Features of spiral heaters

[ad_1] The content of the article: With the advent of cold weather, it often turns out that central heating cannot cope with heating the apartment, the temperature in the rooms turns out to be too low, the residents suffer from the cold, and risk catching a cold. No wonder so many go to the market […]

We make a choice between a fan heater and an infrared heater

[ad_1] Perhaps, in every family you can find electric heaters that are very helpful in spring and autumn, when it is still quite cool outside, and the centralized heat supply has already been stopped. These devices will also come in handy in the garage, in the workshop or in the country, where there is simply […]

Reliable installation of an infrared heater on the ceiling

[ad_1] The content of the article: Traditional heating based on the convection effect, despite its popularity, has many disadvantages. The stratification of air masses, the uneven heating of the room by volume, the creation of convection currents and drafts, significant heat losses, slow heating are the most typical examples. It is not surprising that many […]

Choosing economical panel heaters

[ad_1] With the advent of autumn, the temperature in apartments and cottages becomes not very comfortable. Centralized heating has not yet been launched, and it is already noticeably cool outside. It is not surprising that many people try to prepare in advance for this phenomenon, to purchase an effective heater. A panel heater is one […]

Are infrared heaters dangerous?

[ad_1] When purchasing a device for heating a home, you need to pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the unit, but also to the safety of its use. To choose the safest heater, it is necessary to assess the degree of its fire safety, if there is an oxygen consumption factor, its […]

Are infrared heaters harmful to health?

[ad_1] Due to numerous advantages, the demand for infrared heaters is increasing every year. With their help, you can quickly and efficiently warm any residential and industrial premises. IR heaters generate significantly more heat than many other heating devices. For example, fan heaters. In addition, this type of climate technology does not burn the oxygen […]

DIY gas gun

[ad_1] In cold weather, one of the most effective devices for space heating is a gas gun. It is able to quickly warm any room in an apartment, private house or cottage, office, etc. A do-it-yourself gas gun is made quite simply. It is characterized by high efficiency, solid power and low power consumption. In […]

Infrared heater or convector — which is better?

[ad_1] In the market of heating equipment, you can easily find a lot of devices for space heating. Due to their diversity, making the right choice can sometimes be quite problematic. In order to purchase the most suitable heating device, it is recommended to conduct a comparative analysis of them. It will be necessary to […]

How to connect an infrared heater?

[ad_1] Infrared heaters are in great demand. Such popularity is due to the ability to quickly and efficiently warm the room at low energy costs. Installation of infrared heaters and their connection is a fairly simple procedure and does not require much time, effort and special skills. Most often, these heating devices are installed on […]

How to choose an infrared heater?

[ad_1] Infrared and oil heaters are in high demand in the climate technology market. Such popularity is due to their efficient operation, ease of operation and long service life. But everything can be achieved only by knowing how to choose an infrared heater or its oil counterpart correctly. What parameters of their work should be […]