Details about domestic gas heating boilers

[ad_1] At present, in apartments and private houses one can still find old-style heating equipment that no longer meets the increased requirements — inefficient, uneconomical and does not meet safety conditions. For a long time, the main type of household gas-heating equipment was AOGV gas floor-standing boilers (autonomous heating and hot water supply). These household […]

Let’s talk about the types of gas boilers for heating for a private house

[ad_1] Gas autonomous heating is by far the most popular in everyday life, given the scale of application. Natural gas is the most affordable type of fuel for efficient autonomous heating of residential premises. A home boiler is a technically advanced, high-tech unit that, by burning gas in a combustion chamber, heats the coolant in […]

All about the heating system in a wooden house

[ad_1] Recently, living in wooden houses has become fashionable and popular. This is due to their environmental friendliness, attractive appearance, durability, etc. If earlier life in such a house was fraught with many inconveniences, now everything has changed for the better. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, living in a wooden house can […]

Details about individual heating in an apartment building

[ad_1] Poor-quality heat supply in apartment buildings is pushing many of their residents to switch to individual heating. The demand for this system is due to the ability to independently regulate the temperature in the house and not depend on various external factors. Thanks to the presence of individual heating, at any time of the […]

All about pressure testing of heating in a private house

[ad_1] Proper installation and high-quality initial adjustment of heating equipment cannot guarantee the full operation of the heating system. Any installation must be pressure tested before use. The process is a diagnostic that allows you to find problem areas. At the same time, it is considered necessary to carry out an annual pressure test of […]

All about heating your home with wood

[ad_1] Heating a house with wood, despite the presence of many other types of heating, does not lose its relevance today. Most often, they resort to it in the absence of a gas pipeline. This type of heating is commonly used in rural areas. Quite often, wood heating is used to heat private and country […]

All about the pressure in the heating system of a multi-storey building

[ad_1] Heating in a multi-storey building is a complex engineering system, the correct operation of which is feasible only if many parameters comply with the standards. These parameters include the pressure in the heating system of a multi-storey building, due to which safety, efficiency, and durability are achieved. The essence of the phenomenon So, it […]

Let’s talk about the double-circuit heating system of a private house

[ad_1] It is hardly possible to call a cottage comfortable if the temperature in it does not meet domestic norms and standards. To protect against the most severe frosts, an efficient heating system is equipped. Practice shows that double-circuit heating of a private house is more profitable, unlike the traditional single-circuit heating scheme, it works […]

Gas tanks for a private house: all about installation rules

[ad_1] Photo: ShutterStock/ What is a gas holder? The general principle of a domestic gas storage system is the same as that of a bottled gas system: somewhere outside the house there is a metal container with liquefied gas, from which fuel in a gaseous state is supplied to the house through a gas pipeline. […]

Let’s talk about the heating control unit of a country house

[ad_1] Autonomous heating is an urgent need for owners of country houses who do not have the ability to connect to the highway. Like any piece of equipment, it needs to be fine-tuned to achieve maximum operational efficiency. Modern technologies allow you to install a heating control unit for a private house remotely, using a […]