Heating a country house with bottled gas is usually used when it is impossible to use other types of heating. The fuel in this case is butane or propane. Gas cylinders are connected to the heating system using a reducer — a special device used to reduce pressure.

Since a gas occupies a solid volume only when in a gaseous state, it occupies a much smaller space in a liquid state. From this it follows that quite a lot of it is placed in cylinders. The gas that leaves the cylinder through the reducer, due to the rapid decrease in pressure, again turns into a gaseous state, after which it is burned in the boiler. During this process, a large amount of heat is released.


Attention: Thanks to the use of bottled gas, it is possible not only to heat the house with high quality, but also to heat water for any domestic needs.

But in the latter case, a heat exchanger will be needed. However, such a heating system is usually used only when it is not possible to connect the heating boiler to the gas main. But on the other hand, such heating of a private house allows you to achieve complete autonomy. Thanks to him, the heat in your home will not depend on various external factors.

Also among the advantages of heating a private or country house with a gas cylinder, the following can be distinguished:

  • low fuel consumption, which can be adjusted;
  • complete autonomy;
  • use of environmentally friendly fuel;
  • ease of management and ease of operation;
  • constant pressure in the pipes.

You can install such heating in both new and old houses. To do this, you need to carry out only minimal work. In addition, it is much easier than connecting to a gas main. After all, for this there is no need to lay pipes to the building, draw up and approve the project.

But despite all the advantages of this type of heating, it is advisable to heat the building with gas cylinders only if it is not possible to use other heating options for one reason or another. For example, if there is no electricity.


Heating a house with gas cylinders has not only numerous advantages, but also some disadvantages. Among them are the following:

  • the impossibility of placing containers in rooms without stable ventilation;
  • in the event of a leak, the gas can sink, for example, into the basement and accumulate there, which can be fraught with serious consequences;
  • they must be located indoors, since in severe frosts if they are located outdoors, condensate may freeze and the system will turn off.

When using gas cylinders to heat a building, great attention should be paid to safety. In particular, it is recommended to place them outside the house, in a separate insulated building. Or install them in a metal or plastic box of the right size. The lid must have a hole for ventilation.

Styrofoam, about 5 centimeters thick, can be used as a heater. During the time of use, he has proven himself well. They should sheathe the walls of the box in which the gas cylinders are located. In extreme cases, they can be located in a residential building, but there should not be a basement or similar room under them.

Organization of heating

If you intend to heat your home with liquefied gas, you should remember that not every boiler is suitable for these needs. Indeed, in this case, you will need a special burner that can function from cylinders. Its power should be approximately 10-20 kW. This indicator is directly related to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe heated room.

Attention: The boiler must be connected to the gas cylinder using a special reducer, which can significantly reduce the gas consumption spent on heating the house.

For example, with a gearbox it is 0.8 m3 per hour, and without it 1.8-2.0 m3 in hour. As you can see, the difference is quite significant.

The burner can be used the one that is designed for the operation of a boiler powered by a gas main. But in this case, you will have to adjust its valve for proportional gas supply. After all, the pressure in the line is slightly lower. We must not forget that each burner must be regulated individually.


If you intend to heat a country house with gas cylinders, you should calculate the gas consumption. Typically, a boiler to produce 1 kW of heat energy requires 0.12 kg / hour of gas. If the building has an area of ​​100 m2, then the required boiler power should be 10 kW, and the gas consumption for heating the house is 1.2 kg / h. As you can see, the gas consumption is quite solid, and if the boiler consumes such an amount of gas around the clock, then such a heating method will be unprofitable.

But if the boiler is set up correctly, you can significantly reduce the use of gas, while maintaining the right temperature in the house that you will be comfortable with. The maximum fuel consumption in this case will be observed only when the heating system is heated.

Much also depends on the quality of the insulation of the house. After all, if the building is poorly insulated, then the heating will have to be turned on at high power in order to achieve a temperature at which you can feel comfortable. And this means that gas will be consumed much faster. You can see how to properly insulate a building in the video below.

To achieve a good reduction in the consumption of reduced gas, you can equip the boiler with automation. It is responsible for regulating fuel consumption depending on the temperature in the house. A lot also depends on the time of day. Thanks to the installed automation, the consumption can be reduced by about 30%. On average, one container will be consumed in about 5 days, and about 7 units will be required per month. That is, thanks to the presence of automatic control, it will be possible to save a lot.

If gas cylinders are used to heat a private, but a country house, in which people live only from time to time, then gas consumption will not be large at all. If there are no people in it, you can set the boiler to a temperature of +8 degrees. Maybe a little lower. The main thing is that the temperature in the building is positive. At this temperature, gas consumption per week can be less than one cylinder.


In order for heating with gas cylinders in a country or private house to be effective, it is required to have a constant, irreducible supply of fuel. In this matter, this heating system loses to other heating systems. For example, if an electric boiler is installed in the house, then for its uninterrupted operation, only access to a source of electricity is required. But if heating occurs through gas cylinders, then they will need to be regularly refueled or bought new ones. And this implies unnecessary trouble and is one of the main disadvantages of this heating system.

Quite often, special organizations are engaged in the sale and delivery of containers with reduced gas for heating. Of course, you can do it yourself. If you intend to refuel a gas cylinder, you will need to find a GZS that has the ability to liquefy gas.

Attention: As practice shows, it is possible to save on this type of heating if it is to fill the cylinders, and not to buy new ones.


But here it should also be taken into account that some GZS, wanting to save money, fill them only half, motivating this by the fact that there should not be a lot of gas in the cylinders, since this is dangerous and there is a risk that it can boil even at a temperature of 40 degrees. This may cause a rupture of the capacitance. But you should not believe in such an explanation, because if you buy a cylinder, it will be filled to the limit and its rupture does not occur. But many people who are not too versed in this matter believe and buy cylinders filled only half.

To achieve lower gas consumption, it is recommended to install an automatic boiler control system. It will automatically increase or decrease the power of its operation depending on the temperature in the building. In addition, if you want to save money, you should turn off the boiler at night. Whether it is equipped with automation or not, in this case, it does not matter.

Reasons for heating with gas from cylinders

The main reason for the demand for this type of heating is the low cost of gas compared to electric and other systems. At the same time, it is possible to achieve efficient heating even with a small consumption, which can significantly save on gas cylinders.

Another advantage of heating with reduced gas is the ability to connect the system at any time. Including if a different type of boiler was previously used. For example, if at the beginning heating was carried out using coal or firewood, then you can install a gas cylinder at any time, without making any significant changes. While connecting to the gas main will require some additional work.

Despite the presence of a large number of different types of heating systems, heating a private or country house with bottled gas is still popular and the demand for it is not decreasing. This is due to the reasonable cost of gas and the ability to install a heating system in a house that is located in any area. This is especially convenient if alternative types of heating for one reason or another cannot be installed.


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