How to make a foundation for a fireplace?

[ad_1] Man has been enjoying the contemplation of fire since ancient times. Having learned how to build a dwelling, he gladly brings a fire into his dwelling, in the form of a hearth. They rest and warm themselves near the fire, cook food on it, and also have exciting conversations with family and friends. Nowadays, […]

Do-it-yourself corner fireplace

[ad_1] After a week of work in the city, you really want to go out of town and take a break from everyday hustle and bustle. Enjoy your space by going into the house to kindle logs in your fireplace, and relax in the comfort of the hearth. And who does not have a fireplace, […]

Overview of electric fireplaces with live flame effects

[ad_1] Many residents of high-rise buildings dream of installing a fireplace in their apartment. In today’s world, such a dream can easily become a reality. Now they make electric fireplaces on any floor and in any room of their own apartment. Creating a fireplace in the apartment with your own hands, you can make it […]

How to make a fireplace with your own hands?

[ad_1] Decorating the interior of an apartment or house with a fireplace fills with an atmosphere of dreaminess and reflection. Resting next to the hearth, it is always a pleasure to enjoy the fire in the fireplace, drink hot tea. The fireplace performs the function of heating the building, and it is beautiful as a […]

English style fireplace

[ad_1] When a fireplace appears in the most simple and unpretentious rooms, the space is transformed and filled with the charm of a home. In high-end homes, an English-style fireplace gives a semantic and decorative focus to the whole house. The presence of a fireplace creates security, comfort and peace. You can look at it […]

What is a loft fireplace and how to choose one?

[ad_1] Loft-style fireplaces go beyond the usual ideas and allow you to perceive the hearth with a different eye, giving the interior of your room bright, active and unpredictable colors. Loft refers to an outrageous style filled with elements of eccentricity and a manifestation of quirkiness. It is a combination of modern style and old […]

Which fireplace to choose for an apartment?

[ad_1] For those who want to create a fireplace in a city apartment, there are many modern options that ensure the creation of a cozy home. They are versatile and convenient for residents who are used to working hard and relaxing after a working day. For apartment buildings, there are regulations prohibiting the use of […]

How to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands?

[ad_1] The desire to have a fireplace usually reflects a need for the cosiness and charm of a live fire. Fire not only creates a cozy atmosphere, but also soothes and pacifies. Recently, decorative fireplaces have become popular, which do not heat the space, but create an imitation of a real hearth. How to make […]

Types of gazebos with a fireplace

[ad_1] You can hide in the summer heat or rainy weather in the gazebo, and if it is equipped with a fireplace, then you can come to warm yourself by a live fire, enjoying the comfort and warmth. Such a gazebo with a fireplace has advantages at any time of the day or night, as […]

Fireplace accessories

[ad_1] Fireplaces are becoming more and more popular. They have a stylish and original design, as you can make according to your own sketches. The fireplace, heating the surrounding space, brings warmth and comfort to the house. The flame of an open fire fills with life-giving power and charges with the natural element of fire. […]