Any person not only wants to heat the apartment with high quality, but also, if possible, to do it as cheaply as possible. The desire to save money is understandable. But by no means everyone is aware of which heater is best suited for an apartment and more economical. As practice shows, when choosing a heater, attention is paid not only to its technical characteristics and appearance, but also to its cost. In addition, the costs associated with its operation are always taken into account.

What is the concept of an economical heater

Attention: The concept of an economical heater includes a small need for a device in a particular energy resource that it uses for its work.

The financial equivalent of questions related to heating is:

  • energy carrier price;
  • the cost of the device;
  • time;
  • possible risks.

The main task of economical heaters is to help reduce at least one of the resources listed above. The air conditioning equipment used can be liquid fuel, electric or gas. But when choosing, one should also take into account that some heaters are more suitable for an apartment, while others are more suitable for a country and private house. In addition, much depends on whether they are used as the main heating or additional.

Some of these types of climate technology are able to work autonomously, while others, from external communications. Those that work autonomously are usually used to heat private houses, and those that work from central communications are most often installed in apartments.

Volatile devices

There is an opinion that if a heating device for which electricity is used is economical, it means that it consumes a small amount of this resource. But this is not true.

Attention: The amount of electricity that is required for heating will depend on the power and intensity of the heater.

That is, if you are offered to buy an economical electric heater, this does not mean that it will be “less” voracious than other types of these devices.

Heating devices that use electricity for their work include:

Economic devices are also those that are able to maintain the desired temperature in the room without unnecessary energy costs. Usually this is possible due to the presence of automation. But if you intend to save money, then you should not choose heaters, quartz and ceramic panels, as they cool down and heat up for a long time. In addition, they do not have too much convection and the use of electricity is irrational and good savings cannot be achieved.

As an energy-saving heater for an apartment, a convector has proven itself well, which makes it possible to maintain the desired temperature. This type of heater is characterized by fast, uniform and efficient heating of the entire room. Due to the presence of a temperature sensor, the device is able to automatically turn on and off when the maximum or minimum temperature is reached. The convector rationally uses electricity and can rightfully be considered one of the most economical heaters for an apartment.

If you need to quickly warm the room, you can use an infrared heater or a fan heater. The latter heats the air, and the former, objects located in the zone of its radiation. But when choosing an infrared heater, one should not forget that the desired temperature in the room will be maintained only during its operation. After the IR heater is turned off, the temperature will drop quickly. Fan heaters do not have this drawback.

Often, a heater is needed to maintain a comfortable temperature in the apartment during the off-season, until the central heating starts working. Although often the climatic device is used if the centralized heating system cannot cope and the apartment is cool.

It is not difficult to choose heaters for an apartment. Liquid-fueled devices should be immediately abandoned. Their use in the apartment is irrational. They are well suited for heating country houses, private houses, etc.

Such energy carriers for heating an apartment as gas are also not recommended to be used.

Attention: It is most reasonable to use for this purpose electricity and devices that work on it, for example, convectors, oil radiators or infrared heaters.

Fan heaters have proven themselves well.


Convectors are efficient and quite economical devices for heating an apartment. When they work, the air cycle occurs. Getting into the convector, cold air heats up and rises, spreads throughout the room. Among the advantages of convectors are the following:

  1. Uniform heating throughout the room.
  2. Profitability of use, which is achieved due to the presence of automatic control. When the temperature reaches the set value, the convector turns off by itself, and when the room starts to get cooler, it starts working again.
  3. The fire safety of the convector is at a fairly high level. When the panels overheat, it automatically turns off.
  4. Safety is ensured by the presence of a protective case, the heating temperature of which does not exceed 50 degrees. The convector can be safely used in children’s rooms.
  5. The quietness of the convector is due to the absence of a fan or other devices that create noise in it. He does not cause discomfort to the household during his work.
  6. The appearance of this device is strict and attractive. The convector fits perfectly into the interior of any room. In addition, it is quite compact. Its weight is no more than 8 kg, and the thickness is no more than 7 cm.
  7. Ease of maintenance is another plus of convectors. It is only necessary from time to time to brush off the dust from the output and input gratings.

The air in this device is heated due to the presence of a heating element — a heating element, which is a bent steel wire located in a metal case. Convectors can be of two types — stationary or portable. In the first case, this type of climate control equipment is mounted on the wall. If the convector is portable, it is installed on the floor.

Infrared heaters

Quite common climatic devices for heating apartments are infrared heaters. This is largely due to the fact that they do not warm the entire room, but only a certain area in it. This allows you to achieve significant energy savings.

During the operation of IR heaters, it is not the air that is heated, but objects located in the radiation zone. They, in turn, transfer heat to the surrounding space.

In addition, you should know how to choose the right infrared heater. After all, some types of these devices are not recommended for use in residential areas.

Among the advantages of IR heaters are the following:

  • saving electricity;
  • effective heating of a certain area in the room;
  • oxygen is not burned and air is not dried during operation;
  • the humidity in the room is normalized;
  • fits perfectly into the interior of the room;
  • simple and fast installation;
  • rapid heating of the room.

Despite the presence of some disadvantages, infrared heaters make it possible not only to heat the apartment with high quality, but also to save on electricity.

fan heaters

Using fan heaters to heat the apartment, you can not only qualitatively, but also quickly achieve the desired temperature in the room. To do this, you just need to choose the model of the desired power.

Attention: The fan heater is a heating element, which is located in a plastic or metal case.

Thanks to the built-in fan, air masses are mixed, and they, having heated up, spread throughout the room, heating it.

Among the advantages of fan heaters are:

  • compactness;
  • light weight;
  • the possibility of rapid heating;
  • safety;
  • ease of use.

Fan heaters are desktop, floor and wall. They are quite versatile and can be used not only for space heating, but also, for example, for drying clothes. You can use them in the summer as a regular fan. The cost of purchasing this type of climate technology and their subsequent operation does not require large financial costs.

Oil heaters

Oil heaters have long proven their effectiveness. Despite the fact that they need some time to heat the room, after that they are able to maintain the desired temperature. Knowing how to choose an oil heater, you can not only heat the room well, but also save a lot. Be sure to pay attention to its performance characteristics. Don’t forget about additional features. Indeed, due to the presence, for example, of a timer, modern models are able to heat a room with little or no human intervention.

Choosing the right oil heater is quite simple. You just need to carefully read its technical characteristics. Particular attention should be paid to power. After all, it will depend on it how warm it will be in your apartment. An oil heater is similar in appearance to a conventional radiator. It is a metal case with an oil container and a heating element. When heated, the oil transfers heat to the metal case, which, in turn, evenly warms the room.

Among its advantages it should be noted:

  • safety;
  • mobility;
  • solid power;
  • noiselessness;
  • high-quality heating;
  • profitability;
  • high efficiency.

Of course, oil heaters also have some disadvantages, but they are not critical. Using it to heat the apartment, you can effortlessly maintain the required temperature regime.

Attention: If you need not only an efficient, but also an economical heater for your apartment, you should pay attention to infrared heaters, fan heaters, oil radiators or convectors.

Of course, each of them has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. But be that as it may, using these types of climate control equipment, you can not only maintain the desired temperature in the room, but also save a lot of money.


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