Many of our compatriots perceive a dacha not only as a plot of land for growing certain vegetables and fruits, but also as a place to relax. If you install high-quality heating in a country house, then you can spend time in it not only in the warm season, but also in the winter. As practice shows, one of the most effective ways of heating is heating the cottage with electricity.

Features of heating the cottage with electrical appliances

When choosing an electric heating system, you should pay attention to the presence or absence of dampness, as well as how well the cottage is provided with electricity. In addition, such a factor plays a big role, whether you live in a country house all the time or visit it from time to time.

Depending on all this, electric heaters should be selected. According to numerous reviews of the owners of country houses, convectors, quartz panels, and oil radiators have proven themselves to be excellent. But when using them, you should consider:

  1. Stay time. If you intend to live in the country for 2-3 days, using quartz panels is an excellent option for electric heating. They make it possible to achieve good heat transfer and save energy.
  2. Dampness. If there is dampness in the country, opt for a fan heater or convector. They are able to quickly cope with it, as they not only warm well, but also dry the air.
  3. Presence of security. If your holiday village is not guarded, and you visit it infrequently, it is recommended to give preference to electric heating systems, which are compact and can be easily transported. This is where a fan heater or infrared heater comes in handy. With their help, you can quickly and efficiently heat the room, and their compactness makes them easy to transport.

Depending on the presence or absence of all of the above factors, you should choose the type of electric heater that will be most suitable for you.

Electric heaters


Modern electric heaters that are used to heat the house are able to perfectly cope with the heating of a country house. Thanks to the ability to adjust the thermostat, you can maintain the desired temperature even if no one lives in the country.

Attention: Since some models of electric heaters are equipped with a timer, it is possible to set the desired time for turning them on and off. Modern devices are able to be controlled even by sending SMS messages. They can be used to turn the device on and off.

To facilitate your choice, you should consider the most popular types of electrical appliances used for heating country houses, find out their advantages and disadvantages.

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Most often, heating a brick or wooden country house with electricity is done using convectors. Their installation does not require much time and effort. They are usually wall mounted. Only occasionally they are installed on the floor. The operation of this electric heater is based on air convection. Among their advantages are the following:

  • does not burn oxygen;
  • equipped with an automatic control system;
  • has a small size.

Thanks to the convector, you can achieve uniform heating of the room in which it is installed. At the bottom of the device is a heating element built into it, which heats the air passing through it. Air warm currents are able to provide the desired temperature in the room in the shortest possible time, and thanks to the presence of a thermostat, you can constantly maintain the required temperature.

Oil coolers


Oil radiators have been used for heating for a long time. They have proven their effectiveness. Inside their case is oil heated with a heating element. The surface of the radiator heats up and transfers heat. Some models of oil coolers are equipped with fans. Thanks to them, heat transfer can be accelerated.

But these heating devices have some disadvantages, the main of which is their large weight. In addition, models of radiators equipped with fans are more expensive. Their disadvantages include strong heating of the surface. After all, as a result of careless touch, you can get a burn.

Infrared heaters

The heating system of your country house with electricity can be produced using infrared heaters. They are most often mounted on the ceiling. Thanks to the infrared waves emitted by these devices, they are transformed into thermal energy that heats the surface, which in turn transfers heat to the air.

Among the advantages of these devices, the following can be distinguished:

  • compactness;
  • light weight;
  • strength and reliability of the structure;
  • autonomy;
  • the possibility of remote control using the remote control.

Thanks to infrared heaters, it is possible to heat not the entire building, but only the necessary rooms. In addition, they allow you to save a lot on electricity.

Warm floor


Heating of a country house with the help of electricity can be done using a cable. A special heating cable should be laid on the floor, and then connected to a power source. Next, a coating is laid on it. But if you are going to heat a country house in this way, it is best to install a warm floor during the construction of a building or during its repair.

Electric boilers

Attention: In the presence of a large country house, the installation of an electric boiler will be an ideal solution for heating it. Despite the fact that the installation of this heating system is associated with some troubles, it allows you to effectively heat the house and maintain the desired temperature in it even in severe frosts. This system is environmentally friendly, reliable and has a long service life.

The process of its installation includes the installation of radiators. You will also need to do piping. Among the advantages of an electric boiler are the following:

  • compactness;
  • objective value;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • ease of installation;
  • noiselessness of work;
  • safety.

Modern electric boilers are a small device with automatic control, allowing you to create and maintain the desired temperature in the house. They are characterized by solid efficiency and do not require the purchase, delivery and storage of fuel. Boilers run on conventional electricity.


There are 3 types of electric boilers:

  • heating elements;
  • electrode;
  • induction.

Each of these types has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account. For example, the electrode boiler has the lowest cost, but at the same time it cannot be used for floor heating.

Combined boilers

Attention: If your cottage is located in a rural area, it is best to install a combined boiler that can be heated not only with electricity, but also with solid fuel. This can significantly reduce the cost of both the equipment itself and its maintenance.

The main advantage of a combined boiler is its versatility, because it can be used for both electricity and various solid fuels, such as wood or coal. Due to its design, this device is able to maintain the desired temperature for a long time. Including if there is no one at the dacha. In this case, the power of its work will be minimal.

Its versatility allows you not to be afraid of possible power outages. Indeed, if there is a supply of coal or firewood, they can easily replace electricity.

Due to their numerous advantages, combined boilers make it possible to quickly and efficiently heat any country house with electricity or solid fuel, even in extreme cold. In addition, their use allows you to save a lot. After all, their power of work can vary. Including automatically.


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