Wiring devices

[ad_1] Devices of an independent push-button type are characterized by increased reliability (Impuls series, BUSCH-JAEGER) Esprit (GIRA) GIRA’s Esprit series uses only environmentally friendly materials for decoration. Stripe backlight option (LEGRAND) a bAssembly with two sockets and an on timer /shutdown(a) and a six-gang illuminated switch(b) DAEWOO requires an installation box with US standard dimensions […]

Electrician in the bathroom: safety

[ad_1] Electrical installation product series Aqua Top from ELSO (Germany) Installing a rubber seal in sockets and switches allows you to achieve degree of protection IP44 (GIRA, Event series) IP65 spotlight from XENON ) Electrical installation products of the Hydra series for outdoor installation from PRODAX (Hungary) When a leak occurs, the balance of currents […]

To each according to his needs

[ad_1] How to get the necessary electrical power for a modern cottage? Which authorities should be contacted to complete all the required documentation? What can and should be done to ensure that the required amount of electricity flows freely into the house? We provide answers to these difficult questions with the help of energy experts. […]

home energy

[ad_1] EU 20i compact station (2kW) from HONDA is suitable for a small country house SAWAFUJI SHX2000 mini station is suitable for powering hi-end equipment To the station Geko 7201 (MWF GEMMINGEN) with an asynchronous generator, starter and battery, you can connect equipment that is sensitive to voltage drops SAE 30 oil can be used […]


[ad_1] Fotos: Winfried Nrenberg/Picture Press A transparent plastic window on the case of the machine LR 604805 from LEGRAND allows you to designate the protected circuit. Automatic switch «Brownie» VA 63 from SCHNEIDER Automatic from ABB. The transparent case shows the internals: release spring, bimetal plate and electromagnet Sections of DIN-peek for installation of modules. […]


[ad_1] Modern electrical cabinets are available with an IP degree of protection44 to IP65. This allows you to install them even in boiler rooms, basements and other damp areas. A series of shields from SPELSBERG (Germany) OBO BETTERMANN In buildings with a metal roof, an external lightning protection system is necessary. One of the options […]

When strength is weakness

[ad_1] «ARCHITECTURAL ELECTRONICS»The length of low-voltage networks for various purposes in modern homes is calculated in kilometers Video intercoms are connected to a separate low-current line, but can be integrated into a structured system Low-voltage devices are switched in special cabinets located on stairwells. Wires and cables are pulled into cabinets through riser pipes Low-voltage […]

Compressed kilowatts

[ad_1] KPPERSBUSH «SERVICE-TRANSGAZ»Liquefied gases were successfully used for heating even country houses until the 70s.gg. «TECHNO-ITALY»Tanks may be heated using special cables «TECHNO-ITALY»Vessel design from WTS: one— foundation;2— flask;3— casing;four— lock;5— cap;6— lid «KUZPOLYMER-MASH»Russian tanks are made in the form of horizontal barrels with elliptical bottoms with a diameter of 1100-1600mm and must be provided […]

In complete safety

[ad_1] SIMON ABBLocation of danger zones in the bathroom. ATeach of them must be installed electrical equipment with an appropriate degree of protection Symbols for elements of electrical equipment that are approved for installation in the bathroom Socket with a protective cover and a switch from the Aqua-In series (ELSO, Germany) Surface Mount IP44 Switch […]

Kitchen kilowatts love the bill

[ad_1] BEKKER Electrical load diagram BEKKER Sockets, switches and multifunctional control devices of the Cirio series of the Belgian company NIKO are made of steel and look good in different interiors NOLTENOLTEErgonomic layout of sockets makes it easier to use kitchen appliances A practical solution is offered by ABB: in the «Standard» series, the socket […]