Every owner of a country house wants to have a good heating system. But where to find out which electric boiler will be better than the rest. Of course, you can read a lot of information on your own. But how to distinguish a successful advertising move from reality? You can learn about the most popular electric space heating systems by reviewing in detail customer reviews and statistics from the largest retail outlets.

The most popular manufacturers

Today, most companies that produce electric boilers for heating are trying to develop energy-efficient installations. The introduction of such units will warm up any house in the shortest possible time.

Choosing the right device should be based on the personal characteristics of the room and weather conditions. Despite this, you can still get acquainted with the rating, which indicates electric heating boilers with the best value for money.

So, the most popular manufacturers of such units are: Protherm, Vaillant, Kospel, Evberg, Dakon. RusNIT and EVAN distinguished themselves among domestic companies.

Well, it is worth taking a closer look at the five most popular home heating installations.

RusNIT 209M

This unit can be purchased on average for $ 270. The device is considered the best among cheap boilers. It has a small size and is made of light alloy, which makes it possible to install it almost anywhere. The boiler has a relatively low power — 9 kW. This is quite enough to properly heat the premises, whose area reaches 90 square meters. m. At the same time, it does not matter at all — an apartment, a country cottage or a country house.

It should be noted a wide range of features and workmanship — in many respects no worse than imported ones. So, for example, an electric heating boiler has automated operation. In addition, a detailed setting of such indicators as the temperature of the coolant or air, power level and others is offered.


  • low cost;
  • simple installation;
  • step power adjustment;
  • setting the temperature of the coolant with an error of 0.5 degrees;
  • overheat protection;
  • the air warms up in the range from 5 to 30 points Celsius;
  • a sensor that monitors the amount of coolant;
  • splash-resistant body.


  • not suitable for large houses.


This electric heating boiler is the best among the powerful units of domestic production. On average, it can be purchased for $520. This cost compared to the previous one is explained by the presence of many elements necessary for heating. So, for example, stainless heating components, an expansion tank, a pump and others are provided here. All this makes it possible to save the expended installation space, financial resources and installation time.

There is a special control panel hidden behind the door. The electric heating unit also has a convenient display, which indicates all the necessary information. The work is carried out using a microprocessor. It is, however, fully automatic. Despite this, a manual mode is provided, which allows you to configure everything yourself.

The unit works well in the event of a voltage drop. But still it is better to use a stabilizer to avoid possible problems.

The device is universal, as it is suitable for use not only in residential premises, but also in industrial facilities.

  • quiet work;
  • expansion tank 12 l;
  • step power adjustment;
  • control through the processor;
  • a sensor that allows you to program the room temperature control for a week;
  • there is a possibility of manual adjustment;
  • pump;
  • protection against problems with the electrical network;
  • pressure and coolant level sensor;
  • if a problem is detected, an alert is made using sound and light.


  • big weight;
  • large sizes;
  • a capacitor that often fails;
  • mandatory installation of a voltage stabilizer.

Vaillant eloBLOCK VE 12

You can buy such a unit for the home on average for $ 550. First of all, it is perfect for users who cannot “communicate” with technology, because there is only one key. The device is used to heat rooms, the total area of ​​\u200b\u200bwhich does not exceed 120 square meters. m.


  • microprocessor is used for control, which ensures accurate operation;
  • backlit display;
  • smooth control, due to which it increases the period of use;
  • weather-dependent automation;
  • remote control is provided;
  • 2 heating elements are used at once, the power of each of which reaches 6 kW;
  • can be connected to «warm floor» systems;
  • freezing protection;
  • expansion tank 7 liters.


  • mandatory connection through the stabilizer;
  • expensive accessories.

Protherm Skat 12KR


You can buy the best (according to many) electric boilers for an average of $560. They are used for heating buildings, the total area of ​​which does not exceed 120 square meters. m. The device has established itself as a high-quality and low-noise.

It must be remembered that if your room has a good insulation layer, relatively little electricity will be consumed. So, for example, many, in order to maintain a comfortable temperature, are installed only on the first stage of heating. Energy is consumed a lot only when you first turn it on.


  • the boiler looks good;
  • takes up minimal space;
  • installation does not require special skills;
  • easy to manage;
  • efficient in use;
  • a pressure and temperature sensor is provided;
  • built-in emergency shutdown system;
  • expansion tank of 7 liters;
  • frost protection;
  • the device is capable of heating water from 40 to 85 degrees;
  • Efficiency up to 99.5%.


  • the most expensive in terms of resources among this list;
  • need a stabilizer.

Kospel EKCO.L1Z-15

If you are interested in which electric boiler is better, you should definitely pay attention to this unit. It is perfect for heating rooms up to 180 sq. m. There is a convenient panel for controlling the device, which is located at the top. It is important to note the presence of a high-quality protection system. It is planned to set the regime for a week in advance, which will definitely help the owners of country houses where they come for the weekend. At the same time, the powerful device has the most compact dimensions and weight — only 18 kg.


  • high quality performance;
  • does not make noise;
  • smooth adjustment;
  • pump;
  • manometer;
  • electronic programmer;
  • a coolant filter is provided.


  • in the case of using a low quality liquid, the heating elements can quickly break down;
  • if one heating component breaks, the entire flask must be completely replaced.

What heaters are better to choose? It all depends on the needs and capabilities of the owner of the premises. Cheap simple units are also suitable for heating small country houses. To heat a large country house, it is necessary to install more powerful devices. In any case, before buying, you need to familiarize yourself with the different options.


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