Many residents of high-rise buildings dream of installing a fireplace in their apartment. In today’s world, such a dream can easily become a reality. Now they make electric fireplaces on any floor and in any room of their own apartment.

Creating a fireplace in the apartment with your own hands, you can make it in any style and any configuration.

Of course, the use of wood-burning natural fireplaces for installation in apartment buildings is prohibited, as they are very heavy and require a strong foundation, as well as a chimney and strict fire safety conditions. Therefore, lightweight artificial fireplaces in the apartment are gaining popularity, decorating the interior and providing additional heating.

Most often, urban residents prefer to install an electric fireplace with a live flame effect. Such designs have a different design, harmonize well in the interior of any room, regardless of style and furnishings in space.

Features of the electric fireplace

Electric fireplaces have the following advantages:

  • Anyone can install. It is enough to ensure that a reliable heat-resistant wire is connected to the outlet.
  • For functioning, it is not necessary to build a chimney and a foundation.
  • No need to use heavy building materials and learn the intricacies of the furnace business.
  • For work, there is no need to harvest firewood or coal, such a fireplace works from a conventional outlet.
  • Consumes a small amount of energy and warms up small rooms well, maintaining a comfortable temperature. Modern models are equipped with a temperature sensor that turns off the equipment when the temperature exceeds the specified readings. Such a relay significantly saves electricity.
  • The equipment belongs to devices with a low level of fire safety — this is an important argument.

Fireplace electric with flame effect is safe to install anywhere in the living space.

  • Compared to other types of fireplaces, it has a low cost. Only when using additional portals made from expensive and valuable rocks, the cost can be much higher. In the middle price category, you can find reliable, attractive and functional electric fireplaces.
  • Usually they are small-sized, have a small weight and size. Easily transportable and can be carried from room to room if not mounted on a decorative pedestal.
  • For operation, there is no need to issue a permit and coordination with utilities.
  • There are various modes of operation. The equipment can be turned on either to heat a room or to project a fire — saving electricity at a consumption of about 100 watts per hour.
  • It is often successfully used as an imitation hearth for installation in artificial fireplaces.

The electric fireplace has the following disadvantages:

  • Large consumption of electricity. Although fireplaces use a small amount of electricity, but with regular operation, the costs exceed the use of gas heating.
  • At the same time, some electrical networks may not be able to withstand the simultaneous switching on of several devices. This suggests that it is necessary to have reliable and modern wiring, and in its absence, it will be necessary to change the electrification system.
  • The presence of additional noise. Since the electric fireplace uses ventilation to mix the heated air from several heating coils, the operation of the fan blades is audible.
  • The flame looks unnatural. The illusion of fire creates a visual likeness of a natural hearth. In this case, one can notice the periodicity and looping of the movement of the flame, as well as a periodically repeating pattern.

How to choose an electric fireplace?

If you have chosen to use an electric fireplace, then you need to think through some details to determine the appropriate design.

When performing the function of heating a room, you should pay attention to the power indicators. The best option is to match 1 kW of power for 1 m2 living space (considering the height of standard ceilings).

Important! before buying a model, consult an electrician, it is necessary to coordinate the cable section with other devices connected to the mains. It is recommended to leave a margin of power for wiring.

It is worth looking at the equipment of average cost. In the low price category there are units with the simplest and limited functions. Among the high-cost segment are devices with many additional, necessary and unnecessary elements that increase the cost of equipment. You need to look at the functionality, and you can build the finish yourself and to your liking.

You also need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Buy only well-known brands. Find out if there are service centers serving these models in your area.

Creating a drywall portal

To imitate a fireplace in a do-it-yourself apartment, you can build a decorative pedestal. Such a task can be performed by anyone, even those who do not have a construction qualification.

It is easy to manufacture and has a low cost. At the same time, you can very quickly assemble any configuration from drywall sheets.

It is necessary to choose a place to place the structure so that the heated air is evenly distributed and at the same time the fireplace fits into the existing style of the space.

Having decided on the size and dimensions of the structure, draw a diagram on paper to determine the main details of the structure.

Next, you need to make a frame from an aluminum profile. It is necessary to attach dowels to the wall of the rack and rigidly fasten the entire structure to each other.

Then, in accordance with the chosen scheme, prepare drywall parts. For fastening, use self-tapping bugs.

After plasterboarding the surface, it is necessary to putty or apply decorative plaster. Can be primed and painted if desired.

The final stage is finishing with decorative elements or plastic facing materials.

Compliance with the style of the room

To harmoniously fit a decorative fireplace into the space of the apartment, it is necessary to arrange it in accordance with the design of the room.

Check out some helpful tips from professional designers:

In the large hall, decorated in a «classic» style, a fireplace with marble and stucco decoration will look great (see photo). A similar style can be achieved by using plastic tiles with the texture of marble stone and adding polyurethane stucco elements.

In the living room, designed in a democratic «English» style, the fireplace portal is decorated with natural wood (see photo). A similar design can also fit well into the office space.

For a modern «high-tech» style, it is undesirable to use fireplaces with a portal. Such a room corresponds to an electric fireplace, reminiscent of a plasma TV. It can be hung on the wall of the room.

For a «rustic style» it is good to use imitation brickwork and an arched niche (see photo). This design is suitable for the interior in the style of «Loft».

In the interior of the «Country» style, the fireplace pedestal is lined with tiles or ceramic tiles with a pattern that matches the color scheme of the room.

So, electric fireplaces serve as a worthy alternative to classic hearths. The charm of fire and stylish beauty create comfort, conveying the designer’s mood and prosperity of the owners of the house.

The use of electric fireplaces to decorate the interior of an apartment in our time remains the most original and profitable solution.


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