The main element of the gas boiler is the burner. It is around it that all other elements are exposed. Many aspects of the use of the equipment depend on the node design. First of all, it is safety and economy. Therefore, many people want to make such a gas burner for the boiler with their own hands, which will meet all the requirements of the owners. At first glance, this may seem like a complicated process, but in fact it is not.

Types of burners

Many people think that the burner is just a nozzle through which gas is supplied. But it is not so. It also mixes air into the fuel. It is important to take into account that the product must have a special design that makes it possible to make the mixture stable.

The device can be of several types, depending on the method of adding oxygen to the gas:

  • atmospheric burner;
  • fan;
  • diffusion-kinetic.


The principle of operation of this component is simple: the gas passes through the ejector, where its pressure is reduced. In this case, air enters due to different atmospheric indicators.

These devices have a lot of advantages:

  • simple design;
  • compactness;
  • quiet work;
  • acceptable cost;
  • the possibility of converting a solid fuel boiler for this equipment — the burner is simply installed in the ash pan chamber.

At the same time, such devices cannot have high power. The fact is that due to their design, atmospheric heaters cannot draw in a large amount of oxygen.


In this type of device, air is supplied in the right amount by means of a fan. Due to this oxygen supply, they have a lot of advantages:

  1. There are no restrictions on power — any amount of gas is provided with the necessary amount of air, which is needed for complete combustion without residues.
  2. The chamber in which the reaction takes place may be closed. Inside, oxygen enters through a special duct. This allows you to completely eliminate the ingress of combustion products into the house due to reverse thrust. There is no need to install a separate air duct. For this, special coaxial chimneys are used, which in fact are a pipe located inside another. Smoke is removed through the inner element, and oxygen enters the boiler, passing between the inner and outer walls.
  3. Human participation during use is reduced to a minimum, as the equipment has a «smart» setting function.

This type of burner also has several disadvantages:

  1. Compared to atmospheric, they work noticeably louder.
  2. They have a high price.
  3. They work only in tandem with electricity — they must have their own uninterruptible power supply. Otherwise, from a voltage drop, they may fail.



Basically, such equipment is found in large industrial heaters. The principle of operation is based on both atmospheric and fan heaters.

DIY gas burner

Since the design of a fan type requires special equipment, we will consider the creation of a gas burner in a solid fuel boiler with our own hands. It is best to choose a valve from an oxygen cylinder, VK-74 standard. For this you need:

  1. The outlet pipe is additionally equipped with a fitting, which can be connected to the reactor with a hose.
  2. A cap with a small hole is installed on the inlet side of the pipe connected to the cylinder for connection to the jet. The latter can be taken from a blowtorch or stove.
  3. A steel pipe with a length of 100 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm is welded to the cap.
  4. Be sure to make sure that there is a gap of 15 mm between the cap and the nozzle, through which oxygen will flow. That is why it is necessary to first attach three small pieces of wire to the first one (they can then be bent to the desired location), and only then the pipe.
  5. The burner itself is ready. After that, you need to make a base on which it will be located for installation in the combustion chamber.


In addition to creating the burner itself, it is also important to observe the process of its ignition:

  1. The gas supply valve on the cylinder or line opens.
  2. A match is brought to the nozzle.
  3. The main valve opens.

Important! The power of the device can be regulated by means of a valve. The hottest is the green-blue flame.

The whole setting consists in the location of the torch in the center. To do this, the wire holders are slightly bent.

Features of use

Gas burners are unpretentious in service. The main feature is the annual cleaning. In this case, the procedure should be carried out only by highly qualified specialists, since for this it is necessary to disassemble the boiler. Most often, the service center is engaged in cleaning the burners.

Dirt is easily removed with compressed air. It is important to set the right pressure for this. The fact is that some modern parts may not withstand a flow of 10 atm.

To make the cleaning process faster and less frequently required, a special filter is placed on the gas supply. This is done by the master after submitting an application to the appropriate structure.

Well, despite the fact that the gas burner in the heating boiler, although it seems to be the most complicated engineering unit, you can nevertheless make it yourself without any problems. To do this, you need to prepare all the necessary materials and have the skills to work with metal. In addition, it is necessary to have several units of a special tool.


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