Easy breath

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»Family hearth» with a capacity of two kilowatts

[ad_1] The cast canopy over the electric firebox and the colored enamel painting on the embossed ceramic screen were made in the style of U.Morris (Landsdown, BE MODERN GROUP) Cylindrical potbelly stove with glass doors and electric filling. Design— in the image of stoves, popular in American city apartments of the late XIXcentury (Manhattan, DIMPLEX) […]

Shall we throw wood?

[ad_1] Domestic universal boiler ZIOSAB-45 capacity 45kW In the JASPI Miniter 2000 boilerMAKINEN solid fuel, diesel fuel and heating elements can be used simultaneously or in any combination Domestic combined steel boilers KS-TGV («CONORD») Slow smoldering of a large portion of firewood allows gas-generating boilers to operate on one load of fuel by 8-12 hours […]

Fire, wood and chimneys…

[ad_1] Wall-angle model Peralba (PIAZZETTA) «KF EVITA»Island type fireplace made from elements commonly used for wall appliances «AGROPROJECT»Tiled fireplace retains heat longer DEVILLEThe main structural elements of the wall fireplace:a — smoke box;b — mantelpiece;in — portal;g — combustion chamber;d — chimney shelf;e — firewood FOTObank/EWAIn the interior, trying to reproduce the Art Deco era, […]

Heating with electric convectors

[ad_1] Electric convector SKZS20 euro (STIEBEL ELTRON) A flexible controllable heating system based on convector panels will allow you to set and maintain an individual temperature regime in each room of the house —> With this remote control from NOBO, you can program the operation of all convector heaters installed in the house Wall mounted […]

Rising heat

[ad_1] Scheme of layout and connection of a two-core cable. Modern cable systems for electric floor heating are safe from the point of view of both temperature (24-28FROM), and electromagnetic radiation (tenμT) Scheme of the device of the main warm floor1. Ground.2. Compacted gravel.3. Thermal insulation. 4. Plastic film.5. Reinforced concrete slab. 6. Mounting plate.7. […]

«Electro-independent» heating systems

[ad_1] Universal boilers of the P series30 off ROCA allow you to quickly switch from solid fuel to gas or diesel fuel Architect A.Grace Photo by K.Manko PROTERM Appearance of the boiler Proterm TLO AOGV from GAZOAPPARAT Universal boiler «Ziosab-45» from «ZIOSAB» Boiler «Don» from «CONORD» The control and monitoring equipment is hidden under the […]

«You’re sitting by the fireplace…»

[ad_1] Above the portal EAST NEWS/ MONDADORI PRESS The fireplace portal is usually a rectangle placed on the long side. Often there is an empty space above it that needs to be filled, otherwise the hearth will turn into a “black hole”, where the best impulses of the architect to create comfort will be sucked […]

Inextinguishable harmony

[ad_1] Profiled atmospheric burner with tubes of variable cross-section and shaped holes for operation at gas pressures up to 3mbar from LAARS DE DIETRICH Scheme of the device of a boiler with an atmospheric burner:1 — return line;2 — combustion chamber;3 — heat exchanger;4 — supply line;5 — chimney valve;6 — hatch for cleaning;7 — […]

Clothes for the fire

[ad_1] Fireplace Gassin with double-sided firebox 845 (CHEMINEES PHILIPPE). One side leans against the wall. At the request of the customer, it is completed with a metal nozzle on the casing around the chimney AUSTROFLAM FOCUSThree options for the location of chimneys relative to the roof ridge SUPRACollective chimney in the house: on the left— […]