Electricity bills are constantly rising, «biting off» a decent part of the family budget. Nevertheless, it is quite possible to reduce the cost of paying for electricity. We have collected the most effective ways to save electricity that will help reduce your monthly bills.

The video shared ways to save electricity

All about saving energy

How to pay less
— Install solar panels
— Install motion sensors
— Install a multi-tariff meter
— Install a heat exchanger
— Replace light bulbs with energy saving ones
— Proper use of household appliances
Little tricks

How to pay less for electricity

Everyone wants to reduce utility bills. But not everyone knows how to do it. We have collected the simplest but most effective ways to save money. We will analyze how to save electricity in an apartment and in a house.

1. Installation of lighting devices powered by solar panels

Very good decision for illumination of the house adjoining or seasonal dacha territory. Each such lamp is equipped with a small photocell. In the daytime, it is charged, in the dark — it becomes a power source for the lamp. Moreover, charging goes on even in cloudy weather. Three to four hours is enough to fully charge the battery. Lighting equipment of this type is completely autonomous. It does not need to be connected to the mains. It saves money on wiring and installation, which can also be considered its plus.

2. Installation of motion sensors

An effective way to save electricity in a house where the local area is illuminated. Lighting is switched on/off by special sensors. They are designed in such a way that they react only to the appearance of a person. The appearance of animals does not activate them. The sensor is triggered when a person approaches three meters. You can build a chain of sensors that will turn on the light when people move along the path or any other object.

Produce similar sensors for apartments. They are mounted in rooms and utility rooms. The principle of operation is slightly different, but the result is the same. Lighting devices work only in the presence of a person.

3. Installation of multi-tariff meters

There are two- and three-tariff equipment for sale. The first takes into account the consumption of electricity in two time periods, the latter — in three. Accordingly, the price of energy resources will be different. During peak hours it is higher, at other times it is lower.

Such accounting is very beneficial in the presence of certain electrical appliances. For example, a dishwasher or washing machine with a delayed start. Then they are loaded in the evening, and at night, at the «cheapest» time, they turn on and perform a work cycle. The same with electric boilers, boilers, multicookers or bread makers. Proper use of equipment with high power consumption at night helps to save up to 50% of energy.


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4. Installation of an additional heat accumulator

A good option for those who heat their homes with an electric boiler. A heat accumulator is installed in the heating system. At night, when the tariff is at its lowest, the heating is at full capacity. At this time, the battery accumulates heat, and during the day it gives it to the rooms. Electricity is not used during this time. The process is controlled by automation, configured to maintain a certain temperature in the house.

5. Installation of energy-saving light bulbs

Lighting fixtures use a lot of electricity. Obsolete incandescent lamps consume a lot of energy, but use it extremely inefficiently. The best solution is to replace them with energy-saving light bulbs.

There are several options for such devices. All of them spend less than the usual incandescent appliances. Thus, fluorescent lamps consume six times less energy, and LED — eight. Their price, of course, is higher, but it quickly pays off. They serve several times longer than incandescent lamps.


6. Proper use of household appliances

The most energy-efficient equipment that uses modern energy-saving technologies. It is easily recognizable by its energy class A with several pluses. The more of them, the more economical the device. These are general recommendations. Let’s look at ways to save energy for different types of electrical appliances.

Dishwasher and washing machine

Do not overload equipment. Overloaded equipment increases electricity consumption. For continuous use, select cycles with minimum temperatures. The result will be no worse than that of high-temperature ones, and the energy consumption is less.

electric heater

For additional heating, choose models with a fan and a built-in thermostat. Install wall appliances together with thermal reflectors. These are plates with a mirror surface that prevent heat rays from escaping into the wall.

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Turn off the appliance after watching TV programs. It is convenient to use a timer for this. Position the TV so that no light falls on its screen. Then you can reduce the brightness of the monitor to save power.

A computer

The PC consumes the most electricity during online games and watching HD movies. Try to limit the time for these activities. A laptop is more economical than a stationary machine, it may be worth buying it.


Buy models with automatic shutdown. It will not waste energy resources if you forgot to turn it off, it is also safer. Iron things at the lowest temperature. Hang wet laundry so that it wrinkles as little as possible.

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Air conditioner

Don’t try to cool the room too much in the summer heat. Temperatures of 17-18˚C and below in this case can be hazardous to health. In addition, the energy consumption of the air conditioner will increase significantly. It is better to maintain 20-22˚С. It’s safe and economical.


Its heat exchanger must always be kept clean. Place the refrigerator in the coolest place in the room — do not install it near heat sources. Protect equipment from direct sunlight.


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Choose the right modes for processing products. The most energy-intensive of them is defrosting. Try to defrost food in a different way to reduce energy consumption.

Electric kettle

Pour in exactly the amount of water you need. A full electric kettle heats up longer, consumes more energy.

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electric stove

Choose modes of minimum power. Correctly select the diameters of the burner and dishes: they must be the same. Do not forget that the switched off burner cools down for a long time and continues to heat. Use this heat for cooking.

Little tricks to save money

To cut down on energy bills, it’s worth developing a few very simple habits for yourself and your household.

  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  • Disconnect unused chargers from the mains.
  • Dust off all light bulbs regularly.
  • Do not leave household appliances in standby mode. It still uses electricity. Buy devices that turn off automatically.
  • Clean windows and clear window sills to keep the room light.
  • Before a long absence, for example, before going on vacation, turn off household appliances.

And the last tip. To make the house brighter, paste over the rooms with light wallpaper. They reflect light rays better than dark ones. The ceiling is also better to have light. This also helps save energy.


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