One of the main indicators of indoor comfort is a suitable air temperature. The heating system is responsible for this. Recently, energy-saving electric boilers have become increasingly popular. They are efficient installations that are safe for the environment and humans. In addition, with the use of new technologies, energy consumption is significantly reduced, which will allow the introduction of devices into everyday life for people who were previously stopped by this.

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Due to the constant rise in energy prices, property owners are increasingly thinking about switching to alternative sources of heating. If earlier many did not even think about connecting an electric boiler due to the price of this resource, today more and more people are choosing just such equipment.

In addition, the design and ease of operation are considered interesting. The units are able to fit into any interior, be it an apartment, a country cottage or a country house.

Do not forget about the ease of installation. After all, in fact, for this you only need to connect to the electrical network. At the same time, when compared with models that use heating elements, the savings reach 30%.

Energy-saving electric boilers are also called electrode or ion boilers. Some divide them into types, but this makes no sense, since they have the same principle of operation.

These devices use heat for heating, which occurs as a result of the flow of electricity from one electrode to the second. Thus, the increase in water temperature occurs directly — without an intermediary in the form of the same heating element.

Important! Despite the different names, all such installations work on a similar principle. The main difference is only in how electricity is converted into heat.

You need to know that high energy savings can be achieved not only because of the equipment itself, but also due to many other factors:

  1. Reduced heating inertia.
  2. Smooth start.
  3. Automatic control of temperature regimes of air and coolant.
  4. A simple design, the creation of which uses only modern materials.
  5. Reliability.


Such heating boilers have a lot of advantages:

  1. Easy installation. Such installations are environmentally friendly. They do not need to be placed in a separate room. In addition, there is no need to bring the chimney to the street. This allows you to install such equipment in almost any place where there is an electrical network. The main thing is to choose the right size.
  2. Modern design. Despite the fact that such units are technical equipment, they have a modern design, which allows them to be placed almost anywhere.
  3. Quiet work. Due to the fact that there is no open source of fire, the devices operate as quietly as possible.
  4. High safety, which is ensured by the fact that there is no interaction with combustible substances.
  5. Performance. The most important indicator of the unit can safely be called the efficiency, which in this case ranges from 97-98%. This effect can be achieved thanks to the measured distribution of resources — in each room the air is heated to the extent that it reaches the desired level. After that, the heating of a separate room is stopped.
  6. Efficiency. The most important advantage over other types of installations for the home is the almost instantaneous heating of the liquid to the desired temperature.
  7. Functionality. Such units have high-quality automation that allows you to conveniently control the device. The price varies depending on the features offered.
  8. Execution quality. Due to many factors, the equipment will be able to serve for a long time. The main thing is to carry out diagnostics in time and, if necessary, clean them.
  9. Low price compared to installations on other types of energy.



You also need to be aware of some of the disadvantages of these devices:

  1. Energy dependence. In the event of problems with electricity, the house may be left without heating. Therefore, it is imperative that other boilers be installed in pairs with such units, with the help of which it is possible to provide at least a minimum room temperature. This will keep the system from freezing.
  2. It is better to carry out installation and adjustment with the help of a specialist, otherwise you may not achieve the desired savings.
  3. To provide large rooms with heat, you need to use several similar systems.

What should be remembered before buying?

There are several key points to remember before purchasing such installations:

It is important to understand how often the device will work. If it is at full capacity and only on weekends, and the rest of the time you keep the minimum temperature, you can get by with models with a minimum set of features.

When the goal is to fully provide yourself with comfortable conditions at any time, it is better to choose an electric boiler from different manufacturers and models, carefully getting acquainted with the capabilities of each.

Don’t skimp on automation. First, it must be of high quality. Otherwise, not only the electric energy-saving unit, but the entire heating system may fail. Secondly, management should be as close as possible to all the requirements of the owner.

An electric heating boiler is better to choose an energy-saving one, as this will allow you not to worry about costs. In this case, you need to pay attention not only to its cost, but also to the detailed characteristics. In addition, this equipment should be installed and configured only with the help of specialists. It is in this case that it will really be economical.


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