Do-it-yourself assembly and installation of metal-plastic pipes: installation instructions and tools

[ad_1] The assembly and installation of a metal-polymer water supply system is carried out without welding and with a small set of affordable and inexpensive tools. It is these factors, as well as the good technical characteristics of the material, that allow you to carry out the process of assembling and connecting the water supply […]

Analysis and purification of water from a well from iron: an overview of filters

[ad_1] Well water among consumers is often synonymous with ideal. But in fact, she is not rare characterized by increased mineralizationespecially for artesian wells. ferruginous water has a wide range of negative effectsso it needs to be cleaned up. We will talk about how to independently analyze it and get rid of iron in the […]

Do-it-yourself welding of polypropylene pipes: instructions

[ad_1] Products made from modern polymeric materials have characteristics that make it possible to use them in water and heat supply systems for residential buildings and industrial premises. Due to the presence of special stabilizing additives in the composition of the polymer, the materials are resistant to water hammer and pressure drops. The reinforced polypropylene […]

Do-it-yourself water meter installation: instructions and rules

[ad_1] A large part of the family budget is spent on utility bills. It is possible to significantly reduce the amount in payments with the help of special tools that record the real consumption of resources, whether it be water, gas or heat. The Government of the Russian Federation strongly recommends doing this, threatening a […]

Basic requirements for a chimney for a gas boiler: norms and rules

[ad_1] Installation of boiler equipment and its efficient operation is impossible without a chimney. The right choice of materials, compliance with the rules when connecting is the key to your safety. Gas services strictly control the commissioning process, they can fine violators or forcibly disconnect the user from gas supply. material requirements Basic requirements for […]

We assemble an air dryer with our own hands: a scheme and principle of operation

[ad_1] Too much humidity is just as bad as too much dry air. It negatively affects the well-being of a person. In addition, there are other consequences: the environment deteriorates, things deteriorate, as well as elements of load-bearing structures. As a result of excess humidity in the room, the parquet swells and the wallpaper warps, […]

Humidifier — good or bad? Overview of humidifiers

[ad_1] Humidity is the main indicator of the content of water vapor in the ambient air and is normally about 55%. It plays a huge role in our life, which we sometimes do not even think about. And neglecting this indicator can be harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones. The […]

Reliable drainage system around the house: a do-it-yourself device

[ad_1] home drainage is a system whose function is to take atmospheric and underground moisture from the foundation. It’s very rare to get by without it. in areas with well-permeable soil, lack of floods and low year-round groundwater levels. In other cases, this system is necessary, since protects the foundation, basement from rain, melt water […]

Installing an air conditioner with your own hands and the rules for its use

[ad_1] In the hot summer, people begin to understand what they lack in home improvement.Air conditioning allows: get rid of problems such as heat and stuffiness; maintain the desired level of temperature in the room, as comfortable as possible for humans and household appliances. Unlike fans, causing drafts and leading to colds, modern air conditioners […]

How to make a solid fuel boiler for long burning with your own hands: instructions, drawing, diagram

[ad_1] A long-burning boiler is an improved type of solid fuel boilers. Such models are produced for a wide range of consumers, and are used for the purpose of heating rooms for various purposes. Their basis is the principle of economical and long-term combustion of any solid fuel: coal, firewood, wood briquettes. When using coal, […]