In order for the equipment to work without interruption, and for the rotation of the plug inside the valve to be uninterrupted, sealants are used. They select lubricant for gas valves according to several parameters, but first you need to understand the technical features of each type.

Gas pipe transfer with valve

Varieties and characteristics of lubricant

Sealed mixtures are divided into types, depending on the working conditions and purpose. They are divided into two main groups:

  • Antifriction.
  • Sealing.

Any lubrication of gas taps is necessary for the stable operation of equipment mechanisms. Sealing lubricants operate over a wide temperature range. They provide reliable sealing of joints, do not allow rubbing parts to come into contact and withstand heavy loads. Sealing compositions increase the service life of instrument parts, have high anti-corrosion properties, which allows metal elements not to collapse. In addition, this composition of the sealant does not cause corrosion in contact with condensate.

The composition of the mixture includes a liquid base (petroleum oil, glycerin, synthetic oils) and a solid thickener (fatty acid salts). In addition to the composition, the following elements are introduced: graphite, mica, fluoroplastic chips. They increase the ability to tightly close existing gaps, reduce the coefficient of friction. The dropping point for lubricants is regulated by separate GOST standards. According to the norms, grease can be used at a dropping point of at least 15 degrees.

Application of sealant at the joints between the valve and the pipe


Each element of the gas valve has its own sealing lubricant. For shut-off and control valves, the sealing lubricant must meet the following requirements:

  • High resistance to temperature, chemical compounds.
  • Possess high adhesion, as well as water resistance.
  • Have compatibility with plastic, metal elements in the temperature range from 0 to 160 degrees.

Lubricating elements for cranes must have high wear resistance and anti-corrosion properties. The sealant must also be compatible with plastic, metal elements, ensure reliable operation of the driving elements, and prevent wave-like movement. The use of sealed lubricants on valves on a gas cylinder will ensure safe and long-term operation of the heating system as a whole.

Anti-friction lubricants have a less dense composition and are necessary for separating parts. This type of sealant does not allow the elements of the crane to come into contact with each other, which means that they protect the parts from mechanical damage and increase their service life.

Lubricant for installing gas appliances and valves in the house

Antifriction mixtures have the following technical indicators:

  • They do not dissolve in petroleum products.
  • Ensure the operation of elements at temperatures up to 50 degrees.
  • Are issued on a fatty or silicone basis.
  • Does not conduct corrosive effects on metal.

Grease or graphite is also added to the lubricant. They increase the sliding coefficient of parts and the ability to withstand large pressure drops. For heat resistance, synthetic oils with calcium soap are added to the anti-friction lubricant.

Lubricants are used during the installation or assembly of gas equipment, heating systems, when transferring a pipe or replacing a valve. Without an effective sealant, the use of the system will not be safe.

How to replace the gas valve in the apartment


If there are problems in the operation of equipment elements, its complete replacement is required. Before replacing a faulty gas valve in an apartment, it is necessary to establish the cause of the problem.

Repair of an old gas pipe valve

The main rule that everyone should know is not to open a gas cylinder or a faucet on your own. This should be done by a specialist gas service company. It is their responsibility to repair and replace valves, connect equipment, and carry out audit activities. If you still did not wait for the master, but decided to carry out a replacement, you will need to prepare the necessary tools and materials.

The first step will be the acquisition of the following tools:

  • A pair of gas keys.
  • Sealant. It is better to take a special graphite grease or grease.
  • 1/2″ female plug.

Next, an audit is carried out to establish the problem area. If you smell that the faucet is leaking gas, you can carry out repairs without a general replacement of the valve. For this you need:

  • Close the valve so that the gas stops passing through the system further.
  • Fix the gas wrench below the valve and hold it in a static position.
Capturing and removing a part of the pipe with two keys


  • With the second key, install the lock nut and coupling below.
  • We unscrew the valve with a wrench until it easily goes into work by hand.
  • We completely unscrew it and put a plug on the thread.
  • Next, you need to unscrew the squeegee valve.
  • We take out the plug with a groove on the back of the valve and push out the canonical plug.
  • We clean the case, lubricate it with sealant, and assemble it in the reverse order.
  • We install the valve instead of the plug and drive the coupling with the nut to the working position.
Applying sealant to the threaded surface of the pipe

Now you can open the valve and check its operation, as well as for gas leaks.

If the operation of the old crane is not satisfactory, it can be replaced with a new one. To do this, it is better to choose a valve of the same size, then the replacement work will be carried out in the same way as during the repair.

If the length does not match the previous dimensions of the crane, then the replacement work will be carried out in the following way:

  • The short thread is installed with an extension with an external thread. This will allow the gasket to be fixed on the flat surface of the extension, and not on the jagged side.
  • The extension is connected by a gas hose to the valve. The joints of the joints are treated with a sealant.

The device of the gas valve after replacement must be checked.

Checking the equipment at the time of a gas leak


An audit of gas equipment will also be required if the faucet near the stove periodically poisons, and it is impossible to establish the exact location of the leak. To find out where the problem arose, it is necessary to smear the joints with soapy foam. Where the foam starts to bubble and there is a leak. The detected malfunction should be eliminated in a short time, otherwise the gas can harm human health.

Safety regulations

Working with gas equipment has an increased level of danger, so you must follow safety rules. When carrying out independent work to replace or repair a valve on a pipe, adhere to the following rules:

  • All manipulations with gas equipment are carried out with open windows.
Mandatory ventilation of the air in the room when working with gas
  • Electricity must be completely turned off throughout the apartment.
  • During work it is forbidden to smoke, light matches.
  • Repair work is carried out only during daylight hours, with good daylight.
  • The door to the room where the equipment replacement activities are being carried out must be tightly closed.
  • The public access valve must not be blocked. This increases the concentration of propane and the danger of an explosion.
  • It is better to work as a team. This will speed up the process and minimize errors.
  • If the gas equipment and pipe are old, there are visible signs of corrosion, you should not carry out any manipulations yourself.
  • It is necessary to provide the place of repair work with fire-fighting equipment.
Having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen will keep your home safe

Compliance with safety rules is not just a requirement for reinsurance. These measures will help keep the house and people’s health safe and sound.

So, replacing a gas valve on your own requires the owner to have certain knowledge and skills in this area, the availability of the necessary tools, as well as reliable, high-quality lubrication for the crane. The sealant will allow the safe use of the gas valve, increase the life of the entire system.


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