In order to provide your house or apartment with economical heat and hot water at any time of the year, you can install and connect a double-circuit gas boiler, but only specialists know how to do it correctly. With the help of one element, serious problems are solved. That is why recently such units are very popular among the owners of country houses. Connecting such an installation is not an easy process, but if you understand it, you can do everything yourself.

basic information

In most cases, there are units that are able to heat 6 liters of water in one minute. This indicator can be considered quite good. True, it is possible only if the correct installation of the installation is carried out.

The principle of operation is based on the presence of two separate circuits. The first is responsible for heating the house, and the second for hot water in the tap.

To connect the installed boiler, you need to take into account the presence of several systems in the room at once:

  1. Heating. There will be two pipes — hot supply and cold reception.
  2. Water pipes. Cold water is supplied to the system.
  3. Gas pipeline. Fuel supply.
  4. Power supply. It is necessary if the device has control devices and automatic ignition.

Installation and connection of a double-circuit gas boiler begins with mounting it on the wall. For this, special brackets are used, which in most cases are supplied with the equipment. The main thing to consider is that the fasteners must be in an ideal horizontal plane, and therefore it is imperative to have a level.

After installing the fasteners, the boiler itself is hung on the wall. All this is done by hand. In order to avoid any mistake, just in case, you can first watch several videos, of which there are many on the network. They show the installation of different systems.


Requirements for the premises

There are several rules that must be followed when choosing a room for installing the unit:

  1. The presence of a window that can open at any time.
  2. Active ventilation.
  3. The room must have outlets for all the necessary pipelines to which the domestic boiler will be connected. Particular attention should be paid to the gas pipe. It must have a counter.

Usually the connection of similar devices is the same. The only thing that can differ is the location of the nozzles. But that doesn’t happen often either.

Main knots

Due to the fact that there are many different models of gas boilers on the market, it is difficult to talk about all the specific installation schemes. You can only highlight the main components that must be present so that the unit is not only easy to install, but also used in the future.

Key points:

  1. Water filter. Mandatory element of a gas boiler in a private house, which will help protect the system from debris generated in the pipes. Another such device is installed on the return line to stop possible contamination from the heating system. It must be placed on a horizontal section along with a crane.
  2. Magnetic filter with tap. Used to fight rust and scale.
  3. Gas filter with tap. Allows you to protect the installed boiler from scale and dust. The use of this element allows you to significantly increase the service life of the installation.
  4. Ball valves, which are needed to shut off highways, so that it is easier to carry out repair work.
  5. A special expansion tank is installed for the heating system. In wall models of boilers, they are usually installed at the factory.
  6. Safety devices — valves, pressure gauge and other elements. Again, wall models already have it all. For floor-standing, everything is purchased separately and placed next to the installation.
  7. Radiators.
  8. Pipeline.
  9. Grounding.

Important nuances


Installation must begin with the installation of a shut-off valve and a filter on the water supply. This will help to pass through the unit only purified liquid, which in turn will significantly extend the service life.

The valve is necessary for a situation when it is necessary to turn off the water supply for filter replacement, system cleaning or repair.

After that, the pipes of the heating system and hot water are connected. There is nothing complicated here either. First, the shut-off valves are connected, and then the connection with the boiler takes place.

A home wall-mounted boiler is necessarily equipped with a pump that ensures uniform heating of all radiators in the room. This device needs special strapping. Wall models are volatile, and therefore any power outage instantly reduces work efficiency. Floor models are able to work without such pumps, since special elements are provided for them to create natural pressure.

See also: causes of pressure drops in boilers.

An important rule is that the gas pipe is connected last. For the boiler, it is desirable to find such an arrangement that it is closer to the fuel source. The fact is that although it is possible to connect the gas using a special hose, however, it cannot be too long. It is advisable to bring a pipe to the installation site. This is probably the only thing that is best left to the experts.

The first thing to install on the gas supply is a valve. In addition, here you also need to think about the filter. The most effective is the mesh.

It is also important to remember in advance about the chimney. If we are talking about our own home, of course, the coaxial model would be ideal. To do this, a hole is made in the nearest wall for a chimney. Such a system is displayed horizontally.

For a floor-standing unit, it is better to use a conventional installation, which is carried out outside the roof. The fact is that such units have enormous power and a corresponding amount of combustion products, which only a vertical chimney can handle. Preferably, it should not have a minimum number of turns. In this case, it is necessary to make sure that it protrudes at least half a meter from the highest point of the roof.

At first glance, a gas double-circuit boiler is a complex engineering system. At the same time, not only specialists of the highest class can connect it. This is within the power of ordinary people. The main thing is to follow some basic rules.


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