Installation of a warm water floor

[ad_1] Among the heating options used today, the heating system of residential premises with the help of warm floors is gaining popularity. The water heated floor heating system, unlike other traditionally used heating methods, looks more attractive in many respects. Here it would be appropriate to say about the high efficiency of such a heating […]

How to drain water from a warm floor?

[ad_1] Installation of a warm floor involves the subsequent long-term and uninterrupted operation of the heating system. In a city apartment, a private house or a country house, a water-heated floor is equally effective and convenient. Such a heating system can be equipped in almost any residential area, but the effectiveness of its use depends […]

Calculation of a warm floor — highlights

[ad_1] For most country houses, dachas and households in the private sector, one of the most convenient and efficient ways of heating is underfloor heating. The technology turned out to be so convenient and practical that the number of supporters of this heating system is growing every day. The main reason for such popularity is […]

How to find damaged pipes in a warm water floor

[ad_1] For many of us, an autonomous heating system is a real lifesaver, thanks to which you can make almost any home comfortable and cozy. A warm water floor is one of the most comfortable, efficient and convenient ways to heat residential premises. Despite the relative simplicity of design and understandable operation scheme, even such […]

Stages of launching a water floor

[ad_1] Each of us is free to independently choose which heating system will be optimal for heating residential premises. The choice of heating equipment depends on where you live, in a city apartment or in a private house. For an apartment in an apartment building, the ideal option would be to install heating radiators. Floor […]

What to fill in a warm floor?

[ad_1] For most autonomous heating systems, no matter how the heating is carried out, a warm floor is installed through radiators or in a dwelling, the main heat transmitter is the heated coolant. Most often, ordinary water acts as a heat carrier (up to 70% of heating systems used in households), however, other liquid media […]

How to choose a corrugated stainless pipe for underfloor heating?

[ad_1] For equipment in an apartment or in a residential building with underfloor heating, components and consumables are often used that are not fully suitable for such cases. An erroneous idea about the “warm floor” heating system itself, about how the equipment should function becomes the cause of frequent emergencies. To solve this problem will […]

Advantages and disadvantages of underfloor heating

[ad_1] Not each of us is able to really imagine what a heating system is a warm floor. One name gives only the initial, superficial understanding of how the space is heated in this case. For those who have already experienced the effect of heating residential premises with underfloor heating, they can safely talk about […]

The specifics of laying a warm floor in an apartment

[ad_1] Today, each homeowner can often choose options and methods for heating residential premises. The main thing is that the chosen option for home heating should be done legally, have high efficiency and remain economical. A water heated floor in an apartment is one of the most successful and practical ways to organize high-quality heating […]

Laying underfloor heating in the bathroom

[ad_1] In every house, in a city apartment, the bathroom is one of the most frequently visited rooms. Due to the intensity and specifics of domestic use, special requirements are placed on the bathroom. The main task for any owner is to create the necessary microclimate in the bathroom, which will correspond to the operating […]