Hot water gas boilers: problems, errors

[ad_1] Today, many housing infrastructure facilities use autonomous gas heating for life support. If for city apartments this possibility is limited by technical limits, then for the private sector autonomous heating is one of the key aspects of housing comfort. Gas-heating equipment can provide high-quality and efficient heating of residential premises in autonomous mode. Hot […]

Features of autonomous heating in a private and apartment building

[ad_1] Modern housing construction is built mainly on the use of new technologies. Especially the introduction of know-how is noticeable in the field of heating systems, utilities and water supply. With the advent of new types of heating equipment, autonomous heating in an apartment building is becoming popular in modern housing construction. Even at the […]

The best ways to insulate a metal chimney pipe in a bath

[ad_1] Most owners, after building a bathhouse, installing a fireplace or a stove with a chimney, consider that all work is completed. In the meantime, the moment comes when the chimney for the built bath must be isolated from combustible elements and roof leaks. Wall and ceiling insulation with metal plates It is best to […]

We make a water heated floor from a gas boiler

[ad_1] Giving preference to autonomous heating methods, homeowners want to solve the problem of heating an apartment or house once and for all. Independent heating provides not only optimal temperature conditions in residential premises, but also provides significant cost savings in the family budget. It is up to you to decide which type of autonomous […]

Antifreeze for heating system

[ad_1] A country house, cottage or cottage will become warm and cozy when they have a normal, full-fledged heating system. Due to the fact that equipment for water heating is widely represented on the market today, there is no difficulty in installing and organizing an autonomous heating system for your own home! There remains an […]

How to install metal-plastic pipes with compression fittings

[ad_1] The water supply system from metal-plastic pipes includes connecting elements called fittings. Connecting elements What are compression fittings for metal-plastic pipes? How to install them correctly? What to do if the connection starts to leak? You will learn the answers to these questions by reading the article. Types, purpose, prices Compression fittings are used […]

Choosing a double-circuit gas boiler

[ad_1] Autonomous gas heating will only be effective and economical when all the technical nuances and everyday needs of the inhabitants of the house are taken into account during its design and installation. A gas boiler is a key element of an autonomous heating system, therefore, at the design stage, it is necessary to decide […]

Comparison of heating in a private and apartment building

[ad_1] When planning the construction of a private house, each of us is faced with a dilemma — which type of heating to give preference to. We are concerned about the issue. How to make your home warm, cozy and comfortable, while managing to save your own money on heating. The types of heating used […]

Grounding a gas boiler: how to do it and why?

[ad_1] Grounding a gas boiler is one of the basic safety requirements that must be met in order to obtain permission from the relevant authorities to operate the heating system. Why do it? Grounding a gas or other boiler in a private house is a measure to ensure the safety of the operation of gas […]

The main steps and recommendations for installing roof ventilation pipes

[ad_1] A necessary condition for comfort in a private house is the creation of reliable ventilation. With proper design, the main problem will only be the installation and fastening of ventilation pipes on the roof. Its methods depend on the characteristics of the duct itself and on the external covering of the roof. General view […]