Do-it-yourself procedure for replacing polypropylene pipes

[ad_1] Technological progress in the field of water supply network maintenance is constantly moving forward. Means of storage and transfer of water, for the manufacture of which ferrous metals (cast iron and steel) were used, are being inexorably squeezed out. They were replaced by completely new, light, strong and durable polypropylene pipes. Their replacement, that […]

Technology and methods of laying sewer pipes

[ad_1] The sewer network is an important component of everyday life, which creates comfortable living conditions. Through pipelines, wastewater is transported to external pipelines to special equipment that processes and purifies wastewater. The domestic sewage system is divided into internal and external, which are located respectively inside the house and in the open area. Sewer […]

How to bend a metal-plastic pipe: effective ways

[ad_1] The manufacture of a heating or water supply system from metal-plastic pipes is advantageous in that almost all work can be done independently, without the involvement of specialists. The cost of materials is low, and the necessary experience can be acquired in the process. Metal-plastic products do not require the mandatory use of special […]

Effective ways to insulate a chimney with your own hands

[ad_1] Citizens living on the territory of private houses, in order to reduce heat loss, try to strengthen window frames and walls with additional materials. However, chimney insulation is also a must to ensure that the structure performs well and also reduces the risk of collapse. You can do this yourself, or invite a specialist. […]

Design and installation of water supply pipes in the bathroom and toilet

[ad_1] Most people who want to save on the work of specialists are trying to find as much information as possible on how to properly route water pipes. Thanks to modern devices made of durable, but lightweight materials, you can handle the wiring in the bathroom and toilet on your own. How to start right […]

The principle of operation, characteristics and installation of a heating cable for sewer pipes

[ad_1] The problem of freezing of sewer communications of external sewerage is best solved at the design stage, using insulation and placing its main part below the freezing depth of the soil. But due to the great depth (more than 1m) or the presence of additional communications, this becomes impossible. The risk of freezing is […]

Types of thermal insulation of chimneys

[ad_1] The products of combustion of fuel in a stove or fireplace are removed from the room using a chimney. Chimneys have a complex structure. To obtain the necessary traction, it is necessary not only to correctly calculate their height, to carry out a competent installation of the chimney, but also to properly organize thermal […]

Diesel boilers and their varieties

[ad_1] In private households, autonomous heating is an integral element of the heat supply system. When choosing heating equipment, owners take into account the simplicity and efficiency of use. Equipment manufacturers offer a wide range of models, among which liquid fuel units — diesel boilers are especially popular. Types of installations, design features In the […]

Instructions for removing the plug from the sewer with your own hands

[ad_1] For a comfortable stay in the apartment, along with heat, electricity, it should be supplied with water for household and drinking needs. In addition, it must also have a drain from sanitary appliances. Ideally, the amount of water withdrawal should be equal to the water consumption. But in practice this is not always the […]

The main methods of insulating gas pipelines

[ad_1] Insulation of gas pipelines is a necessary and important action aimed at protecting the pipeline from the effects of adverse environmental factors. Thermal insulation not only reduces heat loss, but also increases the quality of operation of the line. Laying a gas pipeline with an insulator Gas pipeline insulation materials Insulation for surface gas […]