other elements.

There are several options for heating a two-story house.

Riser system

Riser system
The easiest-to-use gravitational heating system for a two-story house. The heated coolant is distributed through the pipes with the help of a circulation pump and enters the highest point, after which the liquid continues to move due to gravitational force, descends along the risers, giving off thermal energy to the surrounding air. After that, the coolant enters the return pipeline system, from where, under the influence of the pump, it again enters the boiler for heating.

Riser Advantages:

  • high efficiency — uniform heating of the entire system;
  • minimum expenses are required to buy equipment and pipe;
  • the operation of the system is possible without the use of a circulation pump, which will save on costs, but will be much less productive.

As a disadvantage, the low efficiency of such a scheme for buildings of a large area, but even in this case, the issue can be resolved — a powerful circulation pump is being installed or a whole system of taps is being equipped, through which the fluid flow will be regulated.

With natural circulation of the coolant

This is a kind of riser system, but without the use of a circulation pump. In this case, the installation becomes more complicated, despite the simple wiring diagram. The work takes place in accordance with the laws of nature: the density of the hot coolant changes and it is pushed through the pipes (located at a slope from the boiler) by cold liquid. As soon as the coolant reaches its highest point and begins to descend back through the pipes located at a slight slope to the boiler.

The disadvantage is the slow heating of the premises and high fuel consumption at the initial stage of work.


Collector system


Collector — this is the most modern and efficient heating scheme for a two-story private house. It is based on a collector — a distribution comb, that is, a large-diameter pipe equipped with several outlet pipes, used to supply the coolant and its return flow. Circulation pumps are installed on the nozzles, distributing the heated coolant through separate branches. Each branch can have its own collector for distributing fluid across zones, for example, for installing water floors.

At the same time, the collector circuit provides the house with hot water in large volumes.


A two-pipe circuit can be made by hand. Its peculiarity is that two separate pipelines are mounted — for supplying the coolant and its reverse current, looped through each other by means of radiators. The main advantage of such a system is that hot liquid enters the radiators directly, without passing through other heating devices, which allows all batteries to warm up evenly.

Two-pipe is used for collector, as well as with systems with natural and forced circulation of fluid.

Single pipe

Such a heating scheme for a two-story house is activated if the pipeline is of short length, and there are a minimum number of heating devices. The coolant moves along the ring (from the boiler and back), passing the heaters. The pipe for supplying liquid to the battery and its return are mounted in a single pipeline, therefore such a heating project for a 2-story house is quite simple. But there is a significant drawback — the coolant reaches the radiators, which are located at the end of the system, cooled down, therefore single-pipe wiring is not suitable for houses with a large area. You can somewhat improve the situation if the circuit in a two-story house includes a powerful circulation pump and modern radiators with a need for a small amount of coolant.

If the question is how to make heating in a two-story house, then here experts advise paying attention to a two-pipe water heating system with forced circulation. Collector would be a good option. Nevertheless, in most cases, the heating of a private house is equipped with a combined one, especially when it comes to buildings with large areas, for example, using a system of risers and manifold pipes.


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