You can hide in the summer heat or rainy weather in the gazebo, and if it is equipped with a fireplace, then you can come to warm yourself by a live fire, enjoying the comfort and warmth.

Such a gazebo with a fireplace has advantages at any time of the day or night, as it creates a favorable atmosphere for relaxing and cooking delicious dishes on an open fire.

It is possible to build a structure with your own hands if you have building skills and desire. Or you can turn to professionals who will create the necessary design in accordance with your sketches and wishes.

First, you should decide on the desired result, which gazebo and which fireplace do you need? To do this, consider the main types of structures:

Project options for gazebos


The recreation area in the space of the site can be equipped in various ways. Varieties of gazebos are associated with the presence of walls:

  • If the structure contains only racks with railings, and there are no walls, such objects are of an open type.
  • Partially closed type of arbors includes several closed walls.
  • If all the walls are installed, then the gazebo is closed.

In open versions, it is still necessary to install one wall, which will become a support for the fireplace and protect it from through wind.

When choosing the type of construction, carefully weigh all the factors associated with your climatic conditions.

In the southern regions, open gazebos are often erected, and with frequent winds or regular precipitation, partially or completely closed types are chosen.

Using modern materials and technologies, it is possible to build a gazebo with a fireplace according to your own projects and unique design.

Arbor layout

First you need to choose the best place for the gazebo. The location should be near the main building, while taking into account the direction of the prevailing winds.

It is important that the smoke from the fireplace does not enter the living area!

The best place is considered an open area next to large trees or a small pond.

Gazebo options

Next, you need to choose the size of the building. This indicator is directly related to the number of permanently living or visiting people.

The frame of the gazebo is built depending on the financial capabilities of the family. Usually it is created from brick, stone, plastic, wood or metal.

Giving preference to a gazebo made of wood, you get a reliable and comfortable environment that does not require extra investments. See photo

The scheme of the frame of the gazebo made of wood

External parts can be decorated with siding, and for a budget option, plastic or aluminum finishes are chosen. The inner surface is decorated with stone or wooden clapboard.

Since wood is a highly flammable material, it is necessary in advance, when designing a gazebo, to take into account fire safety measures:

  • In a wooden floor, you need to cut out a space for pouring a concrete foundation under the fireplace.
  • Before the firebox, it is necessary to sheathe the working area with sheets of iron.
  • The optimal location of the fireplace is in the center, since the possibility of igniting the walls is excluded.

When choosing a brick gazebo, it is worth noting that it will be much easier to build a fireplace in it than in a wooden gazebo. To do this, you need standard materials, the same as for laying the stove.

Thinking through all the nuances, you can calculate the amount of necessary building materials and proceed to the construction of your gazebo.

Construction of a gazebo


  • Foundation. Construction begins with the foundation. It is better to fill it with a monolith at a time, if the floor is later laid with paving slabs. Or build a tape belt when planning a wooden floor in a gazebo.

The foundation must be reinforced using a VR mesh, since the height above the floor level will be insignificant. After pouring the base, it is kept for about 7 days for the initial setting, so that further work can be done.

  • Frame pillars and roofing. Next, the installation of frame pillars is carried out to prepare for the installation of the roof. Rack posts can be made of reinforced concrete, brick, metal pipes or profiles, as well as wooden beams.
  • Fireplace masonry. After installing these elements, you can proceed to the construction of the fireplace. On the finished foundation lay out, in accordance with the chosen scheme, the walls of the fireplace. For masonry, a brick soaked in water is used so that it does not draw moisture from the mortar. The firebox portal is laid out with refractory bricks.

When designing a fireplace, keep in mind that its main function is to visually decorate and create style, so pay attention to the size of the hearth. It must be made spacious for enjoying an open fire.

Chimney and ventilation system. A fireplace is considered finished if it is equipped with a chimney and a competent ventilation system.

When constructing such structures, always consider fire safety rules.


Construction of a brick fireplace for a gazebo

There are many varieties that differ in the number and modifications of furnace complexes. The optimal location is near the wall or in the corner of the gazebo.

To expand the functionality of the fireplace, you can supplement it with the following elements:

  • hob made of cast iron with an additional firebox;
  • smokehouse or oven;
  • a convenient niche for drying and storing firewood;
  • barbecue.

According to the principles of construction work, an outdoor fireplace is similar to a home one. It has the same dimensions, masonry scheme and decorative design.

To reduce the cost of the fireplace, you can make a metal hood in the upper part, and instead of a brick pipe, mount a metal one.

The success of laying a fireplace is determined by the source material. For it, ordinary or fireclay bricks are used. Simultaneously with the construction of the fireplace, an adjacent brick wall is built.

If you wish, you can do the laying yourself or find a professional master.

Construction of walls and roofs in the gazebo

Having completed the masonry, they take up the establishment of the roof. One of the most important points is the correct calculation of the angle of inclination of the roof. The best roof is a sloping one, as it gives less wind resistance.

Boards, metal sheets, slate or polycarbonate sheets are used for coating.

Important! all wooden elements must be treated with antifungal and fire-bioprotective agents.

  • Flooring in the gazebo. After the roof is completed, laying of the flooring begins. The best option is paving slabs made from sand and various polymers. It has a variety of colors and a long service life.
  • Building walls or railings. At the final stage of construction, walls or railings are installed. Any material corresponding to practical and aesthetic purposes is used here. Usually, lining, block house or decorative wooden lattices are used for walls.

Installation of lighting, electrification and communication


Point elements are used to illuminate the space in the gazebo. For a small area, 2-3 lamps are enough. If desired, you can illuminate the path leading to the gazebo.

For electrification, it is necessary to purchase high-quality wiring, providing reliable waterproofing of wires.

The presence of electrical outlets will provide the ability to install electrical appliances, additional lighting or sound.

For convenience, bring a pipeline with drinking water, hiding it in the ground. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the sewerage outlet in the presence of a washbasin or kitchen sink.

Stylistic design of the fireplace

Appearance determines the mood and comfort in the gazebo. The fireplace can be decorated with facade or textured bricks, as well as savage stone or flagstone.

In a closed gazebo, you can install double-glazed windows that protect from wind and rain and create the illusion of being in fresh air.

To decorate the gazebo, the use of synthetics and plastic is avoided, because open fire creates a high level of fire hazard.

It is recommended to use fire-resistant materials that create a cozy atmosphere.

Finally. When building a gazebo with a fireplace with your own hands, it is worth calculating and considering many of the smallest details. The duration of the work depends on the skill of the owner or his assistants, given the complexity of the project.

The design of the fireplace can be modified by adding kitchen elements or vice versa, reduced to a barbecue grill.

When choosing the style and shape of the fireplace, give preference to natural shades that are in harmony with the hearth and the surroundings in the gazebo.


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