Blue fuel is the cheapest type of energy carrier. If a gas main passes near the house, connecting to it provides inexpensive and efficient heating. It is only important to choose the right heater. A mistake can be very costly: hefty energy bills and uncomfortable house temperatures. To prevent this from happening, let’s figure out what criteria they pay attention to when choosing a heater and get acquainted with the rating of gas boilers for heating a private house.

Rating of the best gas heaters

Criterias of choice
Top best models
— Wall convection
— Wall condensing
— Floor convection
— Floor condensing
— Budgetary

How to choose a gas boiler for heating a private house

The right choice is determined by several criteria. And most of them are interconnected. We list the points that deserve special attention when choosing.

  • Thermal power. It is determined based on the tasks of the heating system. It is best to calculate the required power and choose a boiler, focusing on this indicator.
  • Place of installation. Some devices need an insulated furnace, others are allowed to be mounted on the wall of the kitchen or corridor.
  • Equipment layout. There are wall and floor models. The first are compact and lightweight, hung on the wall. Floor devices — massive and overall, are installed on a flat solid surface.
  • Number of working circuits. If it is alone, the device only heats the premises. There is equipment with two circuits. The first is used for heating, the second heats water for household needs.
  • Burner type. There may be two options. Open varieties are less effective. They burn out oxygen and require connection to a full-fledged natural draft chimney. Closed burners use forced air supply, hot gases are removed through a coaxial chimney.
  • heating type. There are two types of gas boilers. Convection boilers burn fuel, the smoke is sent to the chimney. Their efficiency is in the range of 90%. This is the traditional type of heaters. Otherwise, condensation devices work. They use the heat from the combustion of the coolant and that which is obtained by the condensation of cooling water vapor. As a result, their efficiency can exceed 100%
  • The energy dependence of the heating device. Especially important if there are frequent power outages. In such cases, the house is left without heating.
  • Additional functionality. To ensure the safety and ease of operation of the equipment, additional systems can be built into it. This always increases the price of the boiler.

It is worth paying attention to the manufacturer. It is better to choose products of well-established brands and buy them in specialized stores. Buying equipment from an obscure manufacturer will cost less, but in operation, most likely, it will greatly disappoint.

All gas equipment is produced in strict accordance with high safety standards, because blue fuel is potentially dangerous. This applies to both expensive and budget models. But the former usually have multi-stage self-diagnostic systems and the most efficient automation. This must be taken into account.

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Top best models

To make it easier to navigate, we offer a rating of the best gas boilers for heating a private house. For the convenience of users, we divided it into several groups according to the types of devices.

Wall mounted convection heaters

1. BAXI ECO-4s 24F

Two-circuit compact model. Simultaneously heats housing and heats water for domestic needs. Power — up to 24 kW. The primary heat exchanger is made of copper. All processes are controlled by electronics. The burner is of a closed type, there is a built-in pump for circulating the coolant and an expansion tank. The boiler is protected from freezing and overheating of the coolant, there is auto-ignition, self-diagnosis, the ability to modulate the flame. You can connect a warm floor. The device is designed for operation in Russia.

2. Protherm Lynx 24

Wall type heater with two working circuits. Thermal power — 23 kW. It has a closed combustion chamber, the primary heat exchanger is made of stainless steel. It is completed with the pump for circulation of the heat carrier and an expansion tank on seven liters. Operates on liquefied and main fuel. Management — electronic type, implemented self-diagnosis. Installed auto-ignition, protection against boiling and liquid freezing, flame modulation system.

3. Viessmann Vitopend 100-WA1HB002

Powerful unit from a well-known manufacturer with a maximum heat load of 32.8 kW. It has one working circuit, a built-in pump and a 10 l expansion tank, a closed burner with forced turbocharged air supply. Management — electronic with the built-in programmer. You can use remote control from the application, the device is compatible with Alice. It uses mains or liquefied gas as fuel.

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Wall condensing equipment

1. Buderus Logamax plus GB172-30iK

One of the best wall-mounted double-circuit gas boilers from a popular German brand. It produces thermal power up to 30 kW, operates on the main and on liquefied fuel. An economical and energy efficient unit with an efficiency of 109%. An efficient circulation pump and an expansion tank are built in, an aluminum heat exchanger is installed. He has electronic control with the function of setting through a mobile application. The case is decorated with a titanium glass front insert.

2. Bosch Condens 2500W WBC28-1C

Model with two working circuits. Heats and provides the house with hot water. This is an energy-efficient modification with an efficiency of 103%, in addition, it reduces fuel costs by an average of 10-15%. The burner is closed, there is a built-in expansion tank and pump. Electronically controlled, external control connected. There is auto-diagnosis, auto-ignition. The pump is protected from blocking, the boiler is protected from freezing or overheating of the coolant. The heat exchanger is made of silumin.

3. BAXI LUNA Platinum+1.32

Single-circuit boiler with power up to 34.8 kW. Closed burner with deep modulation of the flame level, electronic control with a programmer and the possibility of access from a mobile application. The heat exchanger is made of stainless steel, an expansion tank and a circulation pump are built in. Model — with auto-ignition, self-diagnosis, the pump is protected from blocking. Possibility of connection of a heating floor is realized.

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Floor convection devices

1. Prothrem Bear 30KLOM

One of the best outdoor gas convection boilers. Powerful single-circuit unit for 36 kW. Open burner, uses main fuel, can be converted to liquefied. It has a cast-iron heat exchanger protected from condensate, has auto-ignition and auto-diagnostics. Management is electronic, you can make settings through the application. A gas control is installed, the boiler is protected from freezing of the coolant and from its overheating. Built-in indication of inclusion, the thermometer and the manometer.

2. Viessmann Vitogas 100-F GS1D906

Single circuit heater, open combustion chamber. The burner is equipped with pre-mixing for LPG and mains gas. It is intended for work with boiler water of variable temperature. It is stably operable at fluctuations and jumps of mains voltage and pressure drops in the gas pipeline. Heat exchangers made of different materials: primary — stainless steel, secondary — gray cast iron. This greatly extends the service life. Built-in gas control system, there is an automatic ignition.

3. BAXI SLIM 1.230 iN

Heating equipment with one circuit, open combustion chamber. Maximum power — 22 kW, efficiency — 90%. Operates on the main fuel, can be adjusted to liquefied. Volatile, connected to a single-phase power supply. Electronics monitors the work cycle. There is auto-ignition, self-diagnosis, flame modulation. Connection of a water heating floor is possible. The equipment is protected from overheating and freezing.

Condensing floor technology

1. Vaillant ecoVIT VKK INT 366/4

Energy efficient model with 109% efficiency, single working circuit. The combustion chamber is of a closed type with the possibility of deep modulation of the flame. A powerful boiler produces up to 34 kW of thermal energy. It has built-in combustion control and electric ignition. It is controlled by a multi-sensor system, you can configure the equipment from your smartphone. Built-in protection against freezing and overheating. The disadvantage is the lack of a circuit for heating water. The problem is solved by installing an external storage boiler.

2. BAXI POWER HT 1.450

Powerful heater capable of heating up to 400 sq. m. A good choice for those who are looking for which gas boiler is best for a private home. The condensing type of heating saves up to 35% of energy resources. The efficiency of the device reaches 110%. Heat exchanger and burner are made of high quality stainless steel. The equipment is designed for main gas, but can be reconfigured for liquefied gas. Soft ignition is implemented, a flame modulator is installed. Built-in multi-level security system. The device is controlled by electronics, it can be configured through a mobile application. Possibility of cascade installation.

3. Buderus Logano plus KB372-75 EN

Super powerful premium boiler. The 75 kW they give out is enough to heat 600 square meters. m. This is a model with one working circuit, to ensure hot water supply, it is recommended to connect an external boiler. High energy efficiency is due to an efficiency of 109.3%. The burner is a closed type, turbocharged, connected to a coaxial chimney. Built-in protective systems against overheating and freezing of the coolant, from lack of traction, from flame extinction and from a decrease in gas fuel pressure. Management is electronic, with the possibility of settings through a mobile application.

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Budget appliances

1. Lemax Premium-30B

Inexpensive floor convection heater from a Russian manufacturer. This is a double-circuit model for heating and heating water for domestic needs. Gives out 8 liters of heated water per minute. Thermal power — 30 kW. The firebox is open, it requires connection to a natural draft chimney. Completely non-volatile, mechanically controlled. Therefore, it can be used in places where there are frequent power outages.

2.Navien DeluxeS COAXIAL-24k

Wall-mounted device with two working circuits. It delivers up to 13 liters of heated water per minute to the water supply system. The furnace is closed with a turbocharger, the chimney is of a coaxial type. Heater power — 24 kW, this is enough for 240 square meters. meters. It is controlled by electronics from the remote control, volatile, connected to a single-phase power supply. Built-in multi-stage security system, self-diagnosis function.

2. Lemax PRIME-V20

Another budget model from the Russian brand. It is made in a wall layout, two working circuits. The water supply system receives 13 liters of heated water per minute. Thermal power — 24 kW. The equipment is controlled by electronics, remote control can be configured. The furnace is of a closed type, with turbocharging and modulation. Built-in auto-ignition, self-diagnosis, multi-level protective system. Operates on the main fuel, can switch to liquefied.


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