Gas is considered the cheapest energy resource. Therefore, it is chosen for heating, water heating, cooking in private and apartment buildings. However, the low price is not a reason not to keep records of the consumption of blue fuel. For this, special devices have been developed that periodically break down and require replacement. Let’s figure out which gas meter is better to choose in an apartment.

Choosing a gas meter in an apartment

Product varieties

Criterias of choice

  1. Installation location
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Date of manufacture
  4. Thermal corrector

Types of equipment

The device is built into the line through which fuel is supplied to the house. In high-rise buildings, such devices are installed in each apartment.

Accounting options

  • Mechanical. The flow drives the rotation transmission mechanism in some way. He activates the counting device.
  • Electronic. When a certain volume of the gas mixture passes through, the sensor generates an impulse. Their number is taken into account, and then recalculated into consumption indicators. The result is displayed on the LCD monitor.

To choose the right gas meter for your apartment, you need to start with the type of device. There are several of them. In its work, the equipment uses various principles for determining the flow rate of the mixture. Here are some household items.

Diaphragm (membrane)

Used to account for small gas flows. The mechanical non-volatile device of chamber type is divided into two compartments. At the top there are nozzles for the inlet and outlet of the flow. A diaphragm measuring mechanism is installed inside the housing.

Measurement accuracy is determined
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The measurement accuracy determines the number of aperture chambers. There are at least two of them. When filling one, the mixture is displaced from the other. The movement of the diaphragms is taken into account by the counting element.

Membrane meters are characterized by a simple design. This gives them the opportunity to serve for a long time, about twenty years. The equipment is economical, unpretentious in maintenance. Diaphragm models verification period is 10 years. The disadvantage is the significant size of the case. Therefore, it is difficult to disguise it well. Another disadvantage is that they are considered noisy. If a large volume passes through them, they can whistle unpleasantly.

Rotary (rotary)

Compact mechanical device. Can only be installed on a vertical pipe with a clear orientation in the direction of flow. Two rotors placed in the housing rotate, passing a certain amount of the mixture. The number of their revolutions is taken into account and translated into readings. The device has good accuracy with a small error. It works quietly, has a high throughput, is durable, non-volatile, compact.

Can bear small
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Capable of handling light loads. The main disadvantage is associated with the mechanical principle of operation. This is a short calibration interval of 5 years. Moving parts wear out quickly and need to be replaced.


Electronic equipment with the ability to integrate an automatic transmission of readings. The difference in the speed of ultrasonic signal passage through the gaseous moving medium is estimated. Differ in high accuracy of measurements. Are issued in cases of the increased durability. They can be placed indoors or outdoors.

A number of models are additionally equipped with a memory unit capable of recording and storing readings for 12 months of operation. The calibration interval is 6 years. The disadvantage of this type of apparatus is volatility. The price is higher than that of mechanical counterparts.


Electronic devices that can be installed in a trunk directed horizontally or vertically. The principle of operation is simple. The mixture jet passing through the nozzle acts on the piezoelectric element. It generates pulses that are taken into account by the counting element and converted into readings. Inkjet devices are durable and very reliable. The calibration interval of different models is 7-12 years. The flow meter is volatile, battery operated. Very sensitive to the quality of the mixture. The supply of insufficiently purified gas will cause a breakdown. In addition, the device responds to temperature fluctuations.

Even small negative values ​​increase the measurement error up to 25% or more. Therefore, their use on the street is prohibited. They are allowed for apartments.

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How to choose a gas meter

Not every flow meter is suitable for an apartment. The selection takes into account several parameters. The most important is the type of equipment. We have already described them. After one of them is selected, there are four steps left to take.

1. Determine the installation location

It is best to have a professional help you do this. He will help you choose a place for equipment. Recommend a suitable model for such conditions. If this is not possible, you will have to cope on your own. First you need to decide where the flowmeter will hang. The place is selected according to the requirements.

  • Free access to the device for maintenance, dismantling.
  • The optimal placement height is 160 cm from the floor level, the distance to the energy-consuming apparatus is no more than 80-100 cm.
  • The distance from the wall to the rear wall of the case is 3-5 cm.
  • It is forbidden to place the flow meter above the stove, sink, in excessively damp places.
  • It is undesirable to cover the device with furniture or any other objects.

The location determines the design features of the model. So, depending on the side of the gas mixture supply, they differ as right-handed and left-handed.

Connect devices to a friend
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It is not possible to connect devices to the other side. You also need to know the direction in which the jet is moving. There should be an arrow on the front of the case indicating this direction. It must be observed.

Find out the diameter of the connecting element. For apartments, a half-inch thread is standard. Very rare options. For private households, several sizes are available. In addition, the center distances of the threaded connections vary. They also need to be measured and taken into account when choosing.

2. Determine the throughput

This is the amount of flow that the model passes in a certain time. It is chosen greater than the maximum consumption. The latter is calculated as the sum of the consumption of all devices using blue fuel. The easiest way to carry out calculations is to collect data from technical documentation. The maximum volume will be indicated there. All equipment that is installed in the house is taken into account. Even the ones that are rarely used.

In the case when, over time, it is planned to install additional units, the estimated consumption increases even more. As a result, the throughput of the selected model should exceed the obtained figure. Finding out what values ​​​​the meter is designed for is very simple. There is a marking on the top of the case. The letter G, next to it are the numbers. It is they who show how many cubes per hour the model skips. For example G1,6; G2.5 etc.

3. We find out the date of manufacture

The very first calibration control of the meter takes place at the factory. A note about its results is entered in the accompanying technical documentation. The next one must be carried out within the period specified for this type of flowmeter. It doesn’t matter if it was in a warehouse or installed in a house. Therefore, you need to find out the date of manufacture.

An unpleasant surprise will be
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An unpleasant surprise will be the news that a recently delivered device is subject to verification or even replacement. And this is quite likely if he is «stale» in the store.

4. We find out the presence of a thermal corrector

The gas mixture reacts to the ambient temperature. With its decrease or increase, the density of the substance changes. Correct operation of the device is possible only within 20aboutC. In a high-rise building, this temperature is stable, so no corrective elements are needed. In private homes, flow meters are often fixed on the street. In this case, a thermal corrector is needed.

The price of flowmeters with additional
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The price of flowmeters with additional functionality is higher. Therefore, sellers try to sell them. Whereas for the owner of the apartment it will be an extra cost.

We figured out which gas meter to choose for an apartment. This is not difficult. Just do not blindly trust the consultants in the store, they are interested in selling expensive models. It is better to spend time studying the technical documentation, choose the right device yourself.


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