Happy owners of new apartments, residents of housing who have made major repairs and decided to abandon centralized heating services, are waiting with some caution and apprehension for the arrival of cold weather. Many ask the same question. How to turn on the heating in your apartment if you do all the necessary work to install autonomous heating yourself? Are the radiators connected correctly, will a new, own, independent heating system in the apartment work normally in the future?

Your comfort and living conditions in the apartment depend on how correctly the new heating system is installed in the apartment, how the heating equipment is installed.

The main task that will have to be solved by switching to your own heating system in the apartment

All repair and maintenance work with elements of the heating system in apartments must be carried out before the onset of cold weather, when the heating season has not officially begun. It is during this period that it is time to engage in the reconstruction of heating in the house. The absence of coolant in the central heating system will allow you to shutdown without problems. Dismantling of old pipes and radiators can be carried out without fear of disrupting the operation of the main life support systems of an apartment building. Especially when there is official permission to refuse the services of centralized urban heating and hot water supply.

How to properly replace old batteries with new radiators, how to connect a gas or electric boiler. It all depends on how technically prepared you are for such a step. All such work requires a competent technical solution, given the seriousness of the problem. You live in an apartment building, you are surrounded by strangers. Any defect in the operation of the new heating can lead to sad consequences. The figure shows an ideal scheme of equipment for an autonomous heating system.

Important! Work on dismantling and subsequent connection of a new heating system should be started only on the basis of an approved project. Any deviation from the design data, neglect of hydraulic calculations and other design data, can cause unsatisfactory operation of the home heating system and cause interruptions in the work of home heating networks.


Autonomous heating mode is associated not only with an improvement in comfort in your own apartment, but also with an increased share of responsibility. The owners of apartments with autonomous heating are responsible for all the concerns about the health of the heating boilers and the functionality of the pipelines. The comfort of your neighbors also depends on the technical condition of the internal engineering networks in your apartment. Don’t forget about it.

The withdrawal of an apartment from the general energy supply system in an apartment building is a complex process. Initially, a multi-storey residential building is designed for centralized heat and hot water supply. All schemes and technological features of the heating system are recorded in the technical passport of the building. Any change due to the individual improvement activities of the residents of the building may upset the existing balance of the entire heat supply complex. Only those owners who have separated from the centralized system benefit from the installation of autonomous heating. For other residents of the house, such events can turn into troubles. A single complex may start to work intermittently. In some apartments it will be very hot in winter, in others, on the contrary, the batteries will be barely warm.

It will not be superfluous to think in advance about environmental safety. A gas boiler is a unit that needs constant access to fresh air. The included boiler is not only pleasant heat and hot water in the house, but also an object of increased danger, which requires constant monitoring. A working unit must necessarily be equipped with a chimney for normal and stable removal of combustion products. Automation requires special attention, thanks to which the entire system should work normally and without interruption.

Neglecting such technical nuances, you can not only create a threat to your own life and health, but also cause the righteous anger of your neighbors, due to poor ventilation, chimney or misalignment of central heating.

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We make heating with our own hands

Modern gas boilers, which are designed for installation in apartment buildings, are highly safe and economical. Despite the apparent simplicity of the device, the new boiler requires increased attention. During the installation process, it is important to achieve high-quality connection of all systems and equipment debugging in all modes. In addition to the equipment itself, it is necessary to have at hand a working scheme-project of the air duct and ventilation system. Only in the complex, with the appropriate technical documentation, you will be able to properly and competently organize the work of your autonomous heating. Turning on the heat in the apartment is the very last step, the success of which depends on the effectiveness and correctness of the previous actions.


Here you should remember the pros and cons of autonomous heating. You have decided to take a radical step, so be prepared for the following:

  • you will have to pay only for the consumed gas spent on heating the coolant;
  • you yourself have the right to decide when you should turn it on, when to turn it off;
  • you can independently regulate the temperature balance in your apartment by changing the intensity of the boiler;
  • you will have hot water all year round and at the temperature that you set yourself.

This is all good, but what can cause irritation? There are the following disadvantages, namely:

  • hot water may disappear along with the gas supply (which is unlikely);
  • failure of the boiler will not only lead to a malfunction of the heating system, but will also create problems with hot water supply in the house;
  • regular technological maintenance of gas equipment will require additional costs from the owners of apartments with autonomous heating;
  • an increased share of responsibility for the integrity and functionality of the heating system, the safety of your own apartment and house property.

Important! Project documentation is the starting point for installing autonomous heating in an apartment. The project must go through all instances and get approval from the gas industry. Without an approved project, the installation of the boiler and the entire autonomous heating system is equated to arbitrariness. Failure to comply with the established Procedure for connecting home heating and water supply systems, violation of approved SNiPs, entails administrative, in some cases, criminal liability.


If you have chosen a high-quality modern boiler, then you don’t have to worry about many technical issues. Automation, which is now your assistant, regulates the gas supply. In the event of a decrease in the level of the coolant in the system, or interruptions in the supply of gas to the mains, it is on the automation that the main task of ensuring the safe operation of the entire heating system in the apartment falls. If the installation of the boiler, the piping in residential premises and the connection of radiators can be done by hand, then the adjustment is carried out only by an experienced specialist, preferably from the gas service.

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You can turn on the heat in the apartment only after a successful test run. The absence of malfunctions and leaks in the system, the normal operation of the chimney and boiler, is a signal that everything has been done with high quality. The independence of residents who have abandoned centralized heating ends when it is required to turn on an autonomous heating system. In the future, not only the adjustment of equipment will be required, but also regular maintenance of gas boilers.

On a note: The key to successful and efficient operation of home heating is regular technological maintenance of autonomous heating equipment. The mark of a gas engineer in the technical passport of your heating system relieves you of some responsibility for the subsequent operation of the unit.

Drawing certain conclusions on how to turn on the heating, what non-compliance with technical norms, rules and standards can result in, we can come to the following conclusion — the conversion of your own apartment for autonomous heating should be taken with the maximum share of responsibility. Only competent and verified actions, performance of work in accordance with the design documentation and established regulations, will allow you to achieve the desired effect and complete independence from centralized heat supply. Your safety and comfort are now completely on your shoulders. Responsibility can be partially shared with a qualified gas engineer who will perform commissioning and make a note in the documentation.


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