Steel pipes of profile section are one of the most practical materials for the construction of various structures. Consider the characteristics and scope of rolled metal products.

Strengths of profile pipes

Profile pipes are very durable, this is due to the presence of four stiffeners. Rolled metal of this type is used in various construction processes, selecting products with suitable dimensions.

Advantages of profile pipes

  • light weight (due to this, the load on the structure is reduced);
  • simple and fast installation;
  • versatility and reasonable price of products.

Rolled metal is often used in frame construction. The assembly of objects is carried out according to ready-made projects (everything is described in them, including types of products with the corresponding section), or according to calculations made in relation to a specific structure being built.

Flat edges improve the ergonomics of profile pipes, which is very important for construction. Profiles fit perfectly with other structural products, guaranteeing high stability. Other advantages of rolled metal products include the convenience of laying on carrier-type planes.

Due to the special design, the products do not form a large space in the frame. Rolled metal is easy to use, in particular, self-tapping screws are easily screwed into it (no need to make special efforts).

Steel profile pipe is a versatile building material used in projects of varying complexity. The choice of rolled metal can be found on the website of CityMetall, which offers a wide catalog of products with rectangular and square sections.

Scope of pipes of profile section

Rectangular and square rolled metal products can withstand high loads, so they are often used to build durable load-bearing systems. Let’s highlight examples of the use of rental:

  • assembly of frames of architectural objects (with subsequent sheathing with sheets);
  • creation of floor beams;
  • construction of agricultural buildings and columns;
  • production of small architectural forms (change houses, trade pavilions, etc.).

Rolled steel is used on a different scale, for example, in addition to large construction projects, it can be the solution of certain tasks in a summer cottage and the territory of a country house — the creation of a canopy, the construction of fences, the construction of a greenhouse, etc. Products are used for the construction of shelving systems and outdoor advertising structures.

The high strength of the pipes makes it possible to use in construction products with a thin section that can withstand high wind loads, and a flat surface simplifies the process of processing rolled products. These and other qualities make this material indispensable in construction.


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